If you have read our blog on your Smart Phone lately you might notice that it is reasonably easy to read on a smart phone. We mentioned the great service from Google earlier this week that shows you what your website looks like on a mobile and how it’s also linked to the partnership that Google have with MYOB Atlas in Australia. We mentioned also that WordPress is a free software program used by Millions of website owners around the world.

Our online WordPress course with LIFETIME access shows you how to install Plugins to get much more functionality out of your WordPress website and blog system. The best part of WordPress is that it is used by Millions of developers around the world, who are developing Plugins, themes and many other exciting tools to enable you to create great websites, cheaply. The images in this blog post show the difference between a WordPress website and a WordPress website that uses a free plugin that makes them easy to read on a smart phone, it’s called WP Touch.

We installed a simple free plugin to create a much better reading experience (see the image on the left).

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