It can be more difficult to find a well-paying job if you haven’t completed your high school education, but completing a General Equivalency Diploma will facilitate the process. Indiana has an extensive adult education network that makes it easy to find GED classes and test sites. In Indiana, over 110,000 GEDs have been completed since 2002 and the number continues to grow every year.
Some classes will have exclusive admissions in order to control their learning environment, but these are often private institutions that offer study-aid for profit. Distributed by county, there are a number of locations for adult learning opportunities at a number of countless learning centers. As one of the best ways to demonstrate your intellectual capabilities and willingness to work hard, a GED will be recognized by employers as a mark of distinction.
Especially online, there are many free outlets for test preparation materials like study guides and practice tests.

In fact, almost every one of the test sites are at adult learning centers, unlike other states that offer the service at community colleges and other institutions of higher learning.
It can open many doors for any individual, whether seeking new employment or continuing education. Some specific places to take the test include the Gary Area Career Center, the John Hinds Career Center, the Tucker Career and Technology Center, and WorkOne in Bluffton.
Despite what some may promise, every test-prep program can only prepare you to take the test, not award a diploma.
For the most part, all of these adult education centers will also be able to provide free or low-cost classes in GED preparation. Enrolling in a study program is not required to challenge the test but it can be extremely helpful to be prepared by experts in the field.
All test-takers must be at least 18 years old, or 16 years old with a recommendation from a qualified school superintendent.

This is especially useful for students who are not comfortable studying for the test independently. Further, all test-takers must be legal residents of Indiana for at least 30 days before they are permitted to test.
Choose a test site that will be conveniently located but also choose one that can be helpful in preparing and passing the test.

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