Google has finally opened Google Voice up to the public, and no longer requires users to have an invitation to use it.
Meanwhile, Google is being sued by Frontier Communications, who claims that Google Voice is infringing on its patent.
As a die-hard Google Talk user, I’m excited to see what Google has in store for us with Babble. What do you think, does Babble have you excited, or are you already committed to other services? After killing Google Reader allegedly in favor of Google+, I don’t see this as being a separate product. Okay after thinking about it again, the problem with MMS is each carrier delivers the image over differently, so google would still need to sort out something with each carrier.. Take your Gmail and GV number, make a QR code, and enter your impossibly nerdy digital nirvana now. I’m surprised it has taken them this long to unify all their chat services into one app. I like the idea of bringing everything together, i do not like the name babble though, but I hope google makes it easy out the gate for new users to be integrated in the system. They just turned off something in XMPP that was big… I think it was authentication requests?

I should still be able to use Google Voice from any phone (not just an Android phone with the Babble app).
What interests me is Google notifications and hangouts on their Nexus 4, notifications come to the iPhone first, the google+ experience on the iPhone is better than the nexus and hangouts just plain suck balls on 3g whereas facetime quality is pretty damn good. A rumor debuted yesterday that claimed Google is currently developing and testing a streaming home-entertainment system in many of its employee’s homes. This prototype could also certainly be Google’s new personal HUD glasses that we told you about earlier this week. There are already over a million people using it, the company says, and that number is about to increase dramatically. The rumor that Google may roll all of their chat services into one app has been around for some time now, but being able to attach a name to the project is new. Not a whole lot is known right now, just that Babble will cover all of Google’s communication platforms, and be available on both phones and computers.
All of Google’s chat services have needed some work for some time now, but simply retooling them all individually is not the answer. Chat is inherently social anyway, makes sense they’d integrate it with the social spine of Google. If I could ask someone to catch up with me on Babble and just display a barcode for them to scan that’d be great.

Our sources said the Google X crew is developing them, and they could ship in a beta like Chromebook did. If Babble is successful, it will be Google’s answer to iMessage, BBM, Kik, Facetime, Skype and every other similar service you can imagine. The desktop client for Gtalk has stagnated for YEARS and the web client flips out from time to time, and the Android client can’t do things like sharing links. We also told you that the glasses will sport Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so today’s FCC request could certainly be the glasses. They don’t talk to each other behind the scenes, leaving text, links, pictures and videos siloed and secluded in their respective apps. And if you drop sometimes you can use the same link to get in sometimes you have to be re-invited.

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