Apple will teach people to draw for free as part of its attempt to show off the iPad and iPhone as creative tools. The company is running free drawing and photography classes as part of its a€?Start Something Newa€? campaign. Apple says that the iPad class will see people a€?practice basic techniques for sketching, drawing, and paintinga€?. The company is also running one-off classes like an experimental filmmaking talk at the Apple Store in Covent Garden. As well as the classes, Apple Stores have been decorated with work primarily created by people on iPhones and iPads. My kids and I have been trying something new in drawing instruction recently—online drawing classes. The classes are meant for adults, not oriented specifically for kids at all (although who knows, maybe they’ll add some classes for children to their line-up down the road), but Maia (almost 9) sat with me to watch a few lessons and try them out. Maia is learning specific drawing techniques and her observation skills (which are so important for realistic drawing) are improving. And Daphne has started drawing more realistically and with more detail just by sitting down at the table and drawing with us.
The drawing class is broken down into seven lessons and the lessons themselves are brief (10 to 20 minutes each).
I thought the class was well done—the filming is professional and the steps are outlined thoroughly.
Craftsy first came on my radar about a year ago—I was intrigued but busy and set the idea of online classes aside until recently when Craftsy contacted me about trying out a couple of their classes and sharing the experience on The Artful Parent. So Maia and I have been watching a few of the figure drawing lessons and doing the drawing exercises, and also just doing more drawing, period.

Daphne hasn’t watched a single lesson (so far) but her drawing has improved remarkably. Watching the online videos was quick and easy and yet we learned so much through watching the teacher demonstrate a drawing technique, listening to her talk about what she was doing, and trying it out ourselves during the lesson and afterward. These online drawing classes are nice because you can watch and learn at your own pace, when and where it’s convenient. There are some free mini classes (like the figure drawing class we’ve been taking) and the others seem very reasonably priced. I think you have to set up a Craftsy account to take a class, Katie, including the free classes.
Any ideas where I could buy one of the wooden figures, I think my wee one would really benefit. At Raghuvansham School of Modern art "IMAGINATION is more important than KNOWLEDGE" ART is not just a word but, an experience. For about one and a half decade-Raghuvansham school of modern art, a best fine art institute in delhi has been helping end number of students and artists from across the city to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
Director Raghuvir Shah personally feel that every individual has a creative mind with creative hands so why not give them freedom to play with colors.
That will also see Applea€™s shops decorated with pictures made on the companya€™s products. That will let people try out the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, and the company is inviting people of all levels. That will see director Greg Barth, one of the campaigna€™s featured artists, talk about how to make films on low budgets and using simple kit like iPhones.
And Daphne (almost 5) joined us at the drawing table as always and, without any instruction, seemed to absorb what we were doing.

They seem to have piqued her interest in drawing, given her something specific to practice, and the confidence to draw more of what she sees. Everything from drawing, photography, quilting, and knitting, to cooking the perfect pizza and painting a (real) cake! I enrolled in the free class, the one on human drawing with Patricia and its very delightful. I currently like the instructional videos from Interweave even better, though, probably because they are not as prescriptive.
I actually just found craftsy this week–probably through here, but I have a cart full of 4 courses and an arm lengths wish list. Our students comes from all age groups, from school-college going to older ones To motivate our students we provide the best of everything, be it the infrastructure or the Art education. The drawing instructor, Patricia Watwood, is a professional artist with an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and a long list of accolades under her belt. I read through the posts about how much your children even got out of them, now i am certain it is something we will do as a family.
Both are art graduates from college of art and ihave over 15years experience in taking art classes. Raghuvir shah holds tremendous fame for its all holistic and career specific courses and classes such as drawing,paintings, sketching, applied art, sculpture, art teaching and photography.
Raghuvansham School of Modern Art has taken commendable steps to make art education affordable and available to all.

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