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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and UN chief Ban Ki-moon have closed the first World Humanitarian Summit, voicing disappointment there were not more high-profile leaders present. Special elite police forces are to be deployed along the route of this summer's Tour de France for the first time, to reinforce the presence of the security forces.

The strike over French labour laws has become more entrenched, amid union claims that all of the country's oil refineries have been affected by blockades. Police use water cannons to disperse protesters after fighting today broke out at the end of a major demonstration in the center of Brussels to protest the center-right government's social and economic policies.
Several dead after gunman fires into concert crowd in Austria22nd May 2016An open-air concert in Austria ended tragically when a man fired shots into a crowd of 150 people, police reported on Sunday. The 27-year old shooter killed two people and wounded 11 others before turning the gun on himself, authorities said. The Sri Lankan military is attempting to reach thousands of people stranded in their homes after the country was hit by the worst flooding in 25 years.

A man believed to be in his mid 20s has been shot by security forces at The White House, after carrying a drawn gun into the complex. A French police patrol car came under attack in Paris on Wednesday (May 18), four people have been arrested.

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