Most of us believe our medical and other health information is private and should be protected. Covered entities must put in place safeguards to protect your health information and ensure they do not use or disclose your health information improperly. Under HIPAA, patients are entitled to more information about and more control over their individual health information.
Access to Information – A person can request and receive a copy of their health information and may request that copy be in electronic form.
Amend information – A person may ask for their information to be amended to correct errors but covered entities are only responsible for making changes in the records that they created. Accounting of disclosures – An individual may request a list of all the times their information was released improperly. Notice of Privacy Practices – An individual has the right to receive a written notice of privacy practices from covered entities that details rights of the individual and duties of the covered entity under HIPAA.
The Privacy Rule controls how a health plan or covered health care provider discloses protected health information to an employer, including your manager or supervisor. If your employer asks for your health care provider directly for information about you, your provider cannot disclose the information without your authorization.
Generally, the Privacy Rule applies to disclosures made by your health care provider, not to the questions of your employer.
The Privacy Rule does not protect your employment records, even if the information in those records is health-related.
The Rule does protect your medical or health plan records if you are a patient of the provider or a member of the health plan.
HIPAA allows healthcare providers to give prescription drugs to any person you send to pick them up. Under HIPAA, your health care provider may share your personal information face-to-face, over the phone, or in writing. You are not present, and the provider determines based on professional judgment that it’s in your best interest.
An emergency room doctor may discuss your treatment in front of your friend when you ask your friend to come into the treatment room. Your hospital may discuss your bill with a family member or friend who is with you and has a question about the charges, if you do not object. Your doctor may discuss the drugs you need to take with your health aide who has come with you to your appointment. Your nurse may not discuss your condition with a family member or friend if you tell her not to.
HIPAA also allows health care providers to give prescription drugs, medical supplies, x-rays, and other health care items to a family member, friend, or other person you send to pick them up. For example, if you had emergency surgery and are still unconscious, your surgeon may tell your spouse about your condition, either in person or by phone, while you are unconscious. Your doctor may discuss your drugs with your caregiver who calls your doctor with a question about the right dosage. Providers are permitted, in most circumstances, to communicate with the patient’s family, friends, or others involved in their care.
An emergency room doctor may discuss a patient’s treatment in front of the patient’s friend if the patient asks that her friend come into the treatment room. A doctor’s office may discuss a patient’s bill with the patient’s adult daughter who is with the patient at the patient’s medical appointment and has questions about the charges. A doctor may discuss the drugs a patient needs to take with the patient’s health aide who has accompanied the patient to a medical appointment. A doctor may give information about a patient’s mobility limitations to the patient’s sister who is driving the patient home from the hospital. A nurse may discuss a patient’s health status with the patient’s brother if she informs the patient she is going to do so and the patient does not object. When someone other than a friend or family member is involved, the health care provider must be reasonably sure the patient asked the person to be involved in his or her care or payment for care.
Again, the health care provider may discuss only the information the person involved needs to know about the patient’s care or payment.

A surgeon who did emergency surgery on a patient may tell the patient’s spouse about the patient’s condition while the patient is unconscious.
A pharmacist may give a prescription to a patient’s friend who the patient has sent to pick up the prescription. A hospital may discuss a patient’s bill with her adult son who calls the hospital with questions about charges to his mother’s account. A health care provider may give information regarding a patient’s drug dosage to the patient’s health aide who calls the provider with questions about the particular prescription. However, a nurse may not tell a patient’s friend about a past medical problem unrelated to the patient’s current condition.
The complaint should be filed with the OSHA office responsible for enforcement activities in the geographical area where the employee resides or was employed.
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In either case, the health care provider may share or discuss only the information the person involved needs to know about the patient’s care or payment for care. Under HIPAA, your health care provider may NOT share your information in which of the following ways?

When can your health care provider or health plan share relevant information, if you are not around? When can a nurse tell a patient’s friend about a past medical problem unrelated to the patient’s current condition?
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