The Gentle Leader® Head Collar by Premier Pet Products is a dog training tool that humanely discourages unwanted behaviors such as pulling, lunging, barking and aggression. Constructed of smooth, nylon webbing, the Gentle Leader Head Collar consists of two loops, coupled together to form a figure eight over the dog’s head. The theory behind the Gentle Leader Head Collar’s design is derived from studies using horses. The Gentle Leader Head Collar is more than just a tool for teaching the dog to walk politely on the leash; it can be used to effectively manage difficult behaviors such as excessive barking, snapping or aggression.
The Gentle Leader Head Collar consists of two loops, coupled together to form a figure eight over the dog’s head.
Similar to horses, dogs have an opposition reflex that causes them to instinctively move toward the point of the body where pressure is applied. You use the Easy Walk Harness primarily to direct and control the dog while walking, but it is also helpful for basic obedience training.
The Gentle Leader Head Collar really shines when it comes to handling dogs that are strong pullers or have difficult behavior problems.
If your dog has mild to moderate behavior problems when walking on the leash, the Easy Walk Harness can help make daily walks a more pleasurable experience. Bienetec Uses Polhemus G4 for Balance Recovery and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation in Virtual Rehabilitation Application, Valencia, Spain. Polhemus caters to a wide variety of applications and we offer a diverse array of products to meet motion tracking needs in health care, the military, and research and technology. Polhemus set the gold standard in motion tracking and has continued to meet that standard and raise the bar for over 40 years. A Polhemus FASTRAK® was used for motion estimation in developing The FreeD, a hand-held, digitally controlled, milling device. When used together with Polhemus digitizing hardware such as FASTRAK, LOCATOR allows to accurately measure an external head shape in three dimensions. FASTRAK, with four 6 degree-of-freedom position sensors, was converted into a fully portable system operating on two 12-volt batteries and connected to a laptop computer. Movements are recorded with the Polhemus FASTRAK system using sensors on arms and legs, and are described using differential geometry descriptors such as curvature and torsion. In our more than 40-year tenure, Polhemus technology has powered countless applications around the world.
Polhemus technology is being used in break through training and simulation devices in medicine. Our customers have cut costs and improved safety by utilizing our technology in industrial training and simulation.
Many pilots around the world have mastered their craft using flight training simulators powered by Polhemus trackers.
Polhemus tracking technology is the top choice for the military--especially when it comes to head tracking. Some of the world’s top athletes have utilized Polhemus motion tracking systems to measure and improve their performance.
Whether its hand tracking, gait analysis, or head tracking, researchers in biomechanics choose Polhemus trackers because of the precision level tracking we deliver—we can measure the slightest of human movements. Used in conjuction with one of our tracking products, our 3D Digitizers are used in a wide array of applications, including agricultural studies. Polhemus is the industry leader of 6 Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) motion tracking, digitizing, eye tracking and handheld 3D scanners, using the latest electromagnetic technology. Polhemus is known for its award-winning, proprietary technology, AC (alternating current) electromagnetics.
Polhemus leads the industry by providing the edge in precision 6DOF motion tracking for Air and Ground based forces. The studio was tasked with the immense project of creating a digital archive of the 1977 Star Wars artifacts. Tru-Test Ltd is a multinational company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets agritech and electrophysiological solutions. Gentle Leader Dog Headcollar Millions of dog owners today enjoy the benefits of stress-free walks thanks to the Gentle Leader Headcollar.

A 45 minute training program teaching you how to stop problem behavior like pulling, jumping and barking. Click on the Gentle Leader Menu Button at upper left for our complete selection of Headcollars.
You use the head collar to restrain and direct your dog by controlling the animal’s head.
Researchers found that when pressure is applied to the nerves and muscles of the neck and muzzle, neurotransmitters are released, resulting in a calming effect on the animal. Pulling back on the leash turns the dog’s head and attention toward you, making it nearly impossible for the dog to lunge ahead.
When the leash is slack, the nose loop loosens, allowing the dog to pant and open its mouth. This attractive, durable leather collar is inlaid with fun shapes and includes a cool silver charm for the ultimate in style. You use the head collar to restrain and direct your dog by controlling the animal’s head. The Gentle Leader helps prevent lunging, jumping and aggressive behavior and can be used to control excessive barking. The Gentle Leader Head Collar is a good choice for large or strong dogs that are hard to control or have difficult behavior issues. The system is guided and monitored by a computer while preserving the maker’s freedom to sculpt and carve, and to manipulate the work in many creative ways. The Super Glove, developed by Nissho Electronics Inc., acquires poses of finger joints and angles. These descriptions are then used by the movement learning system to recognize and analyze movement patterns. We are proud that so many cutting-edge applications in health care, military, and research and technology are powered by Polhemus.
Our robust technology is ideal for withstanding heavy use and we’re the trusted choice for applications in training and simulation for welding, virtual reality spray paint applications, and more. Our technology powers head tracking on the Air National Guard F-16, A-10 and the United States Air Force C-130 Gunship aircraft. The United States Olympic Team has used our trackers in various ways, including sports motion analysis for weight lifting and sports motion measurement in gymnastics. Our products are powering the latest in virtual reality in physical therapy and rehabilitation applications. In China, FASTRAK® has been used as a digitizer to study agriculture, specifically the study of plant growth under different climate and soil conditions. Here, you’ll find Polhemus logos, product photos, downloadable videos, tech tips, product brochures, payment information and more. Our technology is able to track a wide variety of objects as well as people by attaching small and lightweight sensors to selected tracking points or embedding them within an object. Used by medical device providers in image-guided surgery and in medical simulation and training markets, our motion measurement sensors are embeddable in a variety of customer required forms. Fielded on A-10, F-16 and C-130 aircraft, high fidelity position and orientation tracking bridges the gap between the real and virtual world. Our products are used by top researchers and we power the latest virtual reality applications. We offer system integrators the opportunity to team with us as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner or a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partner. Designed so that owners can communicate with their pet in a way they instinctively understand, the Gentle Leader painlessly and effectively removes the dog's natural tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on calming points and eliminating uncomfortable pressure on the throat. The #1 recommended headcollar endorsed by leading professionals, behaviorists, veterinarians, and obedience instructors. Unlike many other training collars, the Gentle Leader does not choke, pinch or use negative methods to force the dog into submission. When you apply tension to the leash, the nose loop tightens around the dog’s jaws, preventing the dog from opening its mouth to bark or bite. The Easy Walk Harness is designed to promote polite walking behavior by gently discouraging the dog from pulling on the leash.

The Easy Walk Harness uses a front-chest leash attachment that tightens slightly across the dog’s chest and shoulders when you pull the leash, steering the dog to the side and redirecting his attention to you.
In addition, short-nosed breeds such as bulldogs can comfortably wear the Easy Walk Harness. However, the head collar must be fitted and used correctly; therefore, you must master the proper technique in order to achieve results.
HandVoice2 software from Nissho Electronics Corporation, Japan, converts sign language to voice on-line and allows someone who cannot speak to lead a more interactive social life. Our technology best replicates actual medical procedures, enabling top-notch training for medical professionals.
Because the same technology is used on flight simulators as we use on live aircraft, we are able to achieve the most realistic training experience possible. Any of our motion trackers can be used for head tracking, but our premiere head tracker is SCOUT™. Pro golfers trust our systems for the best tracking in golf swing analysis to improve and measure their game.
With no special lighting, and no line-of-sight necessary, our portable tracking products are ideal for tracking motion to track progress—in labs, hospitals, clinics, and more. Two studies were done, one focused on rice growth and the other on the growth of corn, in various conditions. Polhemus trackers deliver true 6DOF (Degrees-Of-Freedom) because both position and orientation are measured automatically and natively to the tracking technology such that no hybrid data merging is needed to obtain the full position and orientation solution. Our 3D scanning technology revolutionized orthotic and prosthetic processes, providing fast, accurate results. Whether you need to track for biomechanics, power your training simulator, or you require our ultra-fast 3D Laser Scanner, Polhemus has 40 years of industry experience to give you the edge you need.
When you gently pull the leash, the loops tighten and apply pressure to the back and sides of the neck and the top and bottom of the jaws simultaneously. Match your Bark Avenue collar with a matching Bark Avenue leash for the ultimate in canine class!
Unlike traditional harnesses, the leash attaches to a unique martingale loop located in the chest portion of the harness.
When you gently pull the leash, the loops tighten, applying pressure to the back and sides of the neck and the top and bottom of the jaws simultaneously, without constricting the throat. Because the Easy Walk Harness does not constrict the throat, it controls the dog without choking. We do not sell or use your information in any way except to quickly respond to your request. Polhemus has been developing OEM partners since 1985 and has built reputable, long-standing relationships that have helped our partners reach their goals.
The Gentle Leader enables you to turn the dog’s head or instantly close its mouth without using excessive force. When the neck loop of the Gentle Leader tightens, it applies pressure to the back of the neck, triggering the dog’s natural relaxation reflex.
Any references to medical or bio-medical use are examples of what medical companies have done with the Products after they have obtained all necessary or appropriate medical certifications. Our OEM's trust the reliability of our full 6DOF electromagnetic motion tracking technology, and have the confidence in their products that comes with being powered by Polhemus. In addition, the Gentle Leader applies pressure to the sensitive areas of the head and neck without constricting the trachea or causing pain.
Allows dog to open its mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch, and bark while wearing headcollar .

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