What would you think if I told you that you could take courses from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and many more of the top universities in the country for free? The two leading providers of MOOCs are currently Coursera and edX, and both of these providers are adding new institutions this year in and outside of the U.S.
You can choose any niche of your interest and find a great online course that covers your interests. The Free Online Courses and Tutorials Infographic provided by Essay Mama essay writing service will make your choice easier.
So you spend at least an hour of your day watching your favorite TV show, but you constantly find excuses when it comes to online learning?
A MOOC is an online course aiming at large-scale participation and open access via the internet.
EdX (founded by Harvard and MIT) will add 6 new institutions and Coursera will add 29 institutions (16 outside the United States).
There are paid online courses that offer certifications, but there are also free programs that are open for anyone willing to study.

First of all, you should answer the following question: do you want to study about programming and design, business and marketing, humanities and social sciences, math and physical science, life sciences and health, personal development, or lifestyle? Google will provide plenty of results for your search, but not all of them will be relevant. Although typically these online courses do not offer academic credit, a small number of institutions are offering degree credit for MOOCs. However, people no longer limit their online presence to gathering information; they also build their base of knowledge. Needless to say, you do need top-notch time-management skills if you want to get a certificate. Once you pick your category of interest, you should narrow down your focus to a particular course. You can’t know what the quality of a particular course is before you start listening to the lectures. It’s possible that more colleges could start offering degree credit if they determine that the digital classes meet their academic standards.

Free online courses enable you to learn from reliable professors, who will feed your hunger for information and inspire you to learn even more.
You can’t waste your time on the Internet without benefiting from the potential it offers. However, there are plenty of other online destinations that deserve your attention as well. In this infographic, you’ll discover the best choices for courses in different categories.

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