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The curriculum is under continual content and quality review.A Academic ClassesCourses at American School of Leadership are offered in Math, Science, Literature, Composition A and Social Studies. Students learn to manipulate and useA matrices in various formats to determine data relationships. Functions are given center stage in thiscourse, delving into function types such as polynomial, logarithmic, quadratic, exponential and rationalA and periodic.
Students are taught how to organize and meld geometrical and algebraic concepts through writing, analyzing and using proofs. An in-depth coverage of triangle relationships (similarity and congruency) and quadrilaterals enables a student to further hone such concepts as surface area and volume, circles and transformations.
Trigonometry is given due credit with topics including tangent ratios and the Laws of Sine and Cosine. An exploration into the nature of graphsA (including the twelve basic functions) is provided along with nonlinear systems, polynomial and rationalfunctions. A brief section of biochemistry leads into an overview of ecology and the interactions of the environment andA populations of living organisms. Beginning with a discussion of scientific measurements, and generalA properties of matter, a good deal of the course covers the structures of the atoms, the periodic table,A types of bonds and equations. Other topics involve students in states of matter, reactions and theA energy involved in chemical change.

Sections on organic chemistry are also included as well as a briefA overview of nuclear chemistry. This course relies on the use of mathematics to represent and illustrate different phenomena, so students need to have a strong math background to be successful.
This course covers literary skills such asA Plot a€“ flashback and foreshadowing, Setting a€“ time and sequence, Characterization - dialogue, Theme a€“A universal theme, Style a€“ figurative language, and Narrator a€“ different types.
Students also learn classics such as Homera€™s The Odyssey and William Shakespearea€™s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Informational Text reading skills are taught using consumer, workplace, technical, and public documents.
Each unitA contains an introduction to the time period using a timeline and background lecture that discusses theA philosophical, political, religious, ethical, and social influences of each time period.
History : Designed as a two-semester course, providing students with a concrete understanding of the timelines associated with the birth of the Unitei»?d States and its historic figures.

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