The 12 Hour MBA in Leadership is an online training course that will allow you to develop an understanding of the core principles of leadership effectiveness. Leadership training is an important part in corporate sector where employees can get training that will help them in long run.
To be an effective leader you need to know your strengths a€“ but that’s only part of the story.
Using the third-generation DiSCA® online personality assessment a€“ one of the most scientifically validated tools available a€“ The 8 Dimensions of Leadership helps you identify your primary leadership dimension. To get the most out of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership, 21st Century Leadership, LLC pairs the book with a free online assessment, which is sent to you along with the book.

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership Map tells you your primary leadership dimension, and two dimensions that you may need to work on.
Because the Map is built using the Everything DiSC model, your data can be used to create an Everything DiSC profile: Workplace, Management, Dales or 363 for Leaders in the event you wish to explore even deeper levels of understanding of your leadership. Do you feel that you could lead both yourself and others more effectively if you had the right skills and knowledge? Whether you are a CEO, senior executive, experienced leader or new to a leadership position, you will benefit from this course. We offer training courses covering the most important disciplines and markets, and I am interested in blogging on and hearing about an equally wide range of subjects, as well as anything to do with training and personal development.

After responding to the online Everything DiSC assessment, along with several leadership-specific needs-analysis questions, you will receive a one-page map that explains your primary leadership dimension and points you to specific chapters in the book.
The authors detail the lessons all leaders can learn from each style, enabling you to craft a multidimensional approach to becoming the leader you aspire to be.

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