Join us for an afternoon or evening of conversation and discussion on topics of national importance.
The South Reading Youth Initiative aims to promote continued education, mentoring and support for healthy choices in children who live or go to school in the South Reading area.
Service to others is deeply embedded in Alvernia University's Franciscan heritage and remains an important part of our educational mission today. The annual O’Pake Lecture at Alvernia University features prominent public figures focusing on issues related to civility, ethics, leadership and public service, in memory of Pennsylvania Senator and Alvernia Board of Trustees member Michael O'Pake. Faculty at Alvernia University are accomplished scholars, experts in their fields and supportive mentors who are committed foremost to their students’ success. She presently has nine million copies in print in the United States, not including audio, e-book and various large-print editions.
In only three years, Scottoline earned her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania (1976).
Wes Moore is a youth advocate, Army combat veteran, social entrepreneur and host of "Beyond Belief" on the Oprah Winfrey Network. A paratrooper and Captain in the United States Army, Moore served a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan with the 1st Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division.
Moore is committed to helping the parents, teachers, mentors and advocates who serve our nation's youth. Angela Carmella, professor of law at Seton Hall, is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Law School and Princeton University. Her intellectual focus is primarily the intersection of law and religion, specifically the First Amendment’s religion clauses, religious land use and Catholic social thought. Carmella has served as a visiting scholar and lecturer at Harvard Divinity School and as a fellow of Harvard’s Center for the Study of Values in Public Life. Carmella is a member of the Religious Liberty Committee of the National Council of Churches and the Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs. Alvernia University welcomes adult learners who are eager to continue their career preparation at a university committed to providing personal attention and flexible class schedules. In Alvernia University's Doctor of Philosophy program, you will acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, along with leadership skills that will position you as an expert in your field.
As the first and only Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership in the Reading, PA region, this selective program prepares professionals to meet the unique leadership challenges of the 21st Century.The Alvernia University organizational leadership program, offered in a cohort-based model to promote collaboration and professional growth, is designed for technical and functional experts, supervisors, managers, and executives looking to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors required to effectively lead teams, groups, and organizations in a complex and dynamic global business environment. Finland is a technology superpower and remains one of the most technologically innovative and advanced countries in the world. Finland had the most advanced education systems in the world and as a result of innovative mind set and investing in education Finland are blessed with high standard of education and quality of life.

Some of the Master’s might carry tuition fee on rotation basis during the five trial period from 2010-2014 but plenty of scholarships covering fee waivers are offered by Finnish Universities.
According to a recent survey by International student Barometer, 89 % of the international students are happy to study in Finland and very happy with their Finnish institution of higher education. Finland has 20 university level institutions and 29 polytechnics and about 200 Master’s programmes are exclusively offered in English. International students constitute about 5% of the total student enrolment at the above institutions.
Finland has 7 universities featuring in the 2010 QS World University Rankings, including the University of Helsinki which ranks 75. Finland has a high standard of living and one of the world's best functioning welfare systems. Finland is a global leader in information technology and also enjoys gender equality and low levels of corruption. International students are endowed with the world-class material facilities of the Finnish institutions such as libraries, lecture rooms, laboratories, computer facilities, IT services and support services. The Tuition fee charged by Belgium universities is very minimal and many of the Master’s programmes are offered at the fee of 500 to 2000 Euros per year. The staff members at the international offices and at accommodation services are recognized for their excellent levels of service.
Student is asked to show the proof of 6000 Euro towards living expenses while applying to Finnish student visa which is the lowest compared to any other visa procedure followed by a foreign country. Almost every student applies to Finnish visa succeed to secure visa provided that the submitted documents are authentic. Foreign students get a work permit automatically which allows them to work up to 20 hours per week during terms and full time in holidays. After graduation International students can apply for a residence permit extension for the duration of 6 months for the purpose of looking for a job. Career service at each Finnish University organizes job fairs annually in which around hundred companies take part.
Our goal is to develop not just educated citizens, but engaged citizens actively involved in work to better their communities and the larger world.
The novel became a bestseller and was nominated for the Edgar Award — the most prestigious award given in crime fiction, awarded by the Mystery Writers of America.
She followed up with a second degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1981.
Despite early academic and behavioral struggles, he graduated Phi Theta Kappa in 1998 as a commissioned officer from Valley Forge Military College, and Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University in 2001, where he also played football and earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

Frequently, the common reading is linked to the freshman day of service, as well as an academic lecture featuring the author of the book. She shares her expertise in the religion clauses with the law school’s Seton Center for Religiously Affiliated Non-Profit Corporations.
We make it easy for you to become part of the Alvernia community, and we work with you to make your transfer a smooth process. The key aims in Finland’s education policy are quality, efficiency, equity and internationalization.
In 2006, about 35% of research personnel in general and 48% of university research personnel were women, and the proportion of women professors in Finland is among the highest in the EU. Outside of the classroom, many regularly publish books and articles, present scholarly works at national and international conferences and serve as field experts to the mass media — through newspaper, broadcast and online outlets. Moore serves on the board of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Johns Hopkins University, and founded an organization called STAND! One grows up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow and business leader. Since then, she has written 11 more legal suspense novels, all of which have appeared on bestseller lists, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly and Publisher’s Weekly. Learn about our programs, transfer requirements, curriculum, and application process firsthand. In August 2010, Newsweek declared that Finland is the best country on the basis of five criteria health, economic dynamism, education, political environment and quality of life.
Whether you want to advance your career or start a new one, Alvernia’s upcoming Information Night is the place to get started. Stung by his superior's rejection of his recommendation because he lacks recent combat experience, Strobl volunteers for escort duty, accompanying the remains Pfc. From Dover to Philadelphia by hearse, from there to Minneapolis and on to Billings by plane, and then by car to Phelps' Wyoming home - person after person pays respects. Kind words, small gifts, and gratitude are given Strobl to deliver to the family on this soul-searching journey.

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