Special education, also referred to as special needs education, focuses on addressing the needs of children who experience a range of difficulties in learning, communicating, and managing their own emotions and behavior.
It’s imperative for parents, guardians, caretakers, teachers, and trainers to find both effective strategies and useful resources to help these students to do well in life. However, apart from improved educational methodology, there is also another component to the special education field that it is important for both parents and teachers to know well, the federal laws governing this field which is covered by the disability act known as IDEA. With that in mind, we have researched free online classes that address either educational techniques or legal issues. There are innumerable free online classes offered by some of the world’s best universities available at your fingertips.
In the field of Special Education, we found two highly informative courses from the University of Southern Queensland and Yale University. The University of Southern Queensland, formerly called the Queensland Institute of Technology was established in 1967. In Teaching Students with Special Needs: Behavior Management, students are shown a number of methods to help special needs children in different age groups and educational levels.
The Legal Rights of Children with Autism and Related Disorders covers some highly important and relevant topics on legal issues in considerable depth. This course is most suitable for parents as it explains legal issues in a straightforward way without trying to comprehend complicated legal jargon.
In the field of Special Education, we found three excellent courses from Alison, Open Learning, and LD online. Working with Students with Special Education Needs discusses the requirements for meeting the individual needs of special education students. Besides a description of each disability, it also goes into practical strategies teachers can use to assist students with each one.
The Nobody’s Normal series is a collaborative venture between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the OpenLearn team, which is a program and web team at The Open University.
This course is suitable for parents as it provides a non-academic perspective on all the social issues around raising a child with disabilities. Autism 101 is principally for parents, but may also help those working with autism as caregivers.
Autism and the Environment 101 expands on the ideas introduced in the Autism 101 course to give a much broader understanding of Autism. Open Education Database (OEDb) may very well be the most comprehensive collection of both online university and free courses available in the world. This entry was posted in Educational Resources, Resources For Parents, Resources For Teachers on December 3, 2013 by rebecca. We are located within Five Points Fitness in Corte Madera.  Five Points Fitness is an 18,000-Square Foot Gym that is located on Paradise Drive, next to Paradise Foods.

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Take the guesswork out of race day nutrition and hydration by learning to fuel properly while training before race day. Minneapolis Media Institute is having some FREE CLASSES this Summer for current Students, Graduates, and Prospective Students.
You are welcome to share anything you see on Chat n' Chow, but I kindly ask you to link back to this blog. They may also be facing challenges associated with physical disabilities, sensory impairments and development disorders. Moreover, the field of special education is far from static, new research and new laws change perspective. So, in most educational jurisdictions, special education is overseen by federal law under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Additionally, some jurisdictions may include a Gifted category as children with extraordinary talent also have considerable difficulty fitting into the curriculum of regular schooling. It wasn’t easy to find the best of ten free online classes available for parents and special education teachers from leading universities, e-learning providers, the autism society, and from online education databases but we did.
These cover everything that is available through the regular educational system and they are taught by leading professors. The course explores researched teaching methods and discusses various researched techniques to maintain attention in a classroom. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, it has developed a formidable reputation as one of the best places for students interested in advanced research. Teachers who work with special educational needs students need to learn certain skills and specific strategies to deliver the most effective classes. It is a documentary series to help educate families about the special needs and challenges of disabled people. The program is built around her approved study doctorate thesis for research in special needs education. Parents who complete the course receive a course certificate and a comprehensive resource list. Bernard Rimland and Dr Ruth Sullivan founded the Autism Society of America in 1965 to support parents with children who had autism or related disorders. This course covers the autism spectrum, treatment options and assistance, transition to adulthood, and what parents can do every day. This course covers a new model of autism, why there is a noticeable rise of autism spectrum disorders, and the role of government in helping children with autism.

Classes, videos, podcasts, and articles on special education provide detailed knowledge about the characteristics of various disorders, the legal aspects of advocacy and assistance, and creative teaching methods.
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You train on your bike, using your gear and your fuel, we provide the computerized trainers and software. A fitness goal, career advancement or the path to a philosophical comfort zone – The process of getting there is what we are all about. Our instructors welcome the opportunity to integrate the complexities of modern day life to ensure students always get the most out of each experience. While a day-to-day common sense approach does help children with special needs, research-based strategies have proven time and again to be extremely effective. Under the law, special education must provide support, services, and placements to all educational needs without any cost to the parents. Although not universities or colleges per se, they still offer most educational courses available through formal education.
It covers the five most significant stages in their lives, namely birth, schooling, dating, leaving home, and aging through real-life case studies. The Autism society offers two useful classes for parents: Autism 101 and Autism and the Environment 101.
Participants can download a certificate of completion in PDF format to have a reminder of their course experiences. The class, with clients ranging from beginner to expert, works individually but supports each other in a team environment. Members are welcome to bring their personal aspirations and expectations to the community as we practice and evolve together.
For this reason advanced training and certification is recommended for professional teachers. I'm a newlywed navigating the waters of a puppy, a career and personal projects just trying to find time to make healthy & delicious dinners as well as having fun along the way. Since I'm trying to break my terrible (expensive) habit of eating out I try to recreate dishes from great restaurants. Its online division has 90,000 students and is hosted on iTunes as part of the iTunes U course collection.

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