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Within the past few years, top universities around the world have been offering open and accredited courses online for free. A course entitled, Culture, Politics and Health: Living Public Health in Nigeria for example, taught by Prof.

Even better, many courses have no prerequisites at all, making them perfect for anyone seeking to learn about a completely new subject. Online courses, especially from top universities are a great way not only to increase your own knowledge about the global issues you care about, but the college credit is a great way to make a resume stand out when looking for jobs in a particular field.
Among them is Johns Hopkins University in Maryland which is offering a vast library of medical courses, particularly relating to global and urban health for free and for credit upon completion.
Requirements vary of course between courses; however in the case of International Nutrition and some others, the course has an essay assignment as the only major component of the completion grade, in addition to class participation and attendance (online of course).

Other courses, such as International Nutrition are more intensive and lectures, required readings, and various assignments throughout the duration of the course.

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