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If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Government of Punjab is giving an opportunity to do a Tevta Short course for the year of 2014.
In all the Technical and Vocational Department TEVTA short courses of 3 and 6 months will be started from the month of January. All those candidates who will apply for these courses given above will be given free training material.

All the training and admission is free, you will not have to pay any admission or course fee, it is free of cost by the Government of Punjab.
After doing these courses there is nothing hard to find out the job in all over the Pakistan and in abroad as well. It is a step by the Chief Minister that in all the provinces of Tevta there are various short courses that are being offered by the Government of Punjab. Here we are giving you the Tevta Short Courses in Lahore 2014-15 Free Training Admission for Male Female and all the relevant details about that so that you can easily get to know about all the process of that courses such as how to apply, duration and all the features of the courses.It is a great step by the Government of Pakistan that can become the reason of prosperity of our country because TEVTA is one of the best training authority in Pakistan. As we are familiar that TEVTA stands for Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority which was being established by the Ordinance promulgated by the Governor of the Punjab which has been now replaced by the TEVTA ACT of the year of 2010, Punjab.

The mission of the Department is to promote and provide demand driven technical educatoin and vocation training and making the new generation of Pakistan skillful.
It enhance the global competitiveness in the Punjab by doing work by for in the Technical field at all.

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