This applet is kind of orthogonal to Lion Mail, but it's really interesting to see how easily we can share code between Plasma (and thus mobile devices) and "traditional" KDE applications. Recently, the discussion whether to make KDE the default desktop on openSUSE has been raised.
SUSE Linux, and openSUSE (its follow-up) have traditionally been very KDE-centric, many KDE developers ran SUSE, many inside Suse ran KDE, basically Suse was a KDE-centric distribution and all was fine.
Also, over the last years, openSUSE moved further and further away from being the home to many people inside KDE, and the best distro you could choose when looking for a KDE-based desktop.
The first step was making KDE not the default anymore, offering a list of options during installation. In any case, the development of openSUSE position towards KDE have lead to many people moving on to alternatives. Nowadays, Novell is trying to turn openSUSE into a project which is fully managed by the community.
An important point that many people here fail to realize that this is not asking for granting a special priviledge to KDE.
From Lubos' email, it's pretty clear that the status quo is not OK for a large part of the active contributors to openSUSE. Vincent Untz, Board Member at the GNOME foundation (while acknowledging his bias) has proposed to do another vote on this particular issue.
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, community manager at Novell sees real value in not having a default, however. Another important point for me is that only one such question ("What desktop do you want?") adds the requirement of domain knowledge. Michael Löffler notes that only a relatively small part of the openSUSE users are new (about 6% according to the survey), and concludes that therefore, a default setting isn't all that important. The impression I get is that Joe Brockmeier wants to keep the status quo (no default, GNOME listed as first option) to not cause political discussion and disruption in the project, to keep people calm.
After Linuxtag had finished, a couple of gearheads went to Berlin Kreuzberg to grab some food and a drink in a quiet and not to crowded place. I'll be staying for another two days in Berlin, then pay a quick visit to Kim and the pets at home before I'm flying to Gran Canaria for an awesome summit. Update: Meanwhile, I had the honour to have Matthias Ettrich and Martin Konold (the two founders of KDE) sign the FLA.
I'm using a US keyboard layout on my machine, since that's the most hack-friendly one I can actually grok and type blindly on.
This week has brought me to Istanbul, to attend Senlik, which is a Turkish Linux conference organized by LKD, the Turkish Linux users group.
The conference is hosted at Istanbul's Bilgi University, which is not purely technical but focuses on design and user interaction.
As someone just pointed out to me, I (or rather the organizers of this conference ;)) have picked the perfect time to visit Istanbul.
On Wednesday, I'll spend the day at the Pardus office here in Istanbul, where we planned a workshop for the team.
The coming days, I'll be a bit silent, as I'm taking the opportunity of being here with Kim to also relax a couple of days as well, something we didn't get to a lot lately.
Some other bits that I fixed in Lion Mail include monitoring for changes in collection statistics (number of emails, number of unread ones), and writing out the changed information of an email back to Akonadi (or in less technical terms: marking an email as important, read, new or task now actually works). Also, I've done some UI cleanups in Lion Mail, the action icons are now only shown on hover, making for less clutter in the default view. Toma has been working on fetching information from microblogs into Akonadi (such a thing in akonadi language is called as "resource"). Now the team is up for a totally different, less collaborative and more competitive endeavour. I've been thinking about Google's Summer of Code program a bit, and since it's having its fifth birthday this year.
It's good to see how this is managed by the Google staff as well, they're not just throwing money at us, they're actually putting a lot of effort into SoC, and it provides real, tangible and sustainable benefit for Free Software projects. The user wins as well, over the past year, we came to ship many of the things that have been done within Summer of Code project. With an Akonadi sprint in Berlin coming up, I thought I'd write a couple of lines for those who are interested in some PIM stuff in Plasma. There are a couple of things that need more work, either because I've not gotten around to it yet, or because I didn't find a good solution. The atmosphere is is really great, it's fantastic to discuss plans and their implementations with the iNdT folks (especially when the meeting table is not a table but a large swimming pool -- that definitely makes for fun and interesting digressions. Just a couple of days ago, we've upgraded qt-copy in KDE's SVN to the release candidate of Qt 4.5. Note to self: Just blog, don't ask Blauzahl if the picture is good enough, you can always fix it up latah! You'll need two functions then, slotresourceactivated(QUrl url), which might be as simple as just KRun(url) in order to open the file (or url), and slotsearch(), which runs the query on the the string from the search lineedit. Networkmanager is a daemon that keeps track of lower level bits on computers that have changing network hardware.
So one of my personal goals is to not make all those mistakes in the interface for networkmanager in KDE4. The development platform is paying off, it proves to be a very extensible and future-proof platform, more and more applications are becoming available on Windows and Mac, KDE on OpenSolaris is getting closer to inclusion in the distribution, and we've seen KDE already available on FreeBSD.
On the organisational side, this growth in the KDE community and the increased attention from both users and the wider Free Software community, has been balanced out by the launch of the KDE Forum and UserBase to improve communication across a wider community.
Lesson learned: Check your facts before you publically dissect the inner workings of something that is as complex as powermanagement for a desktop system and that you're obviously not familiar enough with to judge whether this piece of software gets it right or not.
I'd also like to thank Matthew for his input on these matters, and I'm glad it's not as disheartening or dramatic as he tries to put it. The Department of Labor released its final regulation on what’s known as the Fiduciary Rule.
Frank was kind enough to join me on the podcast for a detailed interview about Vanguard’s services. Rob: I take it the financial plan you’ve described is put together by a CFP, a certified financial planner at Vanguard?
Frank: The majority of our advisors do have that certified financial planning designation or they’re working towards it. Rob: Those minimums— let’s say the $50,000 minimum, can that be spread over a taxable account of say, $40,000 and an IRA of $10,000? Rob: This will be the dumbest question I’ll ask in the interview, probably, but I’ll ask it anyway, Frank. Frank: We really do recommend Vanguard funds as part of when we’re constructing a well-balanced, diversified portfolio for our clients. Frank: We can take a big picture view and look across different asset and plan types, whether they’re held at Vanguard or held away, in thinking about the holistic recommendation we’re going to provide. Rob: So after someone calls up and goes through this process, do they actually get a written asset allocation plan—a result of the initial consultations and initial work?
Rob: Once an asset allocation plan is set and the client agrees with it— I take it the client can have all kinds of input into this, such as, “Well, you’ve recommended 70 percent stocks but I’d prefer 75.” I assume this a dialog between Vanguard and the client? Frank: While we see the mutual funds being used in the program, we certainly can accommodate the ETFs as well.
Rob: Once the plan is set up and the investments are transitioned if they need to be, Vanguard does the rebalancing?
Frank: We have that as part of our investment methodology and we would certainly be happy to provide that to you if you’d like. Rob: I’m kind of a geek when it comes to rebalancing but I don’t know that we need to dive into the weeds. Rob: And for those entering retirement, do you help them with a distribution plans and required minimum distributions— which funds they should take from and how all that should work? Frank: I’d say, through the on-boarding consultation process for our personal advisor, we’re effectively are delivering the opportunity to have that type of consultation. Frank: Well, I’d say that one thing is— and I’m not sure if I mentioned it in our conversation, but we have a 30 basis point flat fee for the service.
The post Finally, Investment Advice That Won’t Rob You Blind appeared first on The Dough Roller. The Department of Labor released its final regulation on what’s known as the Fiduciary Rule. It's a simple 3-ring notebook that contains everything anybody would need to understand our investments, insurance, wills, trusts, and even passwords. Tab 2 contains our net worth statement, which lists the assets we own and the debts that we owe.
It’s a simple 3-ring notebook that contains everything anybody would need to understand our investments, insurance, wills, trusts, and even passwords. The vast majority of our investments are held in two 401(k) accounts and multiple retirement and taxable (non-retirement) accounts.
One final thought: regardless of how you decided to handle our investments, remember one very important thing.
One thing that will help you stay the course is a simple rule—never invest money in the stock market that you’ll need in the next 5 years. As the above demonstrates, this binder is as much about education as it is a list of accounts. The first tab lists contact information of the key people my family would need to contact in case the worst happens. Behind the net worth statement are recent statements from all bank accounts, retirement accounts, and taxable accounts. Here I keep a copy of my life insurance policy along with information on how and where to submit a claim. In this tab, we keep copies of our wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, and advance medical directives. Specifically, I’ve been preparing documentation that would enable anybody to run the business and understand the financials.
The post The Money Binder: How to Prepare Your Finances For Your Death appeared first on The Dough Roller. We look at a binder you can create to prepare your loved ones to handle your finances and investments in the event you are unable to do so. My question: As a first time home buyer, is it possible to leverage retirement accounts as a down payment? Traditional IRAs - With traditional IRAs, first-time homebuyers may use up to $10,000 to put down on a house without fear of a tax penalty.
Roth IRAs - Because money invested in a Roth IRA is after-tax, you are allowed to withdraw your contributions at any time.
There are plenty of good options for making a down payment on your house that don't involve making withdrawals and risking your financial future. As you probably know, money that is saved in a qualified retirement plan (like a 401(k) through your employer) or an IRA receives special tax treatment. Of course, there are some exceptions, and buying your first home is typically one of those.
Traditional IRAs – With traditional IRAs, first-time homebuyers may use up to $10,000 to put down on a house without fear of a tax penalty.
Roth IRAs – Because money invested in a Roth IRA is after-tax, you are allowed to withdraw your contributions at any time. Yes, you can use retirement funds for a down payment on your first house…but, should you? There are plenty of good options for making a down payment on your house that don’t involve making withdrawals and risking your financial future. If you really want to buy a house, it may be time to press the pause button your other savings goals. In the same way that the government encourages saving for retirement, they also encourage home ownership. Navy Federal Credit Union Loans – Active servicemembers and certain civilian employees of the Department of Defense may be eligible for a loan from the Navy Federal Credit Union.
While using money from your retirement accounts to secure a down payment for a house is possible, there are better ways to come up with the money. In episode 206 we look at how to use a retirement account as a down payment on a home, and the pros and cons of this strategy. We recently received the following question from a reader named Sam: My question: As a first time home buyer, is it possible to leverage retirement accounts as a down payment? We’ve done extensive reviews of You Need a Budget (YNAB) before, but just had to jump on the chance to review the recently-revealed YNAB 5. If YNAB 5 will be your first introduction to this budgeting software, you’ll need to know that their budgeting style is different.
The point of living off of last month’s money is that you smooth out financial kinks, especially if your income is at all variable. YNAB has changed their style a bit with this update, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Let’s add some fictional transactions to this non-existent bank account, and see how that changes things. When you add a bank account, you can choose to enter your transactions manually, as I’ve done in this example.
Toggle back to your budget, and you’ll see what happens to individual budget items as you allocate your spending for the month.
As you can see, setting up and maintaining a budget with YNAB is pretty simple and straightforward. The three main new features of YNAB 5 are Age of Money, direct transaction import, goals, and a web app.
As we discussed above, YNAB used to have a rule that you should live off of last month’s money. If you use YNAB 5, make it a goal to increase the age of your money as you use the software. With the new YNAB, you can automatically import transactions straight from your bank account.
Note that you can import transactions from multiple bank accounts and credit card accounts.
If you link credit card accounts, YNAB can track your credit spending separately from your bank account transactions. If you connect your credit card account or other debt accounts to YNAB, you can also set goals for paying down the debt by a certain date.
Perhaps the most exciting development with the new YNAB, for me at least, is that it’s now available as a web app. We look at YNAB 5, the new budget software, and evaluate both the good and bad changes to this excellent money management tool. Just starting to pay back your student loans, or have you been making payments on them for years? Even if your loan servicer has already set your monthly payments, you can choose to switch to a new repayment plan.
Standard Repayment Plan: This is the 10-year repayment plan that your loan servicer most likely defaulted to when setting your monthly payment amounts. Graduated Repayment Plan: With this plan, your payments start out lower and then increases.
Direct Loan borrowers can only choose this plan if they have more than $30,000 in outstanding Direct Loans.
FFEL borrowers must have more than $30,000 in outstanding FFEL Program loans to choose an extended plan. If you have a family of four in 2016, your discretionary income is anything you earn above $36,375 per year. With this plan, if you haven’t paid your loans after making monthly payments faithfully for 20 or 25 years (depending on the terms), the outstanding balance will be forgiven. It’s available for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS loans made to students, and Direct Consolidation Loans that do not include PLUS loans made to parents. Your monthly payment may actually be more than on the 10-year Standard Plan, depending on your income. Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan (PAYE): This plan is similar to the REPAYE option, but with this plan, your maximum monthly repayment is 10% of your discretionary income.
Again, your spouse’s income will count towards the figure of discretionary income, and any outstanding balance on your loan will be forgiven after 20 years of monthly payments. This plan works for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS loans made to students, and Direct Consolidation Loans that don’t include PLUS loans made to parents.
To use this plan, you must be a new borrower on or after October 1, 2007, and must have received a disbursement of a Direct Loan on or after October 1, 2011.
Because your payment is the same as or lower than with the Standard Repayment Plan, you’ll pay more in interest over the life of the loan. Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR): With this plan, your monthly payments will be between 10% and 15% of your discretionary income.
This repayment plan is an option for all loans made directly to students, including Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans. Your payment will never be higher than it would have been under the Standard Repayment Plan. Income-Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR): This repayment plan gives you a slightly higher payment than the other income-based options, but will likely pay off your loan faster.
This plan is available for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS Loans made to students, and Direct Consolidation Loans.
Parent borrowers can use this plan by consolidating Parent PLUS Loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan. This plan is available for Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans, FFEL PLUS Loans, and FFEL Consolidation Loans. That’s a long list of student loan repayment options, many of which are confusingly similar.
The easiest way to figure out what each of these repayment plans actually means for your personal finances is to use the Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator tool.
In this case, the income-based repayment plans will actually have you pay off the loan more quickly than the Standard Plan, and they’ll save you money over time, too. But what if you only make $30,000 a year, and you’re struggling to put food on the table for your family of four? Running your situation through this calculator won’t automatically give you an answer about which repayment plan will work best for your needs. The bottom line here is that within the plans that are available to your situation, you need to choose the one that best fits with your financial limitations and goals.
With all this said, it can still be difficult to choose a student loan repayment plan from all of these options. With the Graduated Plan, your payment will likely rise every two years, giving you plenty of space to earn a raise before your student loan payment jumps up.
Your income is low and fluctuating. If money is really tight right now, and your income fluctuates frequently, the Pay As You Earn and Revised Pay As You Earn options might work best. Keep in mind that these programs can be tough, though, if you go from a high-earning year to a low-earning year. Say, for instance, you make $50,000 in 2016. You work for the government, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or certain other nonprofits. In this case, you might qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Work full-time (at least 30 hours per week) in one qualifying job or a combination of qualifying part-time jobs. Not count time spent on religious instruction, worship services, or proselytising towards your full-time employment requirement.
After 10 years’ worth of payments, any remaining balance on your loan will be forgiven. Why the Standard Plan with some of the income-based plans could give you a higher monthly payment and a shorter loan term? Remember, even if you’re doing great with your Standard Repayment Plan now, stuff happens. For the most part, student loan servicers offer great online tools for checking your payments under different repayment plans. The post How to Pick the Best Student Loan Repayment Plan appeared first on The Dough Roller. We look at the 7 repayment plan options for federal student loans and an easy to use tool to compare and choose the best option for you. He, Andras and a couple of other KDABians are splitting KMail into smaller components that combined make up an email client. Of course using the KMail widgets means, that it's only rather shallow integration between those two, you don't, for example, get the full Plasma theming or input models that are interesting for mobile devices. We've released a fantastic set of applications, a beautiful and organic desktop that enables the user to do a couple of things that were previously simply not possible in this form.
It was in freeze for quite some time already, and there have been some reviews around on the net (most of them rather positive). The rock-stable development platform that is KDE 4 supports this well, and has in itself gotten nice additions, polish and many fixes.
When Novell bought SUSE Linux, and roughly at the same time Ximian, things started to change.
At first, KDE was still on top of that list, at some point it was moved to the second place (which of course was done to reflected the alphabetical ordering). Quite some KDE developers I know, who have previously been avid SUSE users have reconsidered and are now running something else. I think this is a great opportunity, also for upstream communities to get more involved with a distribution, but of course it goes both ways.
In fact, it is asking for removing a special priviledge that makes many in the KDE community feel that KDE is treated unequally in openSUSE.
I think that's a very dangerous thing to do, because it might be interpreted as "We'll keep repeating the vote and changing the mechanism until the result suits us". In order to get as many people possible to install openSUSE, you need to make the installation process as simple as you possibly can.
He points out "But limiting choice, in my opinion, isn't the best option - the best option here is to do a better job at informing new users.". If that was the case, you should just not setup defaults at all, anywhere, and that would quickly show that it's impractical to not offer defaults.
The question is fundamentally different from "what is your timezone?" for example, so for a complete dummy, it'll not be possible to make sure all questions are answered correctly. That's his job, and it would work if the current situation didn't have major problems already. The fiduciary licence aims at simplifying this process, by assigning the copyright to an entity as KDE e.V. This time, however, I'm not mainly here for KDE, but for KDAB where I've started working in May.
In case you're getting errors, try replacing ISO_Level3_Shift with whatever "xev" reports as (keysym 0xff7e, Mode_switch) when you capture the Right Alt key with it (or map it to anything you like in the same way). Depeche Mode, (and Pink Floyd) are probably among those bands who have been influential for most of electronic music we're listen to nowadays, and in my opinion, very rightfully so.
I've been invited to this conference by some developers of Pardus Linux, which is a KDE-focused Turkish Linux distribution. I think that makes a great location for a Free Software conference, as the UI part (artwork and usability) are often seen as stepchilds in Free Software projects. Temperatures are at a mild 20 degrees C during the day, the sun is rather warm and nice, but it's not too hot like it becomes during the summer here in southern Europe.
I'll be using this opportunity to learn more about Pardus Linux which has been continuously impressing me with its amazing level of integration between desktop and underlying operating system. And there's this long list of different things I still have to try while being here (turkish bath, Iskender kebap only being two of the items lined up. It's one of the things where pieces of a puzzle fall into place, since the changes being written back to Akonadi showed that also change notifications about those items actually work.
I've spent some cycles yesterday night to add support for this kind of data to the Akonadi dataengine in Plasma and finished this in the course of today. Some Trolls from the Berlin office have come over to teach the PIMsters the necessary Foosball lessons.
I thought it would be about time to congratulate the people at the Open Source Programs Office in Mountain View, especially Leslie, Cat, Tiff, Erica and all the others who I had the pleasure to meet at various occasions. In Plasma for example, there's the extenders that have been introduced with KDE 4.2 and has already become part of the core infrastructure. Still there is something I've not completely sorted when displaying the applets in a list and expanding items in that listview (usually Lion Mail). I've been flying in last Thursday from Amsterdam via Lisbon, where I already met some Trolls (Andreas (QGraphicsView), Marius (QItemViews) and Simon (QWebkit)). Marcel went through some parts of the network stack showing many parts that just aren't up to today's requirements anymore, and presents a solution that he's currently working on as part of his work for Intel. In unrelated news, Gökmen, one of the developers of Pardus Linux (a Turkish Linux distribution) has invited me to speak at a (more user-oriented) conference in Istanbul next month. The first run took pretty long, but after that, indexing doesn't get in the way anymore and also doesn't hurt performance noticably (i.e. The plugin system doesn't quite work for me at the moment, there's an issue that a factory class always returns the most generic of the visualization plugins, making the results in the view look a bit boring. If you're done, you can merge your branch, for example using "git svn dcommit" (do check with "git log", "git show" and "git svn dcommit -n" first if everything worked OK).
It's designed to do this dynamically, and exchange information about status with a user interface that acts as configuration UI and policy agent. KDE 4.0 has marked for the KDE community a stable base to build a kick-ass desktop and applications on. New applications written in Python have entered KDE, and scripting support for many applications is becoming available as well, in the form of services in Amarok and scripted Plasmoids for example.
The formation of the Community Working Group has worked out very well and has come far in smoothening out how we work together. My idea is, to provide a series of screencasts showing off different aspects of KDE technology.
First of all, Matthew assumes that the setting "powersave" will actually use the powersave cpufreq governor. I'm assuming that Matthew does know *his* stuff (his general points are pretty much all sensible). In fact, reading his blog, I'm now even more confident that we have something that is both, in its default setting a very sensible system to manage power consumption while not getting in the way of the user, and also very powerful for all those cases where machines are just a bit different -- so we're also set to deal with a great variety of systems and usecases. The rule requires those offering paid financial advice on retirement accounts to put their client’s interests first. While fee-only advisors promote the fact that they take no money from the investments they recommend, little is said about their fees. In the interview, we talk about how the service works, the cost, and how you can get started if you are interested in the service. If someone wanted to consider or perhaps use Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services and they call in, walk us through the process. The first thing that would happen is that we would work with the client to get them an investor questionnaire.
In our personal advisor services group, presently we have about 350 advisors as part of the team.
So if someone were to sign up for this, would they be assigned one of those individuals to their accounts? For example, if you’re coming in at the lower asset level you would work with a named person though too.
So when you put together an asset allocation plan, in addition to stocks versus bonds and other things, are you also looking at asset location between tax-advantaged accounts and taxable accounts? When you implement the asset allocation plan, is it fair to say that you implement it with only Vanguard mutual funds or ETFs? Let’s say someone comes to you and they’ve got a lot of Vanguard assets but they’ve also got a 401k at, let’s say, Fidelity, that they obviously can’t move.
But as you articulated there, we wouldn’t have the ability to actually manage that portfolio. They do receive the comprehensive financial plan and we try to frame things in a way that really speaks to the investors goals.
But every 90 days we would look at the investor’s portfolio to see if they’ve moved out of the guardrails and thresholds that we had in place. We hope to keep them well satisfied but there is certainly an opportunity to terminate the service if they choose to do so, for whatever reason. In some ways the investing part of it while you’re working is the easy part, although it doesn’t always seem that way.
And as we work through the creation of the financial plan, there really is no real commitment to sign up.
Is that 30 basis points regardless of whether you’ve got $50,000 invested in the advisory services or $10 million? But for the sake of a personal advisor (the service that we’re talking about here) 30 basis points would be the price point for the majority of investors. So, if someone wants to get started learning more, I can leave you phone number— Vanguard’s phone number in the show notes.
The rule requires those offering paid financial advice on retirement accounts to put their client’s interests first. It’s a binder designed to give my wife everything she would need to handle our finances should I be unable to do so. It’s intended to give my wife a complete understanding of our finances and how to handle them going forward.
The Money Binder walks through my investment philosophy and provides concrete steps on how my wife can step into my shoes if the need arises.

A time will come when the market is crashing, and you’ll be tempted to sell everything and move to cash.
In our case, the list includes our trusts and estates attorney, accountant, benefit plan administrator (for our business), life insurance company, and primary bank. For this binder, I include footnotes that provide useful information to my wife. Here I focus on financial assets, our business, and real estate. In this regard, I’ve been inspired by the excellent book, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.
For retirement accounts like a 401(k) or IRA, the financial institution will transfer the account based on the designated beneficiary.
While it may be unlikely that somebody would break into our home, find the binder, and take the passwords, it’s still a risk. In our case, the password tab provides details on how my wife or loved ones can access my passwords.
Married couples can increase this amount if both spouses decide to tap into their retirement savings. However, you may be assessed taxes and penalties if you withdraw any earnings on that money before 5 years of opening your account (or just taxes if you withdraw it after 5 years). Frankly, the government doesn’t want a bunch of broke septuagenarians running around. Instead of raiding your retirement accounts, try using one of the following ways to secure a down payment. Rather than taking distributions on money already in your retirement accounts, simply stop contributing to those plans for now.
With a minimum down payment of 3.5% of the purchase price, FHA loans make purchasing your first home more affordable. Nobody likes to pay PMI, but it could work out better for you than taking distributions from your retirement accounts. Before raiding your retirement accounts, determine if you are eligible for any of the special financing options mentioned above instead. By being patient and continuing to save, you’ll be ready to purchase your first home before you know it. The new software includes some important updates that bring YNAB up-to-date with other competitive budgeting software tools. The goal is, essentially, to work your budget so that you live off of last month’s money. But, generally, the software encourages you to think ahead for your expenses, break them down month-by-month, and live off of money you earned at least 30 days ago. You enter your categories, track your spending, and adjust if you go over or under on certain categories. You can also choose to link your account to your bank account, which we’ll discuss momentarily. The higher your money’s age, the better off your overall spending and savings routine!
As with the old YNAB, you can split transactions between multiple categories if you need to. I did have trouble syncing multiple accounts that are under the same bank account login, though. This is helpful if your goal is to balance credit and cash spending in a certain way from month to month.
Rather than paying a flat fee to download the software, you can access YNAB directly from your web browser. The reason I stopped using YNAB, in spite of generally loving the software, is that I switched from a Windows-based laptop to a Chromebook. For that, check out their introductory blog posts, which get into the nitty-gritty of using all the software’s features. We also talk about the 2015 letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and how you can get an estimate of your future social security retirement benefits. This is especially helpful if you want to pay off your loan more quickly or if money is tight and you need to reduce your payments. If you took out private student loans, as well, you may be out of luck when it comes to repaying those.
If you want to refinance a student loan to a lower rate, you’ll need to look at private student loans. This plan has you paying a set amount each month, and is set up to pay back your loan in 10 years.
With this loan, you can extend your repayment period to up to 25 years, even on non-consolidated loans. Payments are calculated annually and are based on your updated annual income and family size.
Payments are recalculated annually based on your income and family size, and your spouse’s income counts towards your overall family discretionary income. With this plan, your payment will be the lesser of 20% of your discretionary income or the fixed amount you would pay to repay the loan within 12 years. With this option, though, your lender actually sets the formula for determining your monthly payment. You’re married filing jointly with your spouse, and you have a combined annual income of $50,000.
In this case, the Standard Repayment Plan might be a stretch, but the Income-Contingent Repayment Plan could be a feasible option for eventually paying back your loan.
Without an idea of your monthly income and outflow, it’s difficult to figure out what you can actually afford to pay on your student loans. And since the Graduated Repayment Plan pays off your loan in 10 years, it gets you out of debt just as quickly (though not for as little total interest) as the Standard Plan. Obviously, if you make all or most of your 120 payments under the Standard Repayment Plan, your loan will be paid in full, anyway. Once you’ve made 120 payments, you can fill out the Employment Certification for Public Service Loan Forgiveness form to see if you qualify for loan forgiveness. In this case, choose the Standard Repayment Plan, and throw some extra money at your student loans if your goal is to get out of debt. If you lose your job or take a paycut to start your own business, you can change your repayment plan. I was particularly intrigued by Jos' KDE 4.3 screencast (the one you can see in the announcement page).
Is the direction we're taking really reflecting in the user experience, and do people out there value our approach, our ideas? Overall, the performance and polish has improved, resulting in a smooth and attractive user experience. Three years ago, some people inside Novell planned to ditch KDE, meaning to lay off all KDE personnel and move on with the GNOME desktop only. In all other cases, when there is a clear preference, it is selected as a default, sometimes not even offering the user an easy choice. Otherwise, nobody should waste others time with asking, it'll not be more than a lip-service. This means not asking the user too many questions, and certainly not asking the user questions he or she cannot answer. If growth of openSUSE is one of the project's goals, the question "Why are only 6% of our users newbies?" would actually be one of the first ones I'd ask myself.
I've pointed out the problems for the end user, Lubos has pointed out the problems for the openSUSE-KDE community.
We quickly decided that it would be a fine alternative to have food and drinks in the streets and celebrated with another couple of hundred people until late at the night.
If you've contributed code to KDE (even if it's just a little), please drop by the KDE booth at Linuxtag and sign your copy of the FLA. So Kim and I got ourselves two tickets when DM announced the tour they're holding right now, but got disappointed when they had to cancel the concert that was supposed to be held week in Düsseldorf, Germany (quite close to Nijmegen actually).
KDE is actually very strongly represented at this conference, thanks to the work of the gals and guys from Pardus, who are also wonderful hosts to me and Kim, who accompanies me to enjoy the city for a bit. I'm trying hard to make sure that people know that we're embracing designers as first class citizens in our community just like we embrace coders, documentation writers, translators, promo people and community management folks.
The upcoming version of Pardus, dubbed 2009 will be released this summer, and I can only recommend to check it out. That means you flag an email as important, and other applets showing this email are reflecting that change as well.
While there's a microblogging dataengine already, storing the data in Akonadi makes a lot of sense, as it caches the information and makes it easily available to all kinds of apps (not just Plasmoids). And while I had initially been bragging about my skills (I'm unbeaten Foosball champion in the KDE e.V. There are actually quite some people active within KDE on a regular basis that have found their way into KDE through the Summer of Code programme.
Rob Scheepmakers is the guy behind extenders, and has since then maintained the codebase and improved it further. Fetching of all the lists and content from Akonadi happens fully a asynchronous, which is a big, big plus if we want to keep the UI responsive. The issue is basically that we're not dealing with email data but with URLs that deliver us one content type or the other.
After a good flight (I got four free seats in a row, which translated to "lie down and sleep as much as you can" to me), we arrived in warm and sunny Brazil. I'm happily accepting that invitation, so if you're in Istanbul on April 17 and 18, make sure you drop by. Roger had hooked me up with Michael (who had, the night before also Jos had the pleasure to be Michael's guest). Settings for wired and wireless start to work, as in "at least three persons on this Planet have ever been able to connect to a wireless network using it". The current activity in terms of commits to the KDE's SVN, the ongoing bug frenzy and general polishing of KDE4 desktop and apps is amazing.
The wide acceptance of the Code of Conduct is another successful chapter in improving the collaboration. I've now mostly sorted out the technicalities and concepts, so I started recording some test screencasts.
From my measurements, however, facts are: a) KWin with compositing enabled does hardly spend "a significant proportion of the time on the GPU".
Unfortunately his arguments in the light of powerdevil's actual implementation are all strawmen.
Even a fee of 1% of assets under management can reduce a portfolio by hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime of investing. It’s a pretty straightforward questionnaire of about 15 questions that would help them describe things such as their goals, their risk tolerance and a little bit of background about their situation. Rob: Then once you’ve hit above $500,000, you’re actually assigned a dedicated representative to work with? They will set up the plan, go through those initial consultations and do the really deep conversations that take place to ensure that the investor has a well-grounded plan as far as the opportunity of working with Vangaurd on an ongoing basis. And we would look at all different sources, both taxable, tax-deferred type relationships as part of that holistic picture. One of the goals is to make sure we give our clients in these ‘advised relationships’ tax efficient advice. We can help the client input those into the plan so they are aware of it and they can see it as part of the picture but they would have to continue manage those different components on their own. For many of the individuals who enter into these advisor relationships, the main goal is retirement. In fact, this is a great aspect of the service in that while it has a great deal of sophisticated technology behind it, it’s really more than just an algorithm. And at that 90 day anniversary, for each client, we would make a determination systematically whether a rebalance is warranted to get them back to the proper strategic asset allocation.
You can still have that conversation and we hope investors will see the value as they work through it as we review the financial plan that we’ve created with their input. You mentioned the $50,000 minimum and getting a dedicated financial advisor going forward at $500,000. The ongoing fee for the advisory service and basically for all of the access to the sophisticated technology and the financial planner would all be offered through the 30 basis points. Are there any aspects of the personal advisory services we haven’t covered that people should know about? It’s a terrific team that’s well educated with the majority holding that financial planning designation.
With our retirement accounts, our investments are in a handful of primarily low-cost index mutual funds. Vanguard offers a service to manage investments for a very low cost (.30% of assets managed as of January 2016). But the day may come when she is forced into that role, and I want to offer as much guidance as I can.
I’ve also been using SweetProcess, an online tool that helps businesses created repeatable procedures and processes.
The key is to provide your loved ones with the information they need to handle the finances in the event of your untimely death. Many people would love to dip into their retirement accounts to help fund a down payment for the purchase of a home. With that said, similar to a traditional IRA, you may use up to $10,000 from your Roth IRA toward the purchase of your first home.
So, they encourage people to save for retirement by providing special tax treatments on this savings. However, since taxes are deferred on money placed into a traditional IRA, you do have to pay income taxes on that money now. In order for those funds to work their compounding interest magic, you need to keep that money working for you for as long as possible. It’s like having a built-in emergency fund that you just keep in your checking account. These steps, combined, can lead to much more financial control that will help you obtain your financial goals. If you go over on a category, you can shift money around to cover your additional spending. Usually this will only work for transactions that are at least 24 hours old, though this will depend on your bank.
We have two savings and two checking accounts with Huntington Bank, all accessed with the same login information. You can add a goal to fund the category item for a certain amount each month, or to have a balance on the account of a certain amount by a certain date. It’s worth a few minutes of your time to understand how to use all the features of this great new(ish) software. However, many private loan servicers have their own repayment plan options, so it never hurts to ask. If you consolidate multiple loans into one large one, your standard repayment plan payback period can be up to 30 years, depending on your consolidated loan amount and terms. Like the Standard Repayment Plan, this one will pay back your loans in 10 years, or up to 30 for a consolidated loan.
This lowers your monthly payments, but increases the amount of interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan.
Discretionary income is anything you earn above 150% of the federal poverty level for your family size. As with the two above options, your outstanding balance will be forgiven if you haven’t paid the loan back after 20 or 25 years, depending on your repayment terms.
With this plan, your monthly payment is based on your annual income, and is refigured annually. That depends on your particular situation, including your income, your other debts, and your debt repayment goals. But that will have you paying more interest over time–not to mention staying in debt even longer!
If you have a variable income and need more flexibility, choose a lower monthly payment and make extra payments when you can. These would give you the lowest monthly payment to start, and would continue to adjust based on fluctuations in your annual income. If you use an income-based repayment plan, however, you’ll likely have a balance left on your loan, which can be forgiven through the PSLF. Most servicers will let you change repayment plans on an as-needed basis, though you’ll need to check with your lender to ensure you can change multiple times if necessary. But changing plans is straightforward, so don’t worry about locking yourself into a plan forever that may someday prove to be too much.
Images,snapshots,and pics often capture a sentiment,a mood,a feeling,or even an idea of a person who's at the center of attention.
Such a screencast always gives a bit of a personal feeling and it shows what other people do with the software were working on, often it reveals new and cool and useful features, it did to me. The request to make KDE the default on openSUSE is by far the most popular entry (second most popular following up at 175 net proponents). That happened relatively short after Novell had bought both Suse and Ximian, it has been said that those events are closely connected.
In this case, however, while KDE is the clear choice in the openSUSE community, it is not treated the same like in other cases. While a user survey does have a lot of value, only surveying, and then not following up on the results risks credibility.
This is the reason why almost every operating system out there has chosen default settings. Sure, it's a chicken-egg problem, the approach to this kind of question is essential to growth, however.
It should be clear that this subject is not as easy as "We don't want to alienate the GNOME developers, so we'll keep the status quo".
As you can easily see on the photos, people were more than colourful, and it was a very friendly, laid back and fun event Linuxtag itself was quite good, I was mostly there representing KDAB, but got some FLAs signed and also held a presentation on using KDE 4 on laptops and netbooks. I, or our friends from the FSFE (or Ade :-)) can explain to you in more detail what it means, and why it's important to sign it if you're still unsure. Today is the Sonisphere Metal festival, with koRn, Slipknot and as headliner Metallica playing.
What I did is to modify my keymap slightly, so that I can use the Right ALT key (ALT Gr on some keyboards), and get the correct character just by typing Right ALT + a for example to get an ä). Dave Gahan, their charismatic singer had to undergo a cancer surgery to remove a malignant tumor in his bladder. The grand scheme is I think that KDE is moving from being a Free Software project to becoming a Free Culture project. The nargile causes a bit of a "light" feeling in the head, I figure it's mostly caused by an increased amount of Oxygen reaching your brain. Checking the mimetype of some dropped URL and doing something sensible with it is something I didn't get to work nicely yet. First and foremost, I don't want to request full folders of emails (a couple of thousand emails in the common case) only to throw 99.9% of them away. It's about 30 degrees here, and it's spot on summer (spot on winter would mean 26 degrees C, since Recife is only 8 degrees south of the equator). It's basically supposed to be a "more than full" replacement for NetworkManager, which is very complicated in its design and often very slow in its use. Also, the results I got from Nepomuk and Strigi where quite OK, even when limiting the search to only 5 seconds (which makes the first results display a lot quicker as well). Also, displaying them at different sizes can reveal or hide some information, which is definitely useful and makes the user interface a lot more flexible.
It consisted of 25 patches, some larger (implementing a new feature), some smaller, cleanups, but also some patches I wanted to keep separate for easier reference and review. It has UI glitches, it's not nicely streamlined for workflows we have in mind, the configuration interfaces are no beauty yet, and it has bugs, lots of it.
Applications such as Dolphin, Gwenview and Okular are mature tools, powerful and userfriendly at the same time, speaking for the KDE4. The CPU governor in use though is not the powersave governor, but the "conservative" governor, which indeed is an "ondemand" governor, meaning it gives you the extra needed CPU power when you ask for it. That information then becomes the catalyst for us to create a financial plan for the client. And what we do is, at a break-point of about $500,000 in assets and above, you have an ongoing dedicated advisor. That’s one of the benefits of personal advisors, is that we are looking at a variety of account types and a variety of goals for the investor to make sure that we give them custom, comprehensive, financial planning advice.
So we’re considering all those different structures to make sure it’s in the best interest of the end-client. Will you factor that in, in terms of the overall asset allocation plan that you’ll put in place for the Vanguard assets? This is an opportunity to work with a skilled, knowledgeable financial counsellor to be able to make sure that we understand what your risk tolerance truly is and how things reflect on your goals and objectives. I’d say that roughly two-thirds of our clients are coming to us in that 55 to 75-year-old age range. Now, I’ve been with Vanguard forever and I should probably know this, but do you have a service— What if someone says, “I really like the idea of a financial plan and you sitting down with me and looking at my investments, making sure I have the investments in the right types of accounts and that sort of thing, but I’m not sure I’m ready for you guys to take over management of the investments yet.” Do you have some sort of financial planning service that you offer to those who don’t want the investment advisory services?
But if an investor’s not ready to move forward yet, there is no obligation to consent to the ongoing advice. Are there any other perks you get at other dollar amounts, whether it’s a million of five million? I think the value that comes from these individuals when you think about the current market conditions that we’ve been operating under which have been incredibly volatile, the behavioral coaching aspect that the advisor can provide is a real value add for the service. But the value of advisors really comes into play during periods like the ones we’ve just experienced. These are mutual funds that seek to mimic certain stock and bond indexes, such as the S&P 500.
We may be at war, unemployment and inflation may be sky high, or the banking system may be on the verge of collapse. The point is that the passwords to the online accounts won’t be required to handle these accounts. With Dashlane, I can provide emergency access to all or just some of my passwords to anybody I want.
Typically, this includes paying income taxes on the money now plus a 10% early withdrawal penalty.
If you fail to pay back your loan on time, you’ll be whacked with a 10% early withdrawal penalty. This way, the money you already have in your accounts can continue working for you in conjunction with saving for your down payment. These loans charge an upfront guarantee charge of 2%, which can be wrapped into your monthly payment, with an annual guarantee fee of 0.5% tacked on.
The transactions that import are those that are already cleared by your bank, not pending transactions. I had to choose to only link our main joint checking account, rather than linking all the accounts under this login.
Now, I can get back to my favorite budgeting software, which is well worth the $5 per month. If you’re looking for a new budgeting software option, you should certainly try it out.
At the beginning of your repayment, the Graduated Plan can keep your payments much lower than with the Standard Plan. If you have a relatively low interest rate, a lower-payment plan that leaves you budget for investing can be a good idea. Throughout the years,pictures has become one of the most popular ways to capture memorable moments. Since I've been working on Lion Mail, I've got some ideas how this stuff relates to mobile devices, and I was also eager to give the akonadi port of KMail a shot. Over the next months it will come with many of the Linux and BSD systems so an even wider range (say those that stick to standard distro packages) will give it a try, and probably also many people that haven't used KDE, or Free Desktop systems before -- many of them attracted by the Appeal and Freedom that KDE - The Software and KDE - The Community provides. The community, and many people at SUSE have made clear that they wouldn't accept this decision which eventually lead to Novell backpedallling and starting to "live with KDE". Instead, GNOME is given a priviledge that a preference must be explicitly expressed here, and this priviledge, to my knowledge, is not given to any other openSUSE component. Default settings for a webbrowser (what appp is used to open links?), default options for ui-specific settings (colors, theming, for example). Especially if you're targeting new users to the Free Desktop, the complexity of switching to Free is already so high that adding another mandatory choice is only making it more difficult to install openSUSE.
For all of them, not choosing a default option means increasing the entry barrier to openSUSE. It could well be that the number of new users is only 5% because openSUSE is hard to install, because there's no default choice, no clear support and no distinct identity. Actually, I would not at all be surprised if the majority of GNOME-on-openSUSE developers would just see this step as catering to the largest user group. I think I struck a good balance between technical background of power management related issues and things that are relevant to those who want to use KDE on those devices, and just want things to work (and possibly understand why they don't in some cases). When relicensing code of someone else, we're bound to pretty strict rules, all has to happen within the principles of Free Software. We'll also be bringing a stack of FLA forms to the Gran Canaria Desktop summit in a bit more than a week's time, so grab your chance, and protect your and our Freedom! Quite some KDE people are working for KDAB (in fact it was founded by Kalle, one of the first "gearheads"). I used to a really like Metallica, I actually saw one of their concerts of the "Nowehere else to roam" Tour in the early nineties. The 5 key already has € printed on it, so I'm using Right ALT + 5 to type the Euro sign. After all, 'only code' is not enough to conquer the world and make Free Software the default on most people's machines.
We'll be looking at how we can improve the flow of code upstream, and what issues the Pardus developers are facing when interacting with KDE, both code-wise and community-wise. It'll also be a lot easier to query the information, for two reasons: The way you retrieve data from Akonadi is largely unified. Lion Mail can load various collections, and handle them as independant applets or groups of applets on the desktop. That means that I need some way to query "8 news unread emails from all folders" or "all emails flagged important from imap folders private, work", "emails tagged 'petting zoo'", "8 latest emails from Artur, Wade and George (Yes, you George!)".
ConnMan is designed to make it easy to build a UI on top of it, which is good news for people like me, having worked on the NetworkManager plasmoids UI bits.
He put me to bed after a marathon of something close to 40 hours without a bed (but the occasional 1-hour-naps on the plane). I didn't want to commit it to KDE's SVN as one huge commit, but also not as 25, with a lot of those smaller ones that were more the "savegame" type of commit you do once in a while to easily get back to a "working state" when you're about to break things or experiment. I personally didn't really like networkmanager's behaviour in the past, found it too random, too much getting in the way. With KDEnlive and Amarok 2.0 as their first KDE4 version, we see the more complex applications coming up.
As its name says, it's slightly more conservative than the ondemand governor when scaling up. I gave a talk this morning, which I found quite interesting myself (that's at least one person). I tell my listeners that if I ever get hit by a truck, I’ve asked my wife to hire you guys to manage our investments so I’m thrilled to have you on the show. In my role I oversee the teams of advisors who provide advice through our newest service that we call, Personal Advisor Services. It’s more of a team-based approach for investors who, starting at the entry point for our service which is $50,000, up to that $500,000 and beyond that, it’s an ongoing named relationship of an advisor that the person would work with. For example, if it’s a college saving strategy or someone who wants to purchase a vacation home. What we’re finding is that many of the initial investors in personal advisor are actually Vanguard clients. Using 65 as a proxy for retirement, we have many clients that are working with us to prepare for retirement and we have many clients in retirement. They can get some value through those consultations and hopefully, when they’re ready and see the merits of the ongoing relationship and all they will get when they come onboard whether it’s the ongoing access to the web tools or the ongoing relationship with the Vanguard financial advisor. Again, I go back to the algorithms and formulas which are great, but it’s that personalized knowledge and awareness that the advisor can bring to the relationship.
Remember that the goal is financial security, not squeezing every possible dime out of every investment. Rather, it’s to give the reader a clear overview of our key assets and all of our liabilities.
As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing documentation for my wife and children about the business. If that person requests emergency access, I will be given a set period of time of my choosing to reject that request. Before long, your down payment savings will grow, and you’ll have enough to put down on your first house. And certainly,for a tantamount of consumer and shoppers you cant put a price tag on family and holiday pics. Till and Kevin gave me some pointers where to begin, and I hacked up a small demo that shows how these components work inside Plasma.

The general idea is, offer good default that suits the largest possible group of users in order to minimize the "total setup time" all users combined have to invest. The general net-effect is that some drop-out during installation because it takes too long, is to complicated and requires domain- or expert-knowledge.
It might even have a positive net-effect by making people try harder when they see that the default choice is actually a reflection of what the majority of users want, not a seemingly random decision by executives. After my own talk, I attended Will Stephenson's talk who put his salty fingers into some wounds we still have with KDE 4, and which are a problem for many user's experience with the desktop. I'm not really firm on legal grounds, so I'll invoke my fellow board member, Nijmegenaar and the new coordinator of the FSFE's Freedom Task Force (congrats!) to explain those details. There's definitely a lot of interest to work closer together with KDE as an upstream community, and often it's just a matter of encouraging people to apply for an SVN account and start committing. Loading an email from Akonadi works nearly the same as fetching Contact data, or in this case entries in a microblog. Something I wanted to start using on my desktop machine yesterday so I can suspend it without needing to unlock it first. I think there are still a couple of days left until the deadline, so maybe someone comes up with a good proposal.
Upon dragging an email, you get a nice large-ish email icon attached to your mouse cursor, and when you drop the email onto the desktop, it's created from the akonadi URL, and loads its content from there. While I was at first rather sceptical, thinking "Now that NetworkManager actually starts to behave like I want it to, it's being replaced, oh noooooo!", Marcel's managed to convince me that the way forward he's proposing is actually very sensible. Networkmanager 0.7 is better in that regard, it doesn't drop my connection all the time for a start, it stays online while you log out and operates mostly within the bounds of what I deem sane. We're trying to have a first working version out within the next couple of months, hopefully in time for the distros that ship in spring.
On the workspace side, new UI technology has matured, KWin's compositing and Plasma give you a very smooth ride as well. I'd invite Matthew or everybody else to provide additional data points so we can improve our default setting to optimize its behaviour further.) Users can of course easily check this themselves. I've talked about how to get KDE on a mobile device, starting with an explanation of the software stack and how those parts related to platform independence, moving to technical challenges when turning a desktop system into a mobile system (covering things like screen resolution and pixel density, input mechanism and the more limited hardware you usually find on mobile and embedded devices). Why don’t you give the listeners a bit of an idea who you are and what you do there at Vanguard. We do have the ability too, though, to consider non-Vanguard holdings as part of the portfolio. When we provide that financial plan, it’s showing the asset allocation, outlooks of success and the likelihood of being able to reach that goal.
We can help work with them on those tax efficient draw-down strategies and give them the assistance with things they need such as their annual RMD distribution. At times when people are maybe being tested a bit with fluctuating markets, the advisor can play a tremendous role and add great value to help someone stay the course and focus on the long-term and really go back to those assumptions we worked on together to create a long-term plan. Of course, if I’m dead or incapacitated, than my loved one will be granted access at the end of that time period (in my case 2 days). You might find you enjoy the extra cash flow you’ve created and decide to keep the cuts for good! Decades after the invention of the first camera, a large number of consumers and shoppers continue to take pics, in a hgh tech fashion. It took me one late night hacking session until I had a partly working folder and message list in a Plasma applet.
The best way to accommodate for a healthy community is not avoiding politics at all costs, the best way is showing a strong sense of fairness and creating a system where success (for example expressed in terms of the default choice during installation) is based on measurable vectors, in this case popularity among users. Besides the fact that not all of our cool technologies haven't yet shown their full potential to the users, Will made a good point that we're kind of sticking our heads into the sand when it comes to a really good web experience when using KDE.
That means that we have our morning coffee on IRC and jabber, and that most of the people are working from home. I can help a bit by giving feedback for a draft, so you can still get it into good shape before the deadline. Eventually, the user should be able to just drag an email from her favourite email client (Mailody for sure, it's the first app to use Akonadi for email) onto Plasma, and maybe the other way round as well. The other side of the problem is of course that the display in Lion Mail itself doesn't do any kind of sorting at the moment. Will Stephenson will probably concur as he sees actual documentation, as he's been the "sucker" who took on the work going through large parts of NetworkManager's source code to find out how to write a UI for it. Git will instruct you to do what's needed, changing a log message, possibly solving a conflict. So the applet won't ship with KDE 4.2 we're planning to release it individually so you (or your distro) can grab it in the meantime.
It offers a flash player, so it makes the content accessible very easily, but you can also view the Ogg Video version of the file, so it's equally accessible for those preferring a Free format.
The "powersave" performance profile does more than just switching the cpufreq governor, it can also control your display's power consumption (and in the future probably even disable animations all over the place so you don't loose any of these CPU cycles for eye-candy). Run powertop with compositing on, measure your CPU consumption, switch it off (alt+shift+f12), measure again, compare. We would actually have a conversation with them and really probe and drill down a bit to understand what their objectives are, and to make sure we’ve fully grasped what their objectives are. That becomes the foundation and the information we use to help the client monitor progress and performance over time. Ultimately, through our research we’ve shown the ability to stay the course can often be one the biggest determinants for success going forward. Instead of the antiquated bulky cameras with huge lenses,consumers and shoppers frequently use SmartPhones and digital cameras to capture images and to take holiday pics. Make your offering the most popular by gaining the most users, and you become the default choice. I agree that we can do much better, and that we need to do something about Konqueror (or our default web browser, anyway) not being able to render many web pages people out there in the real world use. There is this odd group in Berlin who found that an office would be a cool thing to have, and that it's best situated in Kreuzberg, one of the more fun parts of the city.
Since they've let the recording industry instrumentalize Metallica to fight against sharing music, I'm having issues with the band's politics.
There's relatively little in the way of fast food, but many different options in Turkish food.
The Lion Mail applet groups emails into collections and displays them in a configurable listview, either on the desktop or as popup applet in the panel. I figured that would be futile, since I'm using the "throw away 99.9% method" right now anyway. Sandro opened the conference with being interrupted by a bunch of Brazilian dancers, I guess everybody was pretty much awake after the drums on dancing. Let's just say "it could've been a more pleasant experience" ;-) So yeah, documentation on the interfaces is something critical if you want others to use your stuff.
I arrived in Kingston roughly two hours late because there had been some fuel leaking into the engine. Also followed talks myself (Will's to begin with, giving me a bit more insight into Solid's networkmanagement stuff, quite useful if you're hacking on that ;-)).
From family gatherings,to family picnics to traditional weddings to the holidays,consumers and shoppers often seize the opportunity at planned events and during the holidays for instance Thanksgiving and Christmas to take pictures of loved ones,family,friends and co workers.
After getting up, I caught Kevin on IRC to help me with my confusion, and the problem why the folderlist worked, but the message list didn't show anything. The openFATE request, in practice, asks for removing this GNOME priviledge and fair treating of all openSUSE components. As I'm working with some people in Berlin, I'm plugging into the weekly catch-up-with-everybody meeting via webcam and VOIP, which works quite well. Filing lawsuits against your fans is not the way to deal with them, or new and upcoming media and the failure of large parts of the music and recording industry in the adoption of the Internet. Vegetarian food options are just as numerous and good as non-veggie food (which is what I enjoy being a meat lover). It possibly combines many of the interesting KDE4 technologies in a way that should be tangible for the user. Then, there's the emailmessage applet that can be put in either panel or on the desktop, and reveils more information as you make it bigger.
The conference itself strikes a very nice balance between interesting talks, interesting conversations with interesting people, all that in a very relaxed environment. I had some interesting conversations yesterday with Rasterman, the founder of Enlightenment. Apparently the crew didn't feel comfortable to fly my last hop without having it checked by two groups of engineers. We've already been thinking about possible improvements on the plasma mailing list, but with all the bug fixing around, we didn't get to tackle KRunner's UI in a way that makes it suitable to display results from a desktop search.
Personally, I'm hoping, actually being confident that in 2009 we see the rise of new technologies such as Akonadi, Decibel, integrated desktop search and the semantic desktop.
If that's different on your machine, configure powerdevil to automatically switch off compositing.
We would set up another conversation to review that with the client and we would set up an asset allocation. So we can work around situations like that and consider it as part of the overall asset allocation.
Kevin advised me to uncomment some line, but when I looked at those line numbers, they were whitespace.
It does give me that warm, fuzzy feeling of having actual social contact once in a while, while I still don't have anything to do with traffic jams, commuting and all that jazz. So tonight Metallica will be giving a concert within 5 minute walking distance from my home.
It takes place in a beach resort, basically a small village with a large swimming pool landscape in its center. Topics ranged from resolution-independant interfaces to release policy, filesystem hierarchies and how that works for users and of course more mundane subjects like "cocktails served in coconuts". So I started writing an applet for Plasma, since nobody seems to have done this yet and called it Crystal, since that's a cool name.
I've chosen a relatively liberal license so the screencasts are easy to redistribute and use in other materials.
If you're findings vary from mine, let me know and we can further improve powerdevil's set of policies.
At that point if the conversation led to a desire to enter into an ongoing advised relationship, then we would put that in place and begin to work with the client on an ongoing basis and provide them with the advisory service. When it comes to recommending funds, we do recommend Vanguard funds as part of the service. Since founding csaccac Inc in 2010, as Founder and President,I fill many hats including Product Tester and photographer.
Kreuzberg, where our Berlin office is located, is a great place for an office, it's very easy to reach, there's plenty of really good and inexpensive food around at the office, and many cocktail bars. It's really refreshing to see that a Free Software conference can attract women just in the same way. Part of the work will be integrating the bits that are already there, Decibel for real time communication, Nepomuk for search and indexing, Akonadi for PIM data, but also more "web-enabled technologies" such as GHNS, JOLIE and Attica to get information, content and also more interaction between users going. The conference and hotel staff is making sure that everything is running smoothly and nobody seems to miss anything. Michael picked me up from the airport, got me some good food and put me to bed, which was needed after a long trip.
Nepomuk actually made it very easy, with 300 lines of code (C++ even), I had a basic Plasma applet, including configuration to tweak the search, and the whole thing displaying results and opening those files. Higher level concepts such as the Social Desktop will start to be integrated, and a wide variety of new and existing applications will make their way onto everyone's desktops and mobile devices.
After some minutes (and half of my morning coffee) I svn updated, recompiled and it just worked. It also makes a great place for hackathons, and my company is KDE-friendly enough to host regular meetings of all kinds. Update: So turns out that my space-time continuum was out of balance when I wrote the above lines late last night. The idea behind this is that you can drop interesting emails for reference onto desktop or panel, and throw them away when you don't need them.
I've committed the applet yesterday to plasma's playground so others can have a look at this, too.
And truthfully speaking,in the beginning I experienced some difficulty;however,after I purchased my first digital camera I began to feel comfortable and enjoy the ease of taking pics with a digital camera.
Actually, I don't think there's a place that has hosted so many KDE sprints already, with certainly more to come.
Something I find a bit confusing is that it offers two context menues, one on right click and one on left click. Months after I purchased my first digital camera,I set my sights on a tripod, a universal stand to hold my digital camera. While not all we do is related to Free Software, much of the work I get in touch with is, and I think that's very cool.
Some friendly people pointed out that it is 2009, and after a quick check (we have clocks for that in Plasma), I have to concur.
It should be straight-forward to set up Lion Mail so that it only shows you emails relevant to your current activity. Many aspects of the applet might change in the future, but it should be a good starting point to experiment with desktop search on the KDE4 desktop. I'm using the fine Plasma notes applet to tell what's going on, although I'm forgetting to scroll in the beginning, and somewhere towards the end, please bear with me -- I guess that's some sort of digital stage fright. The main reason I purchased a tripod__ at the time, I wanted to create high quality self pics and group pics.
Working with and on Free Software is a great motivator for me, and it's good to see Free Software providing a viable business model. I'm planning to also offer a safe way to trash an email, so you don't get to end up with the situation where you're distracted once by some spam email, Lion Mail and the Email Message Plasmoids act as some sort of intermittent email reader. Or in less abstract terms: When you're free, you should be notified and shown emails from work or when you're working on some project, to show emails relevant to that context. Then, Grandville, a friendly taxi driver picked me up to go by the University of the West Indies, to pick up Richard and Monika, two students attending CampKDE and some recording gear. This also has to do with a limitation of the whole systray interface, which seems really outdated when looking at how we usually do these things in Plasma. Eventhough, I've had my tripod for some months,I am still learning the ins and outs of both my digital camera and tripod. So this week, I'll be hanging around at Linuxtag (we have a shared booth with the Qt Trolls, right next to the KDE booth). As a matter of fact, nm-applet uses the GNOME keyring, which reminds me that it would be nice at some point to share this functionality (i.e. The different view modes, zooming functionality, tooltips, the cool selection mechanism (no ctrl-key!), shows how Dolphin integrates my USB stick and how you safely remove it, the Capacity indicator, the places, information, folders and terminal panels and how you can use them to make Dolphin fit your working habits. On Saturday, I'll be presenting about KDE on laptops and netbooks, make sure you don't miss that talk.
Well,if you havent guessed or envisioned what the featured product for the month of November 2013 looks like or remotely even resembles __then as productor tester I guess I'll do the honors first__it's my tripod.
After Linuxtag, I'll be staying for a couple of days here in summery Berlin to catch up more on work-related things, and then I'll pay a brief visit to Kim, the cat and the chinchilla's only to depart to Gran Canaria.
I've picked it up, brushed a bit of bit-rot off of it and extended it to do everything I need, and a bit more. Right now when using nm-applet, I've two password stores that I need to unlock after login.
Having a dataengine for this kind of stuff means that the data is very easily accessible for scripted applets, no special bindings for libraries in PIM or Akonadi are needed. This means for example showing the number of unread emails in there, or something more fancy than that. It would ask the user to type in a WEP key (the long versions, often), didn't offer any help doing this, but made it made it harder.
Eventually, I wanted to find out what the craze had been all about and the reason that consumers seemed to ofA  been trading in personal computers for Tablets,_well, at least leaving them at home. The Lion Mail applet show a list of emails, with various bits of metainformation hidden or shown.
Points of discussion were mostly the ZUI, its usecases, how it's related to virtual desktops, and what we think we'd need to do to make it really usable. You had to fill in the long HEX key twice, and both fields for that were password fields, so you can't even see what you're typing. Ultimately, I placed online an order for a NookHD+ then opt to pick up the tech item from the store instead of waiting for it to be shipped to my place of residency. We also talked a bit about documentation issues, developer documentation for libplasma, documentation for scripting Plasmoids, and user-oriented documentation. It's free, it's lightweight, it's cross-platform, its codebase apparently is rather clean, in short it could very well fit into that mobile "niche" as use cases are more limited on those devices anyway. AA  few weeks with the NookHD+, I was hooked_eventhough, IA  wasna€™t a fan of touchscreen only.
Blauzahl told us that one problem of triaging Plasma bugs is that people often don't really know what's what and that the BugSquad in turn has a hard time to get useful bugreports. During the redesign that has taken place for KDE 4.2, we left some free space in its top center, arguing that it make be the place to put a desktop search box. And in all honesty, since the beginning of the Smart Phone craze, I had insisted upon that all of my primary tech gadgets used for work, research and blogging had to be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. Clicking on the icon expands and collapses the header, clicking on the green expander shows and hides the body.
Something that can easily be solved with an annotated screenshots (this is the one that needs a better version). Sure enough the desktop search is fast enough (and I'm lazy enough) for me to replace most of the navigation-through-my-filesystem by simply typing the filename and choosing the correct file. It does a good job on the input side (especially given that the user doesn't use a keyboard but the touchscreen). However, in this particular instance,The NookHD+, again, touchscreen only, I made an exception.
First, it needs to work, a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation program are the least I'd expect. Typically, you'll have Lion Mail sitting in your panel, if you click on it you'll see a popup just like the right applet in the screenshot. First, support for WPA2 is lacking, that rules out access to the network at the university, and supposedly many others. As I continued to learn the ins and outs of my newly purchased NookHD+ , at the same time, I began to inquire about the accessories compatible with the tech gadget. If you're using the email applet on the desktop (bottom left in the screenshot), you can reveal more information by resizing it using applet's handle. Then, it often reports that it has established a connection when it merely logged on to the access point, but didn't get an IP yet. Then, support for the most used standards, I know Girish is already working on getting OpenDocument support to work really well (absolutely critical IMO), but at some point, we'll also have to look at support for proprietary formats.
In doing so, I foundA  the tech item had a Stylus Pen specifically made to use with the NookHD+. Since you can often connect to accesspoints (even encrypted ones) but don't actually get an IP address, that information is often bogus and it can be quite annoying being told you're connected, while you're not. Weeks later, I purchased a different kind of Stylus Pen , I noticed while standing atA  the checkout counter at Walgreens,pictured next to this article is that Stylus Pen.
Quite astonishing the Stylus Pen worked wellA  with both of my tech gadgets ( Smart Phone & Tablet). A frequent question a tantamount of consumers and shoppers find themselves entertaining especially during the holidays when manufacturers and retailers offer what they consider to be great deals and bargains. We certainly wouldn't like to burn credits by people that run into simple problems but just aren't able to find a solution to their problem or support in general (be it community support or commercial support).
After giving the device a run for its money as well as a brief critique of the various apps and functions,I stated in my review of the Nook HD+ how pleased I was with the tech gadget. Further into the critique, I also commented that I was soooo pleased with the tech gadget that I wanted to protect my investment. Based on my income and budget,I considered the purchase of the Nook HD+ to be a major purchase of the year. Shortly after, I purchased the Nook HD+,I began to look at the recommended accessories for the tech gadget. If you're planning to use it, hold your breath for a while, it's not ready for use at this point. Eventually, after I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange 14 day trial period,I chose to protect my investment with a Nook HD+ cover. As I began to search and think of different items that could be the product of the month for September,I began to heavily weigh in on August's product of the month,the Nook HD+cover. Hours later,I arrived to the assertion that there's more than one way to protect your investment. With the assertion___, there's more than one way to protect your investment, I made the final choice to make Smart Phone covers as the product of the month for September. Furthermore, within the past five years,Ive purchased several Smart Phones from Virgin Mobile.
To be truthful, I've even purchased Smart Phone insurance,a good choice because a few months later my Smart Phone had an accident.
Despite all of the stuff I tried, sampled, tasted and tested during the recent months, as a result of a long review and critique besides from featuring the Smart Phone as a product of the month,I began to think of the different ways Ia€™ve used to protect my Smart Phone as an alternative product of the month.
For instance,Smart Phone insurance has been one the ways I protect my investment from unexpected accidents. Ostensibly, there's more than one way to protect your Smart Phone from accidents such as, for example, you accidentally drop and break your Smart Phone or in some weird, odd, freak accident as you rush out the door you accidentally step on your Smart Phone or heaven forbids the same thing happens to you that happen to me, a few months ago, I dropped my Smart Phone in the toilet. Without a question, eschewing further debate, Smart Phone insurance is a great investment for consumers and shoppers who use their Smart Phone daily and for work. Best of all, Smart Phone insurance usually saves the consumer from digging deep into their pockets. So, what about before those mishaps and accidents, if you havena€™t figured it out__ there's more than one way to protect your investment. Even though, at first, I might of skipped over protecting my investments, I am more open to the idea of investing and protecting my major purchases.
Here's an example of what I am talking about, I currently have several Smart Phone covers to protect my Smart Phone from breakage, moisture, and malfunctioning. Varying in price,color,size and shape, most of today's Smart Phone manufacturers and retailers offer to consumers and shoppers Smart Phone covers as an accessory. From passwords, to anti-theft apps, to screen locks and codes, there's more than one way to protect your investment. Regardless of the price, and hopefully it is within your budget, a true frugal savvy shopper knows the importance of protecting their investment. Above everything else,both I and my Nook HD+ survived the return and exchange process,quite remarkable,I even have the receipt to prove it. Unlike sooo manyA  items, I ve returned and exchanged in the past,__it,meaning my Nook HD+ survived the fourteenth days as printed on the receipt.
A business practice that's part of Barnes and Noble store policy that allows customers fourteen days to return an item. In short,the 14th day, adhering to store policy was the final day that I couldA  actually return my Nook HD+ and get cash back.
It goes without saying ,I readA  the instructions,totally unavoidable with a new tech gadget,as well as,downloaded apps,and,uploaded wallpapers. Not quite sure,on the day I purchased my Nook HD+__ifA  in fact, I would be satisfied with my purchase,I chose at the time not to purchase any kind of accessories.
As it turns out,I was soooo pleased with my purchase of the Nook HD+,I wanted to protect my investments. It doesnt matter if you're on lunch break,on a mini vacation,at a webinar or conference,filling out an online report or having to send emails can be a hassle if you don't have a wifi connection,a Broadband device is just one of the many tech gadgets that consumers and shoppers frequently use to get an internet connection. Constantly,on the go,I wanted to have access to wifiA  while away from my place of residency. Because,I perform an arrary task that frequently requires wifi access ,I purchased a Broadband to Go device from Virgin Mobile.
Egregiously,as a Virgin Mobile customer and fan,I live by Virgin Mobile products except in the case of Virgin Mobile wifi devices.
Recently,I purchased Virgin Mobile's MiFi 2200 to conciliate my worries about not being able to access wifi home. Aside from very slow internet speed,the device could only connect to one tech gadget and,the 3G USB plug n play stick broke too easily. Affordable,great to have on hand for shopping emergencies,the latest in recycling,a recyclable tote makes shopping less of a hassle. Ditching the old biodegradeable plastic bags for a recyclable tote,it's a smart move and a great investment for frugal,savvy,and environmentally conscious consumers and shoppers.Available in most local chain stores and at grocery stores,recyclable totes are becoming the better choice than leaving stores with the traditional biodegradeable plastic bag. Part of a movement to get consumers and shoppers involved in recycling and to think about going green,consumers and shoppers now have the option of trading in those plastic bags for a recyclable tote.
A frequent shopper,I usually purchase a couple of recyclable totes to hold store purchases and other stuff. Eventhough,I like having the choice to purchase a recyclable tote,I havent completely stop using biodegradeable plastic bags. However,I have to point out the fact that when a consumer and shoppers purchase a recyclable tote they're not limited to using the tote only in that store,that's why they're called recyclable totes because they can be used more than once.
In fact, most recycable totes last for more than a week,I should know because I still have a few leftover from the previous month. A great deal,a really good find,a price you wont find anywhere else,and the best price among competitors,I love a great sale and I love rewards for shopping. Savings and Rewards,for most consumers and shoppers,it's all about getting the best price for items purchase daily. From household supplies to groceries,anyone who shops frequently knows consumers and shoppers love a really good sale_,the economic recession of 2008 could be the culprit. In fact,since the 2008 economic recession savings and rewards has become extremely important to American families on a budget. For many American consumers and shoppers,the unexpected downturn of the American economy caused a disruption in their daily activies thus forcing consumer and shoppers to rethink the way they shop and how they shop. As a frequent shopper and consumer,I am constantly looking for a great deal and sales on items I purchase regularly,mainly because I do live on a strict budget. Admittedly,after the 2008 economic recession,I rediscovered coupons,and began clipping coupons frequently. In addition to clipping coupons,I also began to check sale ads at home and at the door of stores before shopping.
Along with making a shopping list,clipping coupons at home,checking sale ads at the door and comparing prices,these days one of the best ways to save and get the best deals,I feel without a question has to be with a savings and reward card.
And speaking honestly, a savings and rewards card from your local chain store should be a consumer or shoppers BF(bestie).
A must have for consumers and shoppers who seriously want to save,a savings and rewards card. Throughout the years, my experience with last minute shopping in most instances was not too pleasant. Admittedly,I empathize as well as concur with consumers who express sentiments that last minute shopping makes the shopper(consumer) feel uncomfortable and forlorn with the just thought of buying a gift at the last minute. Often tight on funds to purchase a gift ahead of time,last minute shopping for an overwhelmed consumer with a limited budget could cause the consumer to be late and in some instance not to attend the event or special function.
Subsequently, over the years, I have come to realize that last minute shopping it's not the best of fun.
As a result, I definitely would not recommend last minute shopping to a consumer as a shopping tip.
Unequivocally, shopping for special events and functions such as finding an appropriate could take several visits different stores. Finding the appropriate could mean spending an entire day in a Hallmark store reading cards, it could also mean spending all day on the phone with friend or relatives discussing gift registry,preferences,stores,likes and dislike of the recipient. Ostensibly,the older you get the adults in your life expect two things from you one not to embarrass them in public and two if you don't have a gift to bring at least show up at special functions on time.
Indeed, an earnest shopper as well as a meticulous shopper knows finding the right gift or card for a special function could require hours of shopping and visiting different stores. Shopping done precipitously could result in purchasing the wrong size,color, or something way out in left field. Don't wait until the last minute to shop for a party,baby showers,bachelorette bash,birthdays,holidays ,and anniversaries avoid uncomfortableness and the feeling of being inadequate,plan the week before. On certain days, I have even shopped the day of the event that often leaves me feeling embarrassed ashamed, and guilty about my finances even worse depress.
Incontrovertibly,last minute shopping in many instances could causes the consumer to become distraught,exasperated, and disconcerted not surprisingly all the emotions take away from the planned day.
What's more important being punctilious for the planned event or arriving with a hand picked gift for the recipient or recipients? Ultimately,the answer remains with the shopper (consumer) The answer should be non bias and based on the event as well as the recipient and not the shoppers wallet .
The meticulous consumer that normally keeps track of birthdays, holidays,and anniversaries with calendars,through emails,P DA's ,Smart phones and other tech savvy gadgets of courses would not necessarily share the same feelings of a last minute shopper .

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