The Course is for anyone over 18 years of age who is unemployed and would like to become more assertive. Being Assertive aims not only to give you the skills and confidence you need to be assertive, but also recognises your achievements over the six week course with a nationally recognised and approved OCN Level 1 qualification in assertiveness. You will also be given some tools to help you to continue improving your assertiveness skills after the course has finished. There is no charge for the course which includes all the course materials, a portfolio (for you to keep), the tuition, the OCN Registration Fees, and refreshments. Healthy Living Centre Dartford is a Company Limited by Guarantee (England and Wales) Company No 07409535. You may have heard about the importance of assertiveness skills, but do you know what assertiveness looks like? Assertiveness can feel difficult; it requires the courage to speak up for what you want and the calmness to avoid becoming aggressive.
Let’s take a look at each of the three ways of dealing with a conflict to get a better sense of  what assertiveness is and what it isn’t.
When people act non-assertively, they let another person’s needs be more important than their own.
Assertiveness involves voicing your own needs and trying to get them met without dominating or abusing other people.
To handle a conflict assertively, speak from your own experience; use statements beginning with “I” and avoid blaming or attacking the other person. People often find that even if a conflict is not resolved, they feel best when they have been assertive because they have tried to find a mutually beneficial solution and have done so in a respectful way.
The team at Paul the Counsellor offers confidential, non-judgemental, supportive counselling and psychotherapy in the Melbourne CBD.

Thanks for this article now i know that Assertiveness involves voicing your own needs and trying to get them met without dominating or abusing other people. Using PowerPoint presentations instead of chalkboards, chat instead of raising hands, and pop-up poll questions instead of quizzes, the teachers at Bright Spanish strive to make their classes feel and function as much like a regular classroom as possible. Currently, Bright Spanish is wrapping up its second Beginner’s course, and is about midway through its third. Receive a Send2Press® Newswire Once Daily Press Release Summary by E-Mail (powered by Google). It will be like having an awesome class with your own Private Spanish Tutor everywhere: home, school, or office and at anytime. I also teach private Spanish lessons to a very select and very lucky group of students in my Spanish classroom. Click link above to Donate any amount you want, if you like Professor Palacios's Free Online Spanish Lessons Course.
You will receive an OCN Certificate of achievement after successfully completing the course. When someone is acting non-assertively, they do not voice their needs or desires and go along with what the other person wants.
When people act assertively they also take other people’s needs and desires into consideration. This is such a common response for people to have, yet it ends up causing significant interpersonal problems when they struggle to be assertive with others.
When people act assertively they also take other people’s needs and desires into consideration.This is great! Students can even turn on their microphones and repeat words after the teacher to practice their pronunciation.

That’s nine hours of class time, and the Bright Spanish teachers try to cover a lot of ground. Assertiveness involves starting a dialogue by clearly communicating what you need and giving the other person space to respond. The group hopes to make Spanish learning more accessible by providing interactive, guided classes that anyone can take regardless of their location or budget. You may be able to avoid a conflict by being non-assertive, but you won’t get what you want or need out of the situation. When people are aggressive, they tend to be forceful and ignore or devalue the needs of others.
Keep an open mind and be ready for a dialogue about what each of you are experiencing and negotiating a positive outcome. People who are often non-assertive may develop a lot of pent up anger or resentment towards others. Aggression may get you want you want in the moment but is also likely to damage your interpersonal relationships. Aggression may also lead to an aggressive response from another person and the conflict may escalate.
Although assertiveness skills will not always lead to a smoothly negotiated solution, they give you the best chance of getting there. Thank you very much for understanding!Ready To Learn ASL?Ready to get started learning American Sign Language and have chats with Deaf people and communicate with Deaf children?

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