REEF classes are a great way to learn more about what you are seeing during your dives!Want to know what this is, go to a free REEF fish ID class in California (it's a Cabezon).
Sponsored by REEF with support from Aquarium of the Pacific, UCSC Long Marine Lab, The Ocean Institute and Sundiver.
The REEF program has been active in California since 1997 and has accumulated over 6,500 California marine life surveys in the Volunteer Survey Project.

Photo by Dan Grolemund.You can also learn how to ID 63 common invertebrates and algae (this is a Leather Star). REEF Instructor and Outreach Coordinator Janna Nichols will be teaching these fun and informative classes at several locations. Learn how to identify many common California fish, invertebrates and algae, and how to do REEF surveys and become part of this worldwide citizen science program.

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