Follow the step by step instruction videos in the e-book and enjoy a new, exciting and relaxing part of your life. Please tell us when we can contact you, when you would like to visit, and provide any more information you think may be useful.
I learned to play tennis on a court built by my Father in Langata, just outside Nairobi in Kenya, and there began a love affair with the sport that was further ignited on the hard courts of Tucson, Arizona where I played High School and Division 1 College tennis (at The University of Arizona,  studying History and English) and continues today in my role as Director of Tennis for Halton Tennis Centre and founder of it's coaching brand and provider Everyball Tennis. 20 plus years working in British Tennis has seen me work as a County Performance Officer for Bucks and Herts, National Performance Officer for Scotland, travel extensively across Europe and work with a number of top national and internationally ranked junior players, several going on to successful professional careers, either as players or coaches. I am currently a lead tutor on the LTA's Level 4 Senior Performance Coach Qualification and a Mentor to candidates on the Level 5 Master Performance Coach Award. A fascination with personal change, organisational and cultural development, performance teamwork, and developing the mindset for success has led me to explore the work of the 'performance coach' across other sports and into business and industry as well as partnering in the development of our own in-house 'Eupsychia' programmes at Halton Tennis Centre, now housed under CHILDS.
Through this I have worked with teams from organisations such as Lane 4, The Mediaport, The Youth Sport Trust and the senior leadership team of Aylesbury Grammar School, as well as gain from a number of powerful mentors and coaches. In 2012 I became an NLP and Sport Psychology practitioner through Louise Deeley of 'Inside Performance' to add to my qualification as a Heart Math Coach through 'Beyond the Barriers' in 2011.
One of my current projects is developing Halton Tennis Centre's arm for learning and development - 'The Chiltern Institute for Learning, Development and Sport' (CHILDS) which houses all our training and development programmes (including Eupsychia) as well as a developing mission to support and grow sport in the Chiltern area. I began playing tennis at the age of 11 after seeing a Davis Cup match on Channel 4 in December.
I played competitively up until the age of 19 and then began to immerse myself in coaching. At Gosling I was one of the senior coaches and also began to captain the Hertfordshire County under 14 boys team and deliver coaching within the Hertfordshire performance program. It was at Gosling that I met Mike James as we started working together with his role as County Performance Officer (CPO) and my role as assistant to the CPO. We delivered the county coaching program, developed the Herts LTA a€?Pride Programa€™ and worked with a host of players winning national championships before we both left to head up the coaching program at Halton Tennis Centre in April 2002. I joined Halton in 2002 with a reputation for being a a€?detaila€™ man with lots of patience. Coming with a strong track record with 14 & under players, I captained our U12 boys to a€?Aegon Team Tennisa€™ National honours. I have also coached a number of players to European and International junior rankings and a player to the semi-finals of the Boys 14 & Under National Championships.
My role as Head Coach at Halton Tennis Centre sees me organise all of the Junior teams, and be the first point of call for all coaching activity in my role as Programme Manager at Everyball. Over the last few years I have helped to build a highly successful outreach program as I continue to invest my time in the Aspire to Reach, Play and Perform components of the Everyball coaching program.
Previously a top junior player, Jemima began coaching at Halton in 2005 after a successful US College career at Boise State. Danny is our Holiday Camp Director, running what we believe are some of the most successful tennis and multi-sport camps in the country. Alan was one of the region’s top juniors, who went to Australia and came back a tennis coach. Dom is an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCC) as well as holding numerous other professional qualifications. Guti joined us in 2012 having coached all levels of players from youngsters, TE, ITF and ATP and WTA. Previously a top junior, Pete has worked in the Academy world for the past 8 years, with huge success, and has earned an enviable reputation, running very professional tours. I completed the LTA AASE scheme at Wrexham HPC which allowed me to play 10-12 hours of tennis per week which helped massively in my development as a player. After College I remained at Wrexham HPC learning my trade as a tennis coach from the age of 18 where I secured my first coaching qualification as a level 3. Since January 2014 I have been a member of the Everyball Tennis coaching team for which I am privileged to be a part of. Sam is our Mini Tennis Co-ordinator and has built up the Mini Club into a hugely busy and successful part of the Club. Alex is our youngest coach having come through our junior ranks; playing a very impressive game, he also has a passion for disability tennis and works at local special needs schools as well as individual and group sessions at Halton across the entire disability spectrum. Cerys joined the coaching Team from Liverpool having studied as a coaching apprentice before joining Halton. From the start, I was very competitive and had success in many regional and national tournaments. My first experiences of coaching started during the LTA Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence in Tennis (AASE) scheme with Halton Tennis Centre aged 16-18.

Since University, I committed to the tennis coaching journey at Stratford-on-Avon Tennis Club from 2011-2014, where I gained the necessary experience needed to help other players maximise their own talents and potential.
Darren is a former top 20 British player who competed internationally and attained an ATP world ranking in both singles and doubles. Following his playing career Darren made the switch to coaching where he has had experience in a wide-range of environments and worked with players of all ages and abilities. Living next door to a tennis club lent the perfect opportunity for me as an 8 year old, to give tennis a try! The time came when I knew I was ready for the next step, and having all ready had some experience running school clubs and assisting with various lessons and sessions; moving into the world of coaching was the natural move. Along the way, I have become Yorkshire Ladies Captain, and I keep my own tennis up to scratch for County Weeks and Weekends. I first started playing tennis at the age of 8 in Cornwall and I have been hooked ever since! I began coaching in 2014 in Cornwall with TDA Tennis, where my role varied between working with Performance Players and being head coach of a club in St Austell, where I worked with people of all ages and playing experience. I am very honoured to be given the opportunity to be part of the coaching team at Everyball Tennis.
We are one of the top tennis venues in the UK, with first-class facilities and a friendly, relaxed club atmosphere, ideally located for our local communities of Aylesbury, Chesham, Tring & High Wycombe.
We also provide Performance Tennis training programmes to talented and aspiring young players and are also the region's leading provider of disability tennis. Whether you are a silver surfer or not, we hope you find the video courses in the e-book of great benefit. We have a caring team who ensure exercise and healthy living is a fun and enjoyable experience.
I was immediately hooked after watching Stefan Edberg play and his graceful cat like movement at the net! I had my own coaching business serving private houses and clubs in Herts and Essex, before being asked to join the team at Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City.
I also became tennis development officer at Gosling where I managed an extensive coaching program, helping to give me the experience for my role today.
He has a great eye for the little technical tips that will make a big difference to your game. From Liverpool, Mark has formerly ran his own academy consisting of talented youngsters and a big adult programme. Strangely enough none of my elder siblings played tennis at all and I drove my mother up the wall always pestering her to take me to tennis and eventually she allowed me to join a local leisure centre tennis session in Oswestry. After two years of saving up money, and still training when I could, I decided it was time to see what I could do on the men’s circuit.
From 2013 onwards I have been on a mission to secure my level 4 Senior Performance Coach qualification which I gained in June 2014.
I am a very ambitious human being and always look to strive for the best that I can possibly do. Cerys is looking to throw 100% enthusiasm and passion into the development side of the club, working with our juniors is one of her big interests along with Adult Beginners. I was too young to join a session at the time, but pleaded with my mum and the coach to play until eventually I was allowed a trial session with a group of older players - I fell in love with the game instantly. I have represented Warwickshire County as both a junior and senior player and have claimed the County Closed titles in several age groups. A memorable achievement whilst representing Halton was in the National Junior Club League, where in 2005, we earned the under 14 National Championship title! The scholarship programme consisted of 12-20 hours a week of performance tennis and physical training.
Early in 2013, I gained my LTA Level 3 Coaching Qualification and even began transferring my newfound knowledge and experiences back into my own game, allowing my playing career to progress further. Outside of Britain, he trained extensively in both Spain and Finland where he was a regular practice partner of then world number 13 Jarkko Nieminen.
He brings enthusiasm, energy and excitement to each session and his greatest professional ambition is to create a more positive, inclusive and effective environment for tennis in Britain. After having hit some balls and enjoying what I had experienced, I swiftly sought out lessons further afield and started to enjoy playing and competing regularly throughout my time as a junior.
Whilst been lucky enough to 'apprenticeship' with coaches I had great respect for, I also set up my own holiday company along with my sister. I have a huge passion for tennis and I am extremely excited to share my energy and enthusiasm for the game with everyone in the Everyball programme!

I asked for tennis kit for my birthday in March the following year, and was also given lessons for the Easter break.
He is a strong all-rounder, having coached Barney Smith to U10 National Champion, but his passion lies in hooking all levels of players into the game and keeping them playing for life. Dom also acts as a point of reference for players, coaches, parents and the LTA, among others. Phil is responsible for U14’s development (County Captain for Buckinghamshire) at the Club both nationally and at Tennis Europe events.
Neale has a great affinity with young players, and presses every motivational button to make the most of every child's talent. Mark is looking to work heavily with our Juniors and play a big part in developing their skills in and around a performance environment. From there it was always the first choice sport for me even though I played county level rugby and a had keen interest in performing arts at the age of 15 I made the big decision to reduce the hours spent doing other activities and directed my focus onto tennis. This was extremely challenging but taught me so many lessons about life and willingness to push oneself to get the most out of life. The driver for this return to the match court was always to get myself to the best possible playing level before I ventured into the career of a tennis coach.
Cerys also has a passion for Disability Tennis and is currently on her RPT Level 3 coaching course which is due to complete in November.
Since then, tennis has been the centrepiece of my world and I can’t picture life without it.
I was selected for the LTA National Futures Programme at the age of 11 where I attended several annual national training camps. I also regularly represented Stirling in the Premier Division of UK Universities and the European University Championships, where we finished 4th in Europe in 2010. I find the coaching experience to be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, believing I can always learn and develop as a player, person and a coach. As on older junior, I received a scholarship to Queenswood school where I could dovetail tennis commitments with academic studies. Some of my best achievements include winning several grade 3 events and playing in the national championships, reaching a UK junior Ranking of 12.
After working really hard for 5 months after I had started playing, I attended a county sift day at Halton and was offered county training.
This has been demonstrated by his hugely popular Club Performance Squad, know simply as 'Danny's squad'.
Dom also trains athletes from a number of other sports as well as tennis social members and also those with a more general health and wellbeing goal.
Mark offers a huge amount of passion for Tennis, commitment to working as part of a team and representing Everyball Tennis Academy. In 2003, I joined Halton Tennis Centre with the support of my family, who made it possible for me to commute from Warwickshire, in order for me to develop and reach my full potential. This was the first solely independent stage of my career and brought many tough challenges my way, which subsequently helped me grow as a player and an individual.
Inspired through this environment and the enjoyment of the game, I decided to give tennis a go and trained 'Full Time'. Here I worked with many ages and abilities, but specifically running the girls performance tennis squads and working individually with them too. I have represented Cornwall from under 10 through to senior level and continue to do so today! On any given week, this amounts to approximately 20 teenagers, meeting once a week to play, socialise, and get ignited by the game and Danny's expertise. Travelling to different corners of the world, chasing matches and points was invigorating, and I revelled in the life and the travel but also managed to pick up a WTA ranking in singles and doubles along the way.
More recently, I have been lucky enough to expand and develop my teaching skills working within a school, where I managed the tennis in the curriculum and private lessons as well as teaching Physical Education. At the age of 18 I moved to Louisiana in the United States to play Division 1 Tennis for 4 years, which was a fantastic experience and has helped me a lot since I have began coaching.
At the other end of the journey, Danny coaches a number of veterans who are well into their 70's and 80's but still playing due to Danny's care and enthusiasm.
Over the last year, I was given the responsibility of introducing I.C.T so faced many new challenges in the classroom!

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