With regional operations throughout Europe and the ability to expand wherever you need to go, GPSL has got you covered, delivering training and consulting in your language and according to your needs.
GPSL has expanded its service offering and industry focus through internal investment and acquisitions, our global reach across most sectors has seen organisations and individuals benefit from our work.
In 2016, we should now see more powerful changes as these technologies mature and converge. During this webinar, Don will provide insights into six key areas to help make this year successful. GP Strategies and GP Strategies with logo design are trademarks of GP Strategies Corporation.
Originally, GPSL provided technical services to the Navy Submarine Nuclear Power Program in the areas of operations, safety, and training. PMC's Financial Services division has over 20 years track record in delivering learning interventions for all areas of the financial sector both in the UK and overseas.
Leading and support business for improvement programs; Product Development, Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management.
Future Perfect’s goal is to help organisations broaden their management focus and reduce risk from a short term financial view to a longer term strategic perspective that includes sustainable business practices. Clutterbuck Associates pioneered mentoring in the workplace in Europe and remain the international thought leaders in this powerful area of development. Milsom's complete range of Technical Recruitment, Documentation, Design and Multimedia Services that underpin their first class reputation in the UK and overseas aerospace and engineering industries.
With a strong reputation for creating dynamic and innovative materials, we work with a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. We specialise in Sales and Sales Management , Leadership, Mentoring, Induction, Compliance and Call Centre training. Marton House has in depth expertise in Learning Technology, with a full Learning Management System, Performance Review and Management System, Assessment System and mobile learning development. A leading organisation and leadership development consultancy with a track record since 1986 of helping organisations shift performance.
They consult across a range of sectors globally including financial services, professional services, hi tech, and commercial and in the public sector within UK.
Firmly rooted in a long tradition of excellence, GPSL has grown rapidly to be at the forefront of the training world in retail financial services, business, commercial and investment banking, alternative investments and insurance industries.
GP's specialised training for the Financial Services Industry spans over 20 years of consultation, project management, design and delivery. Our solutions are delivered internationally for many of the world’s top corporations, banks, building societies, insurance, asset managers and consultancies. Our commitment to partnership working and our depth of experience means that our financial services teams have realistic knowledge of the challenges you will face not just from a learning perspective, but also in terms of the technical, industry, business and regulatory requirements and issues.

Mentoring at every level – programme and individual relationships, start with creating good foundations to build on. We can help you by working with you to scope out these areas in line with your desired objectives and outcomes. How are you going to ensure that people sit up and take notice of your new mentoring initiative and want to get involved in your programme? Part of setting up your programme up for success is getting the right message out to your organisation and getting the right people involved. How will you ensure both your mentors and mentees understand how mentoring will work at your organisation and that they have the skills to do this effectively?
All our training is delivered in a coaching and mentoring style with a focus on it being highly participative and interactive.
Inspiring and training your participants is a great start, but how will you ensure their enthusiasm is maintained and developed? Initial training is rarely enough to give mentors more than a basic level of competence and confidence. The coaching profession has long embraced the concept of regular supervision from a trained expert to support their practice, help them with challenges and to provide ethical support. How will you inform the broader business that your mentoring programme is delivering value and has met its agreed objectives? Not setting some clear objectives at the outset and continually evaluating your programme against these is a missed opportunity.
Mentoring Dynamics Survey (MDS) system, this is our in-house developed system which provides light touch control of your evaluation process. Our ethos at CA is that we share our learning and empower our customers to take ownership of their programmes. Or we can design bespoke train the trainer sessions with a focus on developing HR Team members so that they are fully prepared in how to coach and support mentors and mentees to develop their skills and overcome problems on a one to one basis based closely around your specific programme requirements.
Is it important for you and your organisation to be able to demonstrate that the programme is well-designed, well-managed and contributing significantly to the development of the participants and the effectiveness of your organisation?
Launched in 2003, the ISMPE are supervised by a global Advisory Board whose role is to ensure that the standards are kept up-to-date and to approve the appointment of accredited assessors, who examine mentoring programmes against the standards. The ISMPE make it possible to assess your programme against a highly reliable set of benchmarks and good practice. We can support you by working with you to ensure your programme is fully prepared for the assessment process. We have found that this works particularly well for large dispersed organisations where they are looking for support, consistency and broad reach or for organisations that have a less formal approach to mentoring. At its most powerful, mentoring facilitates deep, personalised learning by tapping into the wisdom of someone with greater experience.

If there is a common thread to the stories of the majority of people who reach the top of their professions, it is that they have had one or more people in their lives, who supported and guided them at key decision points or transitions in their lives. Elevate, a blend of learning which develops your junior talent into high performing individuals!
Elevate’ is an intensive leadership development programme that focuses on soft skills. The programme has been designed to align with the preferred learning styles of the Gen Y population; a combination of blended learning with a focus on experiential and interactive learning solutions. The programme aims to improve the relationship your junior talent has with your organisation. We continued to push the boundaries of learning and experienced many interesting developments in areas such as micro-learning and gamification.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, GPSL expanded its service offering and industry focus through internal investment and acquisitions that expanded its reach into environmental, energy, IT, and other government markets. These can specifically address non-financial issues that affect the financial stability and future performance of a company. They are also at the leading edge of mentoring and coaching - here they specialise in the evaluation of executive coaches in team coaching and in helping organisations create sustainable coaching and mentoring cultures. This includes fully integrated mobile Apps for all platforms that report results back to the Learning Management System.
Our specialist consultancy team can advise on good practice and possibilities when designing a programme.
Experience of thousands of programmes has shown that participants both want and need access to continued expert guidance on how to do the role and develop their skills and that there is huge benefit in sharing experiences with peers. Once all initial data is entered the online system manages the process and produces reports. It does this through using skilful questioning to highlight issues, provide perspective and allowing personal reflection time.
Another key driver in the design of the programme is the links to your company’s values and behavioural competencies.
It all comes down to learning conversations that improve the quality of the mentee’s thinking.
Your graduates will leave with a clear sense of clarity around their strengths and development areas.

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