Situational Leadership PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint template slide design with a nice colorful chart that you can use for business presentations. You can freely download this sample template with a nice quadrant chart in the slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.
You can free download this leadership PowerPoint template if you need to prepare a PPT presentation on situational strategy or leadership.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. If you want a simple PowerPoint remote for Android, a very simple app that you can use is Presenter. Animated Money Templates for PowerPoint which depict different hard currencies with powerful video backgrounds and animations.
If you are wondering how to create forms with checkboxes in PowerPoint slides without going through any complicated process or coding, then the best method is to use the Checkbox Template for PowerPoint. Space Calculations is a space themed slide deck which provides animated slides related to the solar system, moon and space. Timeline Toolkit is another such timeline maker which provides more than dozen sample diagrams to help you generate your custom timelines. Receive a Profile Report on your Relating Style strengths, weaknesses and situational appropriateness. Relating Style is a term I coined in a 1979 doctoral dissertation (The Field Testing and Development of The Effective Communicator Model).
The way we tend to relate is driven in large part by our relationship or results-orientation, which in turn, is influenced by a variety of factors that can include everything from our genetic makeup to our early social conditioning…from role models to life and work experiences.
Our Relating Style tendencies play a significant role in our ability to achieve successful results. Choose the Relating Style that is most like you (Predominant Relating Style) and the Relating Style that is least like you.
Analytical in nature, gathering information before speaking with a good deal of self-control.
Excellent listeners, internal, tending to keep to themselves those people and things that bother them.
Patient when it comes to dealing with complex issues, tolerating other people’s negative behaviors and attitudes better than most. Reluctant in a conflict situation to put their interests and preferences on the table so they work around the conflict. Able to create a solid climate for important discussions, good at developing rapport and making people feel comfortable in stressful situations.
Good listeners, supportive, less internal than Rapports, wanting to introduce the topic quickly in a supportive, non-threatening way. Patient when it comes to dealing with complex issues, quick to include others and recognize their contributions. Quick to share their thoughts in a conflict situation (although they are reluctant to push for what they want), with a desire to initiate the development of communication relationships with others while tending to let the other person carry the ball. Able to introduce topics in a supportive, cooperative, collegial way and to include others in the discussion.
Focused on an above average amount of relationship-oriented behavior and an average amount of results-oriented behavior. Quick to enter the fray in a conflict situation with an attempt to work things out amicably. Focused on an average amount of relationship-oriented behavior and an above average amount of results-oriented behavior. Results-oriented, moving quickly to their interests and preferences for decision and action.

Able to skillfully express their interests and preferences and move toward negotiating a mutually satisfying result.
Focused on a below average amount of relationship-oriented behavior and an above average amount of results-oriented behavior. If you chose Relating Style 1 or 2 as most like you, then you see your Predominant Relating Style as relationship-oriented. Well, you must be able to employ them ALL, sequentially and developmentally and adapt them appropriately to the demands of the situation. The Relating Style or Styles that are least like you represent areas that may be weaknesses, and you’ll certainly need to work on them if you hope to be able to do it all in order to achieve Results with Relationship. To understand how each of the four Relating Styles complements The System in Situational Communication® and how to adapt your Relating Style appropriately to the demands of a situation in order to give you the best chance for success and effectiveness, keep an eye out for our next blog as we explore Situational Analysis.
If these thoughts strike a chord with you, share this blog with others who you want to support in their effort to improve their leadership results, relationships and career development. SITUATIONAL COMMUNICATION® is the modern day leader’s advantage: a clear, concise and focused communication, negotiation and relating strategy that maximizes a minimum amount of time to achieve successful results and effective relationships. Learn more about what Situational Communication® can do for you, your leaders and your organization. A planned new gated community from one of the area\'s most notable builders, CraftBuilt Homes. The islanda€™s ideal balance between recreational, cultural, and historical amenities offers a wide variety of vacation opportunities and experiences.
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Seafood prepared by local restaurants, silent auction, live music, a kid’s zone, an Iron Chef Competition and more. Juried fine art and craft show with works in a variety of media, including clay, wood, fiber, metal, glass, jewelry, watercolors, oil, mixed media and photography, on display and for sale. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. In 1980, The Relating Styles Program, a leadership and management development program (the forerunner of Situational Communication®) was published by McGraw-Hill and taught throughout the United States and Canada.In a general sense, Relating Style refers to “the way a person tends to respond automatically or instinctively to a variety of communication situations”. They’d rather get the discussion going and move towards controlling a situation by introducing the topic. They’re team players who talk in terms of we, and who deal well with the negative behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of others, with a tendency to want to talk about it. They spend less time thinking things through and more time talking them through, while exhibiting good self and situation control.
They’re less patient than Rapports or Initiators when it comes to dealing with complex issues, but are persistent when it comes to putting forth their views. They’d rather persuade than direct people to their point of view and like sharing ideas and developing communication relationships quickly.

They tend to be in firm control of the situation and reluctant to participate in unnecessary or prolonged discussions.
They don’t like to spend an inordinate amount of time listening, but can be excellent listeners who exhibit patience when they’re dealing with complex issues, although they usually want to cut through the red tape and just get things done. They’re usually described as forceful and are uncomfortable accepting others’ beliefs, attitudes or behaviors if they appear to stand in the way of goal achievement. If you chose Relating Style 3 or 4, you see your Predominant Relating Style as results-oriented. If you take a fire, aim, ready approach when a ready, aim, fire approach is called for, you may find yourself achieving results – but at the expense of relationships. To be a successful and effective leader, not only must you be able to use ALL four Relating Styles sequentially and developmentally throughout your interactions, but you must also understand which Relating Style to start with, as well as how and when to move backward and forward to adapt your Relating Style appropriately to the demands of the situation. Don MacRae is the author and passionate leader of Situational Communication® and the CEO of Lachlan Enterprises Incorporated (The Lachlan Group). It’s not because of what they do but rather how they do it – in other words, their people skills.
Learn to communicate, negotiate and relate to colleagues and associates with personal power, influence and persuasion every time – particularly in difficult and challenging situations.
Located just off the southernmost tip of South Carolina and warmed by year round breezes of the Gulf Stream, Hilton Head is naturea€™s perfect year-round playground for visitors of all agesa€¦.custom made for relaxation and rejuvenation. The moment you cross the bridge onto Hilton Head Island, you immediately notice that ita€™s a location like no other - meticulously developed to highlight its natural environment a€“ from fertile salt marshes filled with spartina grass, to massive live oaks and maritime forests, to over 12-miles of spectacular sugar-white sandy beachfront. Whether you will be visiting the island for business, pleasure or both a€“ we welcome you and thank you for coming. Aided by her best friend Penny, and against the wishes of her mom, Edna, Tracy becomes a local star and sets out to challenge the teen dance world. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, the GEICO Skytypers Airshow Team, aerobatics champion Patty Wagstaff and many other performers. The color quadrants show the different phases in a situational leadership process, for example the delegate element in red, the support, then the coah and the direct.
You will probably recognize yourself in all four to some extent or another, but which Relating Style is most like you as a leader? As such, our Relating Style tendencies play a significant role in our ability to achieve successful results and to develop effective relationships, be it in a leadership role or not. They want things to move towards a conclusion and tend to become uncomfortable when other people’s negative behaviors, attitudes or beliefs slow things down. These leaders are confident, positive individuals who move quickly to decisions and action. They develop communication relationships quickly and although these relationships can be very rewarding, they can also scare people away when they tell it like it is. We hope that your time in our community is filled with experiences and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Winner of eight Tonys, including Best Musical, Hairspray is a modern classic and a worldwide hit (the London production was nominated for a record-setting seven Laurence Olivier Awards). Which style is the best Relating Style for leaders who want to successfully achieve results while developing effective relationships?

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