Get the solutions you need and the service you deserve A simpler approach to service that's convenient, effective, and personalised for your business globally. Across the globe we have more than 1,000 people dedicated to ensuring your customer experience is world class. Focused on ensuring that your business needs are met at all levels, your Global Account Management team includes an Account, Solutions and Innovation and Service Manager. As Mark Hurd, co-president of Oracle (ORCL) re-emerges on the public stage, we see him once again focusing on the sales force.  Within Oracle’s sales force, he has changed job descriptions, reporting structures, compensation plans, staff size, and corporate routines in a stated effort to improve revenue and profits.  But what principles guide his sales-force design?  Is he a sales-force master architect or a tinkerer that will destroy Oracle’s revenue? Coordinate all interactions with individual customers through a single key account manager. Communicate the relationship between an offer’s features, functions, and benefits through technical sales specialists and marketing support. At H-P, Hurd assigned just one salesperson to act as the single point of contact to 2,000 of the top corporate accounts.  Key account managers were limited to managing only three or fewer accounts.
Combined, the technical sales specialist and marketing support free up the key account manager to focus on the relationship.  Keeping with the example of a server, the key account manager can communicate the fact that a low server down-time makes the CIO look better to the board, and therefore enables him to improve his career trajectory.

In this manner, the combined sales force can cover the entire customer value map (See exhibit below).
At H-P, Hurd cut 11 layers of sales management to 8, directed 30 different CRM solutions into 1, restricted internal meetings to Mondays only leaving Tuesday through Friday for selling, and killed a SOAR (Solution, Opportunity, Approval, Review) process which slowed a sale’s progress by bureaucratic inertia.  Combined, these measures have increased salespersons’ time with their clients from near 30% up to 40%. Rather than managing through meetings and bureaucracy—meetings that are often unrelated to a salesperson’s responsibility and communicate information that could be more quickly communicated through an email, and bureaucracy which is more concerned with dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s than delivering results—Hurd’s instinct is to leverage IT and direct communication for collecting field data and coordinating field activities. Note of holdings:  At the time of writing, the author is not a direct consultant to nor investor in any of the firms listed in this article. Key Account Management is essential to the cultivation and maintenance of strong customer relationships. Your Global Key Account Manager is your trusted partner who listens to you and understands your organization and your needs. We can deliver a streamlined, complete and consistent service that seamlessly pulls all of the pieces together (in each of your business locations) into one service model built around you. Consequentially, due to that streamlined focus and individual attention, that one person is positioned to make tradeoffs between promoting alternative offerings, thus enabling Hurd’s firms to push for offers which best serve customers and meet Hurd’s firms strategic goals.  This is clearly more productive.

In having a single point of contact for large global customers, Hurd’s account managers are in a better position to move customer relationships from the position of “pimping products” to the position of “developing relationships”. Communicate the relationship between an offer’s features, functions, and benefits through technical sales specialists. Technical sales specialists connect features and functions to benefits, marketing support connect benefits to business impact, and key account managers connect business impact to strategic and professional impact.
Smith, PhD is the Managing Principal of Wiglaf Pricing, and an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University of Marketing and Economics. To best serve you, we provide a single contact person who is responsible for delivering unsurpassed service to your offices around the globe.

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