In this article I will share with you a listing of guitar related software and online resources that I feel will greatly assist you in learning to play the instrument.
If you've come across an interesting piece of software that should be listed here, I would be interested in hearing from you to discuss things further. I personally LOVE Guitar Pro 6 from Arobas Music (a French company [France, not Quebec] - don't worry, the software is multi-lingual). I have used this product since version 5 and I must say that version 6 takes things to a completely different level. All this awesomeness is not free however, though a 30-day trial can be downloaded from their web site.
If you buy the retail package from a retail store like Futureshop or Best Buy you get a single DVD that contains Windows, Mac and Linux installs.
It is free to use but for the good features (printing out scores for example or using the online tuner) you need to subscribe to a membership (prices are fairly reasonable however - 3 month access is $29 USD, 6 months is $55 USD and one year is $99 USD). Earlier in this article I talked about Guitar Pro 6 and though this is similar in concept it is very stripped down. Amazing Slow Downer enables you to slow down, loop, export and transcribe music without distortion and quality loss (CD, WAV, MP3 etc). I went with Amazing Slow Downer instead because of its simplicity, but seeing as Transcribe!
It leads you through things step by step in the same way a guitar teacher sitting beside you would do.

I'd have to say that this is awesome software and it is something I use quite often for practice or when I want to learn advanced topics. There are settings you can adjust to alter note delay, auto advance to the next note and more. The GUI of the interface is terrible (someone got filter happy in Photoshop), but it is extremely simple to use and very accurate, fast and of course free! If you like this wallpaper, please support us by purchasing pro version with more themes and features. It's amazing and if I had this software when I first started learning to play the guitar, I'd be a rockstar today! It enables me to figure out those hard parts of songs with ease (trial and error - note by note). I love this software because it enables you to concentrate just on one string at a time when memorizing the note locations.
In fact, you'd pay a guitar teacher several hundred dollars to learn the techniques this software package will teach you. It is very well done but you need a web browser and an Internet connection to use it and, as mentioned, the Adobe Flash plug-in installed. You can use alternative tunings either in MIDI or Fourier formats (through a guitar patch kit or microphone). OK, maybe not but still, I would highly encourage you to check out the demos online and hear the quality of the software.

Songsterr is MIDI based and not as realistic but it is a very good introduction into the tablature world.
It lets you export the segments of songs you wish to practice saving an in-point and out-point loop in WAV, MP3 or other audio formats.
In fact it looks really in-depth, perhaps a bit too complicated now but it's price is $50 USD. You can even select the sound type of the instrument you wish to use to match the type you are using yourself. It's not always convenient to call up your buddies to jam with on short notice, but with this software, you can do just that whenever you wish. However each un-install and re-install counts as one use of the product so use them wisely. If you download it from their site, you can often save some money through a promotion but the download of the much needed "instrument voices" (RSE packs - realistic sound engine) is HUGE!

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