Half-Life 2 is the sequel of the original Half-Life which began the 1st person shooter craziness. Half-Life 2 is, in our opinions one of the best games every made, mostly due to the creativity leading to a lot of complex gamers creating some crazy stuff!
In mockery, he did a dramatic reading of the story, and a legend was born.Naturally, seeing that squirrelking had created other fanfics, most notably in the same storyline, other YTMND users had a crack at the dramatic reading thing.
You can play some if its so-called “twin” games includes GMod, Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2. Over time, these narrations were turned into animations, but the most impressive series of animations came from machinima artist djy1991 using Garry's Mod.

Thus begins the most famous telling of John Freeman's story.The first half of the saga tells the story of Gordon Freeman's brother, John Freeman, who rushes from his job to rescue Gordon Freeman in Ravenholdm.
The second half, entitled "Hero Beggining [sic]", takes places some time later, during which the Combine have succeeded in conquering the human humen race. Vimeo versionThese videos make up the most popular adaptation of the Full Life Consequences saga, each having been featured on numerous gaming websites.
They combine dramatic readings performed by other users and music from the album Production Music from Ren & Stimpy, creating a distinct Soundtrack Dissonance.
The first video combined the low audio quality of the narration and the upbeat music to create an old-time radio drama feel.

Several line readings from it have been adapted into not one, but two surprisingly awesome and well made Drum and Bass note The download link provided in the second video is down due to Renard's web address change. The Resistance Army led by Henry Freeman is described as successfully hitting Combine troops "sometimes". That would make sense, seeing as how they were more of a mob that suddenly acquired armaments wepons laser guns and rocks.

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