They only have 5 ingredients… butter, eggs, cottage cheese, self-rising flour and vanilla! I didn’t post the pic of the pancakes with tons of syrup, since this is supposed to be guilt-free.
Let me know if you made them and what you think!  (Sorry I have so many exclamation points! To my readers:I write and educate about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding, but I am not a medical professional. Have you ever wished that you could get better information about health and social care services in your local area? Longmeadow TARA meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7pm at Longfield Community Centre, Weavers Drive, Trowbridge.
Newtown Residents' Association (NARA) meets at Wesley Road Club the third Wednesday of each month.
These Associations join together regularly at Neighbourhood Partnership meetings, along with other agencies, to discuss their areas and to exchange ideas under the guidance of the Chairman, Derek Adams. Wiltshire Council have published the 4th edition of the Arts Directory which provides information on local organisations involved in the arts. Trowbridge Guild of Community Service is an organisation providing transport for various community groups requiring assistance with shopping, or for lunches or excursions.They also hold a database of community groups and organisations within the Trowbridge area, which may be of use to newcomers to the area itself. BBC First Click courses are held at Studley Resource Centre, Manor Road, Trowbridge - please contact Betty Wragg for further information or click here.

BBC First Click is also available at Longfield Community Centre, Weavers Drive, Trowbridge - please contact James McDonald on 01225 765831. We’ll give you the skills and confidence you need to express yourself effectively in any situation. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and we will welcome you properly before the meeting begins.
Are you an expectant parent looking for information on how to have your ideal labor and birth experience, or a Birth Professional interested in learning accupressure to add to your labor and delivery tool kit? The HypnoBirthing® Childbirth method is a philosophy as much as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free birthing experience.
Deb Davies is a licensed acupuncturist, birth doula, and childbirth educator in San Diego, CA.
I'm a CAPPA certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified doula, an ALPP certified lactation counselor and a Healthy Moms Fitness certified perinatal fitness instructor.
I'm a professional childbirth instructor, doula and breastfeeding counselor who has worked with pregnant women and new families for almost 30 years.
Whether you are a professional, student, stay-at-home parent or retired, toastmasters is the most efficent, enjoyable and affordable way of gaining great communication skills.
HypnoBirthing® teaches you and your birthing companion the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. Since graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2008, she found her passion working with children and women’s health issues, especially related to fertility, pregnancy, and birthing.

I’ve been talking to some of my preggo friends about the importance of eating high-protein foods while pregnant, and my husband suggested I post this recipe for high-protein, low-carb pancakes. Or maple syrup AND fresh fruit!  A little syrup goes a long way, so it doesn’t take much.
I consider it a blessing and an honor to work with and serve pregnant women and new moms, and I would love to help you feel more informed and comfortable about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum. I'm also certified as a birth doula, a lactation counselor and a perinatal fitness instructor. I constantly strive to stay on top of the latest research and information in these fields, but I urge you to make your pregnancy, labor and birth decisions based on your personal research and in partnership with your health care provider.
When you understand the birthing process, you can work WITH the natural intelligence and design of your body.
Additionally, Deb is a certified HypnoBirthing instructor where she teaches expectant couples techniques for a more relaxing and natural labor and delivery.
I kept asking my husband to keep drizzling for the photo, though, so I could catch the syrup pouring out. Set yourself up for an empowered, satisfying, and relaxing birth experience with this powerful childbirth education class!

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