CARIS users interested in taking the new self-paced online training course for ENC production using CARIS S-57 Composer can now take advantage of a free demonstration version of the course. The full ENC Production online training course is designed to provide users with a basic understanding of how to use CARIS S-57 Composer to create and update International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). To try the free demonstration version visit the ENC Production with CARIS S-57 Composer training course website today.
The CARIS Ping-To-Chart™ software is designed to deliver an integrated and seamless solution for the entire workflow of hydrographic information.

CARIS software offers a comprehensive level of support with training sessions, consulting, and a series of courses as well as technical support via online services, multilingual telephone support, and email. The free version allows users to go through the first part of the full ENC Production with CARIS S-57 Composer training course. The online course offered by CARIS provides the best of a classroom training setting with the convenience of learning at your own pace from your desktop.
CARIS offers a highly effective solution for real-time processing and robust quality control of sonar data and the creation and distribution of maps, charts, and, digital datasets.

Users will have access to the course content, videos and step-by-step exercises that are available in the first part of the course, giving them a first-hand look.

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