Sarah's 2012 I'm 20 I'm feeling down because of excess weight and I'm ready for a new start.
A friend sent an amazing story to share, in which she describes trusting her gut feelings in regard to breast cancer and her health care. I went for an MRI and they found a small amount of invasive cancer in an MRI guided biopsy.
I ended up working with a team of women; both the surgeon and plastic surgeon and had a quadrant-ectomy which is basically a MAJOR breast reduction. Subscribe to PostsIntuition Has a Voice of Its Own; Examples of How Intuition SpeaksAnything IS Possible!
Our online weight loss support journals are the perfect opportunity for you to receive safe weight loss tips on all the best weight loss diet programs.

I contacted the National Health Institute DCIS specialist by e-mail providing all the data from my tests. So tell us all about you, what is your goal weight, what diet program are you using, what have you tired in the past, and most import how can we help you?
He responded by saying that because the cancer was low stage, very small, and removed with a wide margin of clear tissue I should wait on the radiation but follow up with an MRI. He said radiation would not have stopped the spread of this type of cancer, and by the time it was large enough to detect with a mammogram I would be in a far more serious condition.
Her story lends support to many women including me at high risk and those who have been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment for various stages of breast cancer. If you have any uncertainty with a medical professional or a certain procedure, take time for your self to reflect on this rather than surrendering pressured to do something that feels wrong.

Ask as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and decisions. In the archives of this blog, Amazing Stories About Instincts and Intuitions you will find many stories to support using intuitive intelligence and logic to resolve health issues.

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