The Club Hotel & Spa in St Helier has announced the promotion of Marek Jurczyk to Front Office Manager of the 46-room boutique hotel. Polish-born Marek Jurczyk joined the four AA red star 'Inspector's Choice' Club Hotel as a receptionist in 2009 after working at L'Horizon Hotel & Spa, and was soon promoted to Reception Supervisor and Reception Manager before being appointed Front Office Manager at The Club Hotel earlier this month. As Front Office Manager, Marek is responsible for reservations and room assignments, resolving guest requests and issues, supervising the front desk staff and training new members of the team.

When he's not working, Marek likes to spend time with his friends, and his interests include fashion, reading and going to the cinema.
Fluent in English as well his native Polish, with German to an intermediate level and enough Italian to 'get by', Marek credits his Masters in Sociology as a key factor in his success: ‘I'm interested in people, and I'd say I'm a good observer. Marek is no stranger to the silver screen; before he arrived in Jersey, he was involved in the film industry and makes an appearance in the Polish remake of the classic film Quo Vadis.

My intuition is right most of the time, and I believe an accurate understanding of people is essential in the hospitality industry’.

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