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Program content, situational context, and delivery approach tuned to your specific needs to ensure strong linkage to your unique strategy. Focused on how leaders actually improve by linking formal and informal learning techniques that drive real world application and bottom line results.
Whether connecting a far-flung global workforce or building a pipeline of leaders in BRIC hotspots, a global perspective and reach that scales to meet the needs of your worldwide team. Meeting your leaders where they are with advanced virtual, self-paced, and blended solutions that surpass traditional learning techniques while minimizing time away from work and unnecessary costs.
Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning partners with clients to create world-class leadership development solutions for managers at all levels in global organizations and governments.
The findings indicate that to feel like you have more time and are more productive you must give away some of your time.  This sounds crazy, but the group in the study who gave away time to help others actually felt like they had more of it. How have you seen this in your life?  How have you given of your time and felt like you had more of it?
Get your copy of Picture Book Manifesto on Leadership by leaving your best email address below. May 30, 2013 by Dave 2 Comments When was the last time you set aside some time to invest in yourself?
I was blown away by how much FREE content there is out there and how few people are taking advantage of it.  For people like me, the beauty of podcasts is they tend to be short, meaning you do not have to invest much time to get the nuggets you were looking for. Below, I have listed several of the people I listen to on a regular basis, and think each of them will add value to you.

I would encourage you to take the next step in learning.  I promise you will not be disappointed. Ray Carvey is executive vice president of corporate learning and international for Harvard Business Publishing. Josh Brand is senior director of global delivery and is responsible for the delivery of Harvard Business Publishing’s Solutions for clients around the globe. Ian Fanton is vice president, product management, for Corporate Learning at Harvard Business Publishing.
Nick Clayton is vice president, global sales, for Corporate Learning at Harvard Business Publishing.
They’re too detached from business operations and strategy, and focus on knowledge and skills to the neglect of values and mindsets. He is responsible for expanding the reach and overall strategic direction and impact of Harvard Business Publishing’s corporate learning business and for the company’s global strategy.
Josh has more than 15 years of executive education and management consulting experience and has built management education programs for clients around the world.
In this role, she manages the team responsible for maintaining and enhancing current offerings, as well as creating new offerings for clients.
In this role, Ian leads the team responsible for the strategy, business performance, category management, and market awareness of all of Harvard Business Publishing’s product offerings. In this role, he is responsible for driving growth through direct sales, channel management, and strategic alliances. She leads the organization’s learning services managers, directors, and strategists across the team’s engagements with clients around the globe, ensuring seamless integration with sales and delivery.

Ray joined the organization in 1995, and was formerly chief financial officer and chief operations officer for Harvard Business Publishing. Josh was a senior member of the Babson Executive Education team, focusing on designing and delivering customized executive education programs. Her team includes content developers, user experience designers, agile practitioners, engineers, QA engineers and technical service representatives. Prior to assuming this role, Ian led Global Sales, Learning Solutions, and Marketing for Corporate Learning where he was responsible for expanding the global reach and impact of Harvard Business Publishing’s Corporate Learning business. Ian previously worked in executive and corporate education for Boston University and in sales and marketing for the Boston Red Sox. Prior to joining Harvard Business Publishing, Nick held global sales leadership responsibility at the Forum Corporation, and led sales and marketing at Interaction Associates. Michele brings more than 20 years of experience leading global teams focused on designing, developing, and delivering complex leadership development solutions.
Before that, he spent over a decade as a management consultant, focusing on helping global companies formulate strategy.
Nick has more than 25 years of experience consulting with global organizations on talent development, learning process design and implementation, strategic sales leadership, and building business capabilities among leaders.
He also worked at Ingres Corporation, Charles Schwab and Company, and DiGiorgio Corporation.

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