Alright, before you start worrying about features and details sketch out the basic shape of your head. Now I just finalize the sketches by erasing some shading here and there, to hint at lighting, then darkening the outlines.
If the previous step was a bit too rough for you you can add some more darkness to the sketching and blend using a tortiliion. For the human eyes position, always keep remember the 5 eyes spacing for the face, the pick screen color are the position of the eyes, nose (blue color shape) in the center between the eyes, mouth line below the nose.
Sketching the shadow for eyes, nose, ear and mouth here, you can see a realistic female face appeared. Circle out the line here for head; add the face line, 3 eyes spaces according the angle, triangular shape for nose, a line for mouth. An important part for when you are shading is to depict where the light source is hitting your figure.
Once you're satisfied with your drawing, it's time to erase the sketch lines (if you haven't already).
Start off with a normal or mechanical pencil to draw a basic circle for the head, copy where i put the intersecting lines, the top horizontal one is to line up where the eye and the horn will be.
Using the guideline for the top jaw, draw a rectangular shape extending off the main circle. Now "carve" out the spikes along the bottom jaw from the line you drew earlier, make them irregularly placed and sized. Now you can add in the rest of the neck, you don't have to add the detail to the under belly scales, since we end up erasing them anyways.
Now, using transfer paper, a light table, or a window, trace your sketch onto a fresh piece of paper without all the guidelines. Using a Black Prismacolor Colored Pencil, (not essential, you can just use your pencil if you dont have one)Fill in the darkest areas such as the nostril, corners of the eye, and the inside of the mouth. Once again using to black colored pencil, shade all of the spikes using a broad dark line int the middle of each spike to give a highlight on top, and reflected light from the dragon's scales on the bottom. Doing the same thing as the last step, only with larger strokes, add the rest of the scales to the neck.
In this step I shaded in the heads then lightly blended over them with a tortillion (tissue or paper towel would work too).

You can call a sketch "done" whenever you feel like it so don't feel too guilty if you don't go past this step. Pay attention to where your light source is when erasing; Light is on the left and shadows are on the right.
Again, it is up to you to define the word "sketch." This was just my attempt to show you how I sketch.
Drawing the human face can be a tedious job because of all the important details as well as the importance of knowing your anatomy. In this case, it's from the front, contrasting lots of shadows in the mid section of the face rather than the sides.
I knew I was eventually going to have to make a lesson on these guys or should I say this boy band because they are so darn popular. The corvette is a sports car that has been twinkling in the eyes of thousands of people since the very first model of a corvette hit dealership parking lots back in 1953. Using the bottom jaw guideline, draw in the curving bottom jaw, make sure you draw the other side of the bottom jaw since it's mouth is open and from this angle we can see the inside of its mouth. Add in the teeth, also irregularly spaced and sized, but make the biggest teeth closer to the front, since that is where they would do the most damage. P.S it also works to just erase the guidelines, but that can make your drawing look messier or leave indents in the paper. For the underbelly, make irregular horizontal lines that curve with the shape of the neck from the chin to the base of the neck. Practicing symmetry is another aspect that you must master, since building faces is essential made up of symmetry.
Push harder in the darker areas, but put a small amount of pressure for the lightest parts to suggest scales are everywhere without having to do each one. I mean if you think about it the only thing that changes is the shape of the car to keep up to date with the changing years. After you've finished all of these little parts of the tutorial, began by checking your work in the lineart! Once you've layered on some shading, use a blending stump or a kleenex wrapped around your finger to blend all of the pencil.
Anyways, this is not only going to be a fun lesson, you will definitely find drawing chibi One Direction easy because all I did was head shots of them all.

Once your finished with all of this, move onto to step 3 of how to draw a corvette tutorial.
The infamous arched front fenders that we have associated this sports cars name with were only made in the late sixties to early eighties. I have drawn a 1979 corvette because I wanted the picture of the car to match the mental image we have of the Corvette. Believe it or not, the vett, used to have chrome bumpers and deep headlight wells that is commonly seen on some old muscle cars. When the production and introduction of the General Motors or GM vehicle was put in the market, it was the only sports car in America that was built with only two seats. It would take decades before another sports car was manufactured to challenge the uniqueness of the Corvette.
It’s true, Harley Earl was a guy that loved sports cars and because of that GM hired Earl to design Americas first two seat sports car to compete with the Nash-Healy which was an expensive British made vehicle that was sold to Americans back in the fifties. An interesting fact about the Nash-Healy is that it was the first sports car made since the Great Depression. The corvette was the car made from fiberglass and the car lacked expectations in the first productions of the model.
It lacked so much that the Corvette had no way of standing out alongside the British and Italian sports cars of the day.
The immediate decision to redesign and reproduce the corvette was made when a man named Zora Arkus-Duntov joined the engineering department of GM’s facility.
The new and improved Vett now had a V-8 engine with phenomenal performance that stood up against the other two seated sports cars manufactured in Italy and in Britain. When you are done you can color your car any shade you like to match the mental image of your dream vehicle.

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