Recently, Luera attended a concealed handgun license class in Lubbock with about 36 other people, mostly teachers, professors or their spouses. After last month’s shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama wants to reinstate the 1994 assault weapon ban, a ban on so-called high-capacity magazines and a crackdown on weapons trafficking. Teachers could carry handguns on campus if they had licenses and if the districts allowed, said Steve Farley, co-owner of Cornerstone Tactical, which offers classes for people to obtain their concealed handgun license. In Harrold, the school district revealed last month that some of its district employees are armed. David Thweatt, Harrold ISD superintendent, said his school system adopted a policy in October 2007 that allows certain school district employees to carry weapons. Since the Newtown shooting, the school district has increased its police presence to add more protection for employees and students, Henderson said. But Cornerstone Tactical is anticipating more people who work in schools or on college campuses would want to protect themselves. The classes held by Farley and his business partner, Chris Miller, are about gun safety as much as shooting.

It was at Cornerstone Tactical where Luera, 42, received her training, packing a Smith and Wesson 9 mm pistol. She said she was raised around firearms and has been shooting since she was about 12 years old. Most of the students in this class held last week wouldn’t talk about their reasons for attending. Jeff Melton, who attended the class, isn’t a teacher, but his wife, who took the class, too, is. Under terms of the contract, this site has been suspended due to non-payment and will not be restored until the account has been satisfied. Jennifer, don't worry, Rettch and a few others would be mad if the private sector wiped out hunger and poverty as well.
This policy change followed shootings at an Amish school house in Pennsylvania and at Virginia Tech. In the wake of the Newtown shooting, the business began offering free license classes for teachers and their spouses.

Melton, 42, said he wanted to obtain the license because he has a Second Amendment right to carry a weapon.
Maybe since those guys are not pursuing obscene exploitative profit and volunteering their time, skill and expertise to educate and train our teachers they don't have the money or time to pay their website bill.
Maybe you and others like yourself should sign up with them and pay their usual fee so they can keep their website running for your entertainment.
They seem like a couple of good guys actually out there doing something to make the world a little better place than just sitting around on the computer complaining.
For all who think guns and training are the answers, you might want to spend some time training your children to properly deal with the realities of life. When looking for the enemy, perhaps we should start with ourselves, and you can't run away from yourself.

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