I’ve had this anonymous quote sitting on my desk for a couple years now, and whenever I seem to be in a bit of a down mood, I will cast a glance at these words about the hummingbird, and it never fails to rekindle the natural source of light within me, and make me feel more positive.
You are an entrepreneur that needs help with focus, time management, and getting your work done.
You are a life or business coach looking for a way to help your clients succeed and monitor their progress? Organize your dreams and goals in all aspects of your life, career or business in one easy accessed hub.
Get our of overwhelm and into success by breaking down your big goals into bite size steps.
Brainstorm your creativity and clear negative thoughts with the daily journaling tool, your Sun Up Script. If you are truly ready to design and implement your dream life and career, Try Interactive Life Coach™ Now! When most people think of life coaching they think of someone who tells us how to achieve goals and maybe holds them accountable.
Coaches help you see your own life from a different perspective and let you decide how you want to move forward. So what happened? In our lives there is always going to be things that we want, but they are over shadowed by other more important things. By allowing myself to question my current view on how to be more healthy, create a way to see it in my life now, and do it in a way that I am not taking anything away from my top priorities, I can feel myself happily moving forward rather then have to stop one thing in order to honor another. So let’s take a walk through your life like it is a typical day from the moment you wake up. When you look at them you tell yourself that you can't get rid of them because they were a gift. When you look at this stuff you remember a time when you thought about taking care of yourself, but in the end you fell short.
The clothes you shouldn't have bought were probably things you bought to be different from your normal wardrobe. When someone gifts you something that you don't like, yet you hold onto it you may be reminded of the person, but then you also feel some resentment for not liking what they got you. When it comes to clothes you will never wear, you are simply takes up space that distracts you from the other lovely clothes that you own.
It's hard to get rid of because you once were adventurous to try it, but now it only distracting you from the other wonderful foods you have and will actually use in your cupboard.Be adventurous and use it or lose it. Now you are at work and you see lists of things you need to do.  Whether personal or work related there is a list seems to always have a few of the same items. As your work day goes on you think about that project you are working on with that co-worker that you don’t like.
Before you get home tonight you volunteer your time at the park district for their soccer program. There was a time where you looked forward to and even enjoyed helping, but now you'd rather being doing other things.
As you make your way to bed this evening you think about how disappointed you were in yourself today. Now there is no way to remove all of your clutter all at once, but if you choose to just start removing clutter from your life, it begins to snowball. Over time this internal conflict of trying to find a place for things in our life that do not serve us takes up space in our life from the things we do, the things we think about and how we think about ourselves. When I was an insurance broker I kept a lot of things around me that didn’t serve me. The world deserves this part of us, our family deserves this part of us, and most of all WE deserve this part of us. I’ve been asking people about their dreams a lot lately and have gotten many different responses.
And if by chance you see a hummingbird, let it’s delicate grace of joy and beauty rekindle the beautiful light within you!
A life coach can often be mixed up with a consultant or therapist of some kind and it’s important to know the differences before deciding if life coaching is for you.
Interactive Life Coach will help you design, organize, implement and keep track of your progress toward creating the life and business you want and deserve.
Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions, yet if we know what our top values are and we make decisions with them in mind we take stress away from those decisions.
Working towards them, is like a journey towards opening your eyes and mind to a bigger picture. By having someone encouraging you and holding you accountable you find yourself doing more of what you truly desire. A good coach will give you the skills to look at your life much after your coaching session is over. I told her that though I always enjoyed exercising and I would like to lose weight, it was not as high of a priority as other things in my life and if I was off exercising everyday I would be neglecting things that were more important to me. Lotions and other gifted bath products that were given to you in a basket at Christmas, or maybe many Christmases past.

Again, keep in mind that this person bought this to be a gift, not something that makes you feel bad.
If you are not cooking with the ingredients now, and aren't purposefully holding on to them now, ditch em.
It is perfectly ok that you'd rather go to the ice cream parlor for a snack or Dunkin Doughnuts on your way to work for coffee.
Your thoughts drift into a place where you fear that you can not complete your work in enough time or that your superior will find your mistakes.
It doesn't help you be happy throughout the day and probably doesn't help you perform better.
This is not because you completed them but because you need to do them, but don’t seem to ever get them done. Perhaps it really isn't a high priority or maybe it is just too challenging for you to accomplish.
You think about how if they would just pick up their part of the work and do something a different way then they are currently doing it, your deadline would be easily met. You belittle your own feelings and push off the confrontation until it either goes away, or you are reacting to emotions. She spends half of your lunch break talking about why she hates work and the rest talking about herself. Your son used to be in it years ago and at the time you figured you would help out because you were there anyways and a good friend of yours organized it.
Not standing up for yourself, leaving work with your list not done and getting no where with your project. Maybe I don’t mind putting off some things until a better time or allowing my bedroom to get a little messy. To start taking the right steps towards achieving our dreams and no longer letting “all the reasons not to” get in the way. Yet, if you were to ask a child the same question you would probably get the exact opposite reaction.
Some people might consider themselves shy because they might not like to go to a party where they do not know people. Removing the extra stuff helps us focus and keep ourselves from doing less productive activities.
Honoring ourselves first, creates a path that we enjoy and will lead to a more focused life.
For me, taking care of my body, just a little bit each day, does not distract me from what I find most important so I feel balanced and like I am still making myself a priority. The coach helps me see a disconnect in my life then I decide what I would like to do about that disconnect. The reality is, gifts are meant to make you feel good, when they are something you feel like you "have to" use they don't.
If you don't go in there today and start using those products, toss them or give them to someone who will use them. Because you spent your own money and maybe it was expensive you feel like you need to hold on to it.
There are plenty of better ways to remember the person who bought you the gift than from a gift that you do not like. The clothes that fit you 30 lbs ago but you hold onto just in case can also be very hard on the person you are now. Maybe it’s a coffee maker that was a wedding gift, a fondue set for a party, or an ice cream maker. You think about how you don’t want to work on a project with a particular co-worker and you end up walking into work with your head down, looking forward to the day being over. Either way, decide what you want to do about this task, delegate, ask for help, or ditch it. When it is time for you to meet, however, no such discussion is made and you opt to avoid confrontation.
You barely get a word in edgewise, but when you mention the project you are dreading with that co-worker she jumps all over it.
Your friend no longer organizes it and your son no longer plays, but when they ask if you’ll help each year, you still say yes.
Positive, as a way to measure successful weight loss because you are currently working towards getting into that dress, or more likely a reminder to beat yourself up over the decisions you are currently making? I’m not ever sure how these leads were generated because when I called them I was either the hundredth sales person who had called them, they were looking for insurance over a year ago or the number was no good.
Every week I reminded myself that I was a failure by putting that list back on my schedule.
It wasn’t until that list and other things from my careers past were gone could I actually move forward with a clear and focused mind. When you have a clear vision for what you really want and a clear understanding on what is actually holding you back, success is inevitable. Others might see themselves far more shy at work, not asking for that promotion or telling another employee that they have a problem with their work.

Maybe you never took much notice to how you feel when you do certain things, or when you spend time with certain people. Give it a try or work with a coach to learn about judgment, self-awareness, clutter, values, and meditation.
Often, the answer is not right there, but with the right skills, the answer will always come. Looking at it reminds you that you wasted your money and that you aren't the different person you thought you could be.
Having the 3 sizes smaller or high school weight clothes reminds you each day of a person you once were.
Maybe you have talent or enjoyed the topic of the business, either way connecting with why you want to be there, what the job means to you and how it serves you for what you'd like to do with your life is a thought process that is focused, helpful, and free from clutter.
Looking at this task reminds you that you are not being capable of completing it and that you are not as diligent as you'd like to be.
If you are heated it is probably best to wait until you can talk to the person with an open mind and at least try to be able to see things from their side. When lunch is over all you can think about is how annoyed your work and co-workers make you and how you wish you had the lifestyle Judy has. While you are there you think about the other things you would rather be doing, but no you committed yourself to helping develop soccer. When you let go of things that do not serve you, you make more space and grow more connected to the things that do. If it is clutter then the reminder is not something that serves us and truly doesn’t help us reach our goals. So instead of giving it away or throwing it out I instead put it on the to do list ever week.
I probably would have made more sales if I had just given the list away and focused my attention else where.
Myself, I consider shyness to be if there is anything that you do not do, say, or commit to. Upload photos and text to personalize your Big Picture Vision Boards and stay motivated with our one-of-a-kind Life-O-Meter and Interactive Life Coach practices. The problem is, we don’t really have the answers to the universe, so why do we act like we do.
Paying attention to what makes you feel good, nervous, worried, proud, or angry indicates how important things are to you and helps you see opportunities to grow. After exercising this quieting you can focus more clearly and open your mind to opportunity.
Once they are out of your house I can almost guarantee you'll never all of the sudden want them. It's a lot easier to love yourself when you are not holding something painful over your head everyday. But you are diligent, you have an organizational system to show you what things you need to do, it's just that something are harder then others and you might need help, or a different way to approach them.
But do not wait too long because otherwise it will weigh on your mind and take away your ability to focus.
We choose to instead make up reasons not to think about or take action to them and we deny our true self. This could mean, not starting your own business, asking someone out on a date, or simply not wearing that gorgeous daring dress you bought 3 months ago. When we view someone or something is good or bad we are looking with a limited view of the situation. She had me put together a plan right then, yet as I got off the phone I knew the plan was not for me.
You probably don’t care about being a princess or walking on the moon anymore, but why not dream to be a strong leader like a princess or curious and adventurous like an astronaut? Coaches help you find the passion you once had behind those childhood dreams.
These judgments might make us perceive failure or even success, when we are missing the opportunity instead to see the whole picture and grow.
Further, to prepare myself for that list I would spend so much time worrying, essentially for some brutal rejection, which at the time I took personally. Is it something from your past that you are protecting yourself from or are your thoughts making up stories to work against you?
And if putting on a pair of one size smaller jeans allows you to know you've been successful great.
But don't keep clothes around that make you feel unaccomplished or like you are not moving in the right direction. Do not put yourself through unnecessary pain just because you've known someone for a long time. They might try and understand that things need to change so that you can remain friends, but otherwise, just appreciate the relationship for what it once was and move on.

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