Spanish Lessons for New York City ChildrenNew York City is full of places where young kids can learn how to habla Espanol.
But rest assured there are plenty of other options if your child’s school doesn't offer a language program.
215 East 99th Street between Second and Third AvenuesIn fall 2015, this former Upper West Side standby found a new home in East Harlem. Maurice Hazan, owner and founder of this school, developed the QTalk Method, which associates a specific picture to every word for easier learning. In addition to group Spanish classes for children up to age 5, Bilingual Birdies offers in-home sessions, birthday parties and family concerts throughout the city. With multiple locations in Brooklyn, this program offers Spanish-language immersion classes in small groups for ages 16 months to 8 years.

This program for ages 18 months to 4 years offers a preschool alternative with after-school programs, playgroups, classes, camps and even a drop-in option. For other ways to experience the Spanish language, read our post about learning about Hispanic culture in NYC. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Spanish learning centers for New York City preschool-age and elementary-school students. During an after-school Latin American Workshop, kids study "Spanish of the Americas" through music, theater, arts and crafts, and conversation. After-school and summer programs include ballet, Flamenco, music, radio lab, cultural exploration and yoga, all conducted in Spanish. Kids younger than 2 and their caregivers are welcome in Baby & Me classes, and there are drop-off sessions for ages 3 and older.

So embrace the melting pot of New York City culture, where your kids will certainly get to practice what they learn in the classroom. Students start by learning how to say hello, name their body parts, order food, and identify colors and common objects. The goal is to teach children a core 300 or so words that make imaginative play possible and build a larger vocabulary from there.

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