The center has found that frequent communication between colleges and adult-education programs is key to getting GED graduates into college and keeping them there.
For example, the entry to the path field might read X:MHC GED Online , where X is the drive letter and MHC GED Online is the folder you want to create.
Once placed in the proper track, students use a variety of programs, including GED Connection, Skill Tutor, GED OnLine, and Project IDEAL .

This interactive resource on the website for Shoreline Community College in Chicago provides free, online GED instruction in math, reading and writing.
Learner Web Catalog Winter 2010 1 GED Cluster: The Learner Web GED learning plans are designed to support existing face to face and online GED programs, not replace them.
Campus Ellensburg WorkSource Toppenish Learning Center There are additional resources that can help you prepare for the GED test such as online tutorials and textbooks.

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