But if you want to actually GET CLIENTS with your website and MAKE MONEY, as well as provide valuable information to your leads or prospects, then consider the information I’m sharing with you today. I was recently on a private Facebook group with fellow female hypnotherapists and saw a post from one of them with a link to her new website, which she was proudly sharing with the group. A few women asked me to share with them as well so they could learn to help their businesses. Having a lead capture offer and continuity marketing system is a more reliable client-attraction system with a website than just a static website with information on it. This would come through emails (or direct mail) on a fairly regular basis—always in a giving mode (80-100% give, only 20% or occasional direct offers to purchase or at least contact you for further, personalized help).
Do you need help learning how to use your time and money wisely to get more clients, help more people, and make more money?

All the posts were about how great it looked, how pretty it was, and how her personality came through on it. A woman who was also a former web designer, however, countered back to not take my advice until looking at my website and that how I had my website set up would not be effective in a UK market (where both the ladies were from). After a few more posts where I tried to share about having foundational elements but adapting it to your own target market, we agreed to disagree. I am frequently testing and changing things on them and there are more things I have plans to change. You’ve got to guide them to a next step on their information and transformation journey. It requires more trust and for them not to have the fear that you’re just going to try to sell to them.

There is a win-win logic behind this offer-capture system that serves both you AND the person seeking help, in a fully authentic way that is win-win. However, I do know that I have elements in my website that DO help me to more effectively market to and get clients than the typical coach or holistic practitioner). Make sure they know they are the type of person you help and what kind of results they can get from working with you. These calls to action help both you AND them to continue to serve them to a point of resolution.

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