Early on, it seems the worst license Scott will take is to turn Exodus into Braveheart and Moses into William Wallace, a liberty most Christians would likely forgive and even possibly cheer. That opening battle aside, the first half-hour-plus plods along as it establishes internal political dynamics within Pharaoh's court. To be fair, Scott technically leaves things open-ended enough to suggest it may actually have been God at work all along (though not through Moses but rather in spite of him).
Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve prayed for something for a long time and it seemed like you got no answer? You ask God for a healing, you ask God to change a situation at work, you ask God to intervene in a relationship and…nothing. However when Michael was born, Aaron and Sarah were surprised to find out that he had Down Syndrome. To make matters even more difficult, they found out that Michael had a hearing¬†impairment¬† ¬†Every single hearing exam that Michael took revealed that he wasn’t able to hear any kind of sound from the world around him. Needless to say, Aaron is a gifted Christian artist and he has poured out much of what God has taught him through his trials in his latest album. You can check out Aaron’s website by clicking here but before you do, share this blog post to spread the word that God is still in the business of doing miracles today. Discover the ways you sometimes miss God giving you an important message.Download the free ebook.

But in the long run, all of the dialogue and details prove pointless as it labors through numerous boilerplate exchanges simply to establish Moses as a man with strong leadership potential. This sets up another boring stretch of nearly an hour that, to paraphrase Bale's Dark Knight trilogy opener, plays like Moses Begins. In a unique portrayal, the voice of God does not come from the bush but rather a little boy who is near it. But the overwhelming impression is that it's more likely Moses was a valiant yet delusional man whose charismatic leadership and political connections came along at just the right time. A lot of combat and killing, stabbings, though not depicted graphically or with much blood. They weren’t prepared for this surprise and they had no idea how to take care of a baby with Downs. 5 Ways the Christian God is Different Than Zeus, Thor, Shiva, and Other Dumb gods The Surprising Way God Can Speak to Anyone The Trustworthy Argument For The Existence of God That You Probably Never Heard Of If God Exists, Why Doesn't He Stop Rapists From Raping or Murderers From Murdering? The Rock Monsters may have been silly, but the third-act Noah was seen as downright heretical.
But just as Scott also ended up making the Crusades a bore in Kingdom of Heaven, so too here he makes the Exodus a watch-checking slog.
The approach has promise but the filmmakers do nothing interesting with it; he basically struggles in a dry wasteland before eventually starting a family.

The liberties taken aren't so much offensive as they are uninspired and occasionally silly, and Scott seems to be rehashing leftover battle ideas from Gladiator and Robin Hood. Many killings, a few more intense than others (including the killing of two people simultaneously with one stab of a sword). How to Get Twitter Followers Without Following People How to Get Twitter Followers Without Following People Top 5 Articles Written by Former Atheists That Reveal That God Exists If God Exists, Why Doesn't He Stop Rapists From Raping or Murderers From Murdering?
So the question is, does director Ridley Scott (Prometheus, Gladiator) do the same to Moses?
Instead, crocodiles go on a mass killing spree from which the carnage bleeds throughout the river.
Ridley Scott gives us a revolutionary who may also be a paranoid schizophrenic, particularly since Moses and the apparition mostly argue and rarely (if ever) agree. The victims of the plagues can also be frightening at times, such as when bugs and locusts begin to consume some people, or victims of disease.

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