Links to some of the organisations, churches, groups, and hirers of our space that we think deserve a mention. An umbrella website particularly promoting outreach for all 7 Meeting Houses in the West Weald area (south Surrey & North Sussex). Charity which runs a number of projects throughout the year connected with homelessness including "Quaker Open Christmas" at Union Chapel, London which provides Food, Shelter, Friendship and specialist services to homeless and lonely people in the Islington area. A fantastic social enterprise charity run by HCT recycling, reusing and reselling good quality second hand goods. Horsham Unitarians are not only our geographical neighbours, they are also friends with whom we share many practical and spiritual bonds. It was the family home of the local chocolate maker, George Cadbury, himself a Quaker, and has, since 1903, provided education for those of any faith or none from around the world.
Our aim is to build a community of trust and to promote understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths. We believe that religion is wider than any one sect and deeper than any one set of opinions.
Today Woodbrooke also welcomes many visitors wishing to use the facilities for their meetings and conferences. Whilst having deep respect for Christian tradition, we seek exploration of all possible truths from all possible sources. Learn how to get the best out of life, to be be fully engaged with the body you have and to safely increase range of movement and agility, ease disturbance from aches, pains and injuries and build strength, stamina and vitality. Events include Films, Seedswap, Swapshop, Bike maintenance workshops, local food & growing initiatives, Community Allotment, Community Energy, Local transport and sustainable living. Each class has something for everyone and invites a sense of joy with the deepest relaxation you may ever know, yoga nidra.
Horsham Interfaith is part of the National Interfaith Network which is substantially funded by the Government.

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