Counting pictures for young kids, Holiday and Seasons Counting games, skip-counting worksheets, Count and Tally Activities, count money.
Introduce and identify fraction concepts and equal parts, teach parts of a group, compare and order fractions,reducing fractions to simplest form. Identify planar and solid shapes name, symmetry, and shape characteristic, count and calculate area, perimeter sides, edges, faces, and vertices of different shapes. Learn coins and bills money name and money value, counting money exercises, money word problem solving skills, round money, and money addition and subtraction.

Telling time, read analog and digital clocks and calendar, calculate Elapsed time, choose appropriate time units.
Elementary school math word problems for teachers and kids to work on problem solve skills. Free printable Multiplication table, multiply 2 and 3 numbers, multiplication word problems.
Write number words, number flash card printouts, number patterns and sequence, number forms, Ordinal and cardinal numbers worksheets, numbers word problems.

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