Is highly professional, with robust systems and processes able to empower and engage our Clients and their Organisations. The FGC team’s experience with large and complex organisations, its reputation and its professionalism delivers great coaching outcomes. The FGC coaching model assures critical confidentiality for the Client whilst providing maximum engagement in the coaching progress for the assignment Sponsors – the Client’s Line Manager and Human Resources. Coach credibility, integrity, corporate board experience and a deep understanding of business at the Executive business level, ensures trust and respect between Client and Coach is achieved quickly.

FGC Coaches leverage and enhance executive’s abilities to meet agreed, measureable and sustainable objectives.
Use of the Equilibrium family of logos is protected under US Copyright laws and is forbidden without the express consent of Equilibrium et al. Pete is a dynamic individual who has both a keen intellect and superb instincts for the buisness.
He worked with us to develop a system for opportunity management and provided sales coaching that was instrumental in contributing to a 40% growth in revenue for 2013.

I regularly went to Pete to bounce ideas off of and always received thoughtful and insightful feedback.

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