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ANBALAGAN “The best aspects of this course are fascinating lectures as well as the intellectual challenge and depth of the material covered. MADHURANTHAKI " class are interesting, interactive, and well-structured.The professors were effective, clear, and cheerful.
A degree in Engineering (Civil or Mechanical) from any university or institution recognized by the university grant commission for the purpose of its grant. Engineering Properties uses and tests for stones and bricks lime -sources, types and properties - cement - composition, tests, specifications, properties - types of cements and admixtures.
Stone Masonry - Classification, construction details and supervision -Brick Masonny - bonds - Damp proof courses - construction details of wails and arches. Stresses and strains - Elastic constants, - shear and tension compound strees principal stresses and planes Theeries of failure.
Site Investigation and Soil sampling - classification of soil Engineering properties of soil - SPT and its interpretation soil - Water interaction - permeability, seepage shear strength of soils - Determination of C and V Stress distribution in soils - Boussinesq`s and Wester - gaard`s.Theory of consolidation - consolidation test.
Disposal of sanitary sewage - sewer systems - design flow for separate, sterm and combined systems - sewer design sewer Appurtenances - Seweage pumping - Types of pumps.
Steel structures - welded connections - Design of tension and compression members - trusses Design of purlins - Design of steel columns & beams. Traffic Engineering and Traffic surveys - Intersections, road signals and markings - grade separations - parking & traffic control - Traffic regulation & safety.
Details of components of permanent way - geometric design - points & croissing - signalling Interlocking and level crossings. Main Concepts of life science-The cell-basic unit of life-Classification of living organism-Nutrition and dietetics-Respiration-Excretion of metabolic waste-Bio-communication. Latest diary of events – National--National symbols-Profile of States-Defence, national security and terrorism-World organizations-pacts and summits-Eminent persons & places in news- Sports & games-Books & authors -Awards & honours-Cultural panorama-Latest historical events--India and its neighbours-- Latest terminology- Appointments-who is who? Latest inventions on science & technology-Latest discoveries in Health Science-Mass media & communication.
Earth and Universe-Solar system-Atmosphere hydrosphere, lithosphere-Monsoon, rainfall, weather and climate-Water resources --- rivers in India-Soil, minerals & natural resources-Natural vegetation- Forest & wildlife-Agricultural pattern, livestock & fisheries-Transport including Surface transport & communication-Social geography – population-density and distribution-Natural calamities – disaster management-Climate change - impact and consequences - mitigation measures-Pollution Control.
SSC JE exam coaching is offered by umasankar academy.Umasankar academy has been the best SSC JE coaching centre for civil engineering in chennai.
The candidates shortlisted on the basis of performance in Paper-I and Paper-II will be called for interview. Building Materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering. Structural Engineering – Theory of Structures, Concrete Technology, RCC Design, Steel Design. Estimating, Costing and Valuation : estimate, glossary of technical terms, analysis of rates, methods and unit of measurement, Items of work – earthwork, Brick work (Modular & Traditional bricks), RCC work, Shuttering, Timber work, Painting, Flooring, Plastering. Surveying : Principles of surveying, measurement of distance, chain surveying, working of prismatic compass, compass traversing, bearings, local attraction, plane table surveying, theodolite traversing, adjustment of theodolite, Levelling, Definition of terms used in levelling, contouring, curvature and refraction corrections, temporary and permanent adjustments of dumpy level, methods of contouring, uses of contour map, tachometric survey, curve setting, earth work calculation, advanced surveying equipment.

Soil Mechanics : Origin of soil, phase diagram, Definitions-void ratio, porosity, degree of saturation, water content, specific gravity of soil grains, unit weights, density index and interrelationship of different parameters, Grain size distribution curves and their uses. Hydraulics : Fluid properties, hydrostatics, measurements of flow, Bernoulli‘s theorem and its application, flow through pipes, flow in open channels, weirs, flumes, spillways, pumps and turbines. Irrigation Engineering : Definition, necessity, benefits, 2II effects of irrigation, types and methods of irrigation, Hydrology – Measurement of rainfall, run off coefficient, rain gauge, losses from precipitation – evaporation, infiltration, etc. Transportation Engineering : Highway Engineering – cross sectional elements, geometric design, types of pavements, pavement materials – aggregates and bitumen, different tests, Design of flexible and rigid pavements – Water Bound Macadam (WBM) and Wet Mix Macadam (WMM), Gravel Road, Bituminous construction, Rigid pavement joint, pavement maintenance, Highway drainage, Railway Engineering- Components of permanent way – sleepers, ballast, fixtures and fastening, track geometry, points and crossings, track junction, stations and yards. Environmental Engineering : Quality of water, source of water supply, purification of water, distribution of water, need of sanitation, sewerage systems, circular sewer, oval sewer, sewer appurtenances, sewage treatments. Theory of structures : Elasticity constants, types of beams – determinate and indeterminate, bending moment and shear force diagrams of simply supported, cantilever and over hanging beams. Concrete Technology : Properties, Advantages and uses of concrete, cement aggregates, importance of water quality, water cement ratio, workability, mix design, storage, batching, mixing, placement, compaction, finishing and curing of concrete, quality control of concrete, hot weather and cold weather concreting, repair and maintenance of concrete structures. RCC Design : RCC beams-flexural strength, shear strength, bond strength, design of singly reinforced and double reinforced beams, cantilever beams. Steel Design : Steel design and construction of steel columns, beams roof trusses plate girders. UMASANKAR ACADEMY has been the specialised coaching centre for civil engineering competitive exams.UMASANKAR ACADEMY is offering 1 year course for all civil engineering exams.
A pass in Sections A and B of the Institution Examination with Electrical Engineering as a subject. National Engineering Challenge 2016 Welcome to India’s biggest engineering challenge, click here – to know more homeGATE Prepare for GATE at your home.
Miscelklaneous materials - Glass, Rubber Plastics and materials for acoustics and insulation..
Deep foundations - Piles - Static and Dynamic formulac - Pile cap - group of piles - pile lead test. Airport planning Components of Airport - Site selection - Airport zonin g - planning of terminal buildings. Candidates who are shortlisted on the basis of performance in Paper –I will be called for Paper-II (Conventional Type). The test may include questions on analogies,similarities, differences, space visualization, problem solving, analysis, judgement, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series etc. Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observations and experience in their scientific aspect as may be expected of any educated person.
Boundary wall, Brick building, Water Tank, Septic tank, Bar bending schedule, Centre line method, Mid-section formula, Trapezodial formula, Simpson‘s rule. Index properties of soils, Atterberg‘s limits, ISI soil classification and plasticity chart.
Water requirement of crops, duty, delta and base period, Kharif and Rabi Crops, Command area, Time factor, Crop ratio, Overlap allowance, Irrigation efficiencies. Traffic Engineering – Different traffic survey, speed-flow-density and their interrelationships, intersections and interchanges, traffic signals, traffic operation, traffic signs and markings, road safety.

Moment of area and moment of inertia for rectangular & circular sections, bending moment and shear stress for tee, channel and compound sections, chimneys, dams and retaining walls, eccentric loads, slope deflection of simply supported and cantilever beams, critical load and columns, Torsion of circular section.
Should furnish evidence of having undergone practical training in surveying for a period of not less than one year. Should have put in service for a period of not less than one year in Public Works Department as Overseer or Junior Engineer. Get trained by best faculties for 600 hours of online LIVE classes, 250 hours of recorded lectures, books and tests.
Harbours & Ports - types - com ponents & their functions - Layout of a harbour - Docks - Wet and dry - Break waters.. Emergency provisions- Civil services in India- Administrative challenges in a welfare state- Complexities of district administration- Elections - Election Commission Union and State.
The test will also include questions designed to test the candidate‘s abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships, arithmetical computations and other analytical functions. The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Economic Scene, General Polity and Scientific Research, etc.
Cost estimate of Septic tank, flexible pavements, Tube well, isolates and combined footings, Steel Truss, Piles and pile-caps.
Permeability of soil, coefficient of permeability, determination of coefficient of permeability, Unconfined and confined aquifers, effective stress, quick sand, consolidation of soils, Principles of consolidation, degree of consolidation, pre-consolidation pressure, normally consolidated soil, e-log p curve, computation of ultimate settlement. Get recordings of missed classesSubject Pack Choose your important subjects & pay only for thosetabGATE GATE preparation, anytime, anywhere. Stairs and stair cases - Layout - types -suitability, Doors, Windows and ventilators Types - Selection, Fire resistant structure.. Valuation – Value and cost, scrap value, salvage value, assessed value, sinking fund, depreciation and obsolescence, methods of valuation.
Reinforced brick works, columns, staircases, retaining wall, water tanks (RCC design questions may be based on both Limit State and Working Stress methods). Soil compaction, Laboratory compaction test, Maximum dry density and optimum moisture content, earth pressure theories, active and passive earth pressures, Bearing capacity of soils, plate load test, standard penetration test. Weir and barrage, Failure of weirs and permeable foundation, Slit and Scour, Kennedy‘s theory of critical velocity. Definition of flood, causes and effects, methods of flood control, water logging, preventive measure. Land reclamation, Characteristics of affecting fertility of soils, purposes, methods, description of land and reclamation processes.

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