The DVD contains special behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the album, as well as the entire live concert performed at The Roxy Theatre on July 18, 2004.
Shinoda revealed in his 2006 Grammys acceptance speech that the EP began with MTV approaching Jay-Z about a show called MTV Ultimate Mash-ups.
The two decided that instead of combining the existing tracks for the live performance on MTV, they wanted to re-work and re-record parts of the songs to make them fit better. A year after the release of Collision Course, Jay-Z was the executive producer on Mike Shinoda's solo effort Fort Minor's The Rising Tied. As an art educator with nearly a decade of experience at the university level I was dismayed to see the quality of many of the courses and lessons available online . The following lessons are based upon my own studies into the subject, and implementing them individually with my daughter.
This is also a course designed for very young children, because it’s all that I know.
This tutorial takes us through a simple cafe scene, where we follow through the underlying structure of a painting. In this series I will be posting a weekly video on my YouTube channel that you can follow along at home. The image below can be ‘right clicked’ and ‘Save image as’, so you can use it as a guide or if you prefer click here for a larger download image.
For this painting I wanted to have a subtle undertone of a cool neutral grey, quite close to the cobbled street colour.
Because red is the accent colour of the tablecloths, I wanted to paint on a cooler base, so using Raw umber and White achieves this effect. The video below shows the drawing out stage of the scene, using a 3B pencil sketch out an under-drawing. Look for negative shapes to draw the trees, these spaces are really handy to create a nice balance in your composition.
You’ll notice a flow of dark shapes around the composition that help to draw the viewers eye around the piece.
This stage of a painting is a perfect time to experiment with brush strokes and paint consistency. Different paints have a different consistency straight from the tube depending on the manufacturer, so a heavy body (thicker paint) from Golden, will be slightly different than a heavy body from Liquitex.
Fluid acrylic paints have already been mixed to a thinner consistency in the factory, they are perfect for strong glazing effects as the pigment load of the paint is more intense – in comparison to, if you diluted a heavy body acrylic to the same consistency with water. An artist quality paint will always have a better coverage than a student quality and will usually need a bit more water to dilute, as the paint tends to be thicker straight from the tube. I work between both brushes throughout the tutorial and holding two brushes at the same time is an essential skill to master. The video below shows the first under-painting steps I take to block in the painting using Burnt umber.
Hi Mary, nice to hear from you, pleased you enjoyed the lesson and thanks for your kind words. Yes, working with the burnt umber will dry quickly with the oils as its a quick drying pigment.

Great to see you Will, thank you for your wonderful lessons and your generosity for sharing them with us. Thanks Cheryl, really pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying the Impressionistic seascape course. Thanks Jeanette, yes it can be hard to judge a painting without the reference side by side, pleased you found it helpful. Hi Connie, pleased to hear it, and this will make the perfect challenge from watercolours as in these first stages the application of paint is quite watery and similar to watercolours, then we’re going to build up the painting using thicker colours which is more like oils, looking forward to hearing how you get on. Hey Nuala, nice to hear from you, and really pleased the tutorial is going to help kickstart that creativity!
Hi Helen, thanks for dropping by, yes, I find seeing the painting visually develop is often more revealing. Your free video led me to this site and I enjoyed your thoughtful and carefully designed lecture~~. And this French Cafe Scene will be fun and I think I can try what I learned in your online course.
Hey Junghwa, really pleased you’re enjoying the Impressionistic Seascape Course and are looking forward to trying the Cafe Scene.
I am so inspired Will thank you so much :) Now I know what I will be attempting this weekend.
I’ve just added to the end of the post, a downloadable photo of what my painting looks like at this stage of the demo.
Also included are the five scenes from the concert shown on MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups and a picture gallery.
Jay contacted Shinoda, who began experimenting with mixing the tracks before sending some examples to him. Shinoda explains, "Jay and I realized it's better to re-perform the rap vocals if you're gonna do it to a new beat because the vibe changes and you have to deliver your verse a little differently." Shinoda asked his bandmates to re-record instrumental and vocal tracks as well, and ultimately both parties decided they wanted to release the studio tracks. Over the years I’ve had numerous parents ask me if anything for children was available, and while I wanted to make something especially with kids in mind there was always a problem.
For this reason, I have no idea if they’d work well in a class format where multiple students would have to follow the same lesson.
Not only have I made this site which has accumulated millions of views, and thousands of people who have taken my courses, but I am quite frankly upset at the attitude that I often see regarding art education.
And that was that they both attended Suzuki programs to teach them how to play the violin when they were little. Why not just let them have fun and smear some colours across some paper (which I absolutely encourage by the way)?
Going back 26,000 years, there has always been an urge to record and create visual imagery.
As we tackle perspective in this scene, it’s a common mistake for the vertical lines of the windows to start to have a slant to them.
You can squint your eyes at the image to help to distinguish which areas are the darkest, rather than getting hung up on the details.
Mixing the right consistency of your paint, for the right stage of your painting can be key.

Practice holding the brushes in your hand, yet preventing the brush tips from touching each other.  It can be quite a balancing act.
I demonstrate on a 30 x 30cm, the 20 x 20cm was if you wanted to paint 1:1 scale from a computer printout. I know, from my limited studies into Elementary Art that it is a big subject that encompasses a multitude of disciplines.
To me, I believe that drawing is a skill, and a skill which has been proven beneficial to a wide variety of disciplines. My attempts for this course will be to try and walk the line between our creative impulses, and a structure about teaching the basics of form, space, line, color, and shape. This usually occurs towards the centre of a drawing or painting, when we don’t have the straight lines of the side of the canvas to guide us.
So use the top of your pencil to make a few rough comparisons to check that your drawing isn’t too far out. This is when mediums such as glazing liquid gloss can be very helpful because you can apply a thin coat of colour and it will hold in a film, as opposed to the same consistency of paint with water, which would have the tendency to run. I have been painting mainly with watercolours for 30 years and am now ready for some new challenges. I’ve been too tentative to try such a complicated scene before but watching you paint it is far more revealing than just reading the directions.
Children have changes in their cognition, and reach milestones at different times which can make teaching a drawing or painting class to younger students quite difficult. These are the elements of design, and I’m confident that they can be taught at a much younger age. So before you start your painting, just check with a ruler that your windows haven’t started to slide. This tutorial is just what I need to unstick the creative juices, so thank you soooooooo very much again. Without sounding like I’m bragging too much, I think that similar concepts and ideas taught in these exercises could be taught to children aged 5 or 6 years old as well. Which brings me to my final point which will set this course apart from many others I’ve looked at online.
So with all these things in mind, I’m going to do what every parent does, and just use my best judgement to keep all these things in check and not screw up So far, so good.
From concept artists, to storyboarding, to animators, and set designers, they all use drawing all the time, and it is a central skill they need in order to work. In this day and age we often think that computers will magically make something out of thin air.
But computers need people to design the characters we watch in 3d animations, and this all comes back to simply knowing how to draw.

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