Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. However, the former POTUS was not the best applicant when he decided he wanted to take up residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, The Washington Post has highlighted many of his school records, including a handwritten Harvard application. Fifty years later, the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and the Institute of Politics (IOP) are honoring the spirit of Kennedy’s oft-cited challenge with a series of events designed to highlight the importance of public service. For future events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy presidency, visit the Harvard Kennedy School and the Institute of Politics websites.
The campaign wagon of the State Campaign Committee of Alabama during the 1960 presidential campaign. A meeting between the Executive Committee of the National Security Council featuring President Kennedy, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Roswell Gilpatric in the White House's Cabinet Room. On a perfect sunny day in Harvard Yard, the University held its 365th Commencement in Tercentenary Theatre, with an emphasis on congratulations, rituals, and, most of all, celebrations. Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed a laser-assisted direct ink writing method that prints microscopic metallic, free-standing 3-D structures in one step. In his Commencement address, veteran filmmaker Steven Spielberg urged the members of Harvard’s Class of 2016 to stick to their morals and act when necessary. Between the laughs, actress and writer Rashida Jones ’97 counsels the Class of 2016 to break some rules, speak up, and choose love during the annual Class Day. Steven Spielberg, one of the most illustrious filmmakers in the history of American motion pictures, will be the featured speaker at the Afternoon Program of Harvard’s 365th Commencement on May 26. Navy SEAL veteran Dan Cnossen, severely wounded in Afghanistan, rebounded to graduate from the Kennedy School, and is bound for the Divinity School.
Faculty and practitioners involved in 3E programs reflect the 3E Project's influence, including in recent months such leaders as Canadian MP and Treasury Board President Reg Alcock, US CIO Mark Forman, former Presidential advisor David Gergen, former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith, US DHS CIO Steve Kelman, US EPA CIO Kim Nelson, former IRS Commissioner Charles Rissotti, Michigan CIO Teri Takai, and US GSA Administrator Marty Wagner.
The 3E Project conducts three executive education programs annually for senior public-sector executives, with about 60 participants per session, at the Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In addition, 3E organizes and facilitates analysis and publications of the Harvard Policy Group on Network-Enabled Services and Government (HPG), an advisory body of acknowledged public-sector leaders.
For several years, Jerry Mechling has seen an opportunity to enhance 3E's reach and the value of its executive education programs by extending live interactions online before, during, and after the programs themselves through a web application called the Compass.
With these ideas in mind, Jerry cast a broad net for technology options and partners that would provide the best combination of flexibility, enterprise-class foundations, strong user base, and cost-effectiveness. 3E's required customizations were delivered and deployed for production in two months and at a direct cost for programming of just over $30,000, plus user interface design assistance from IBM. The project was intended to capture “the flavor of the way it was when he lived here,” said Dale Holman, owner of Dale E.
As it turns out, the appeal of sitting down before an Underwood portable typewriter — the style JFK used — and imagining him writing the thesis that would become his first book, “Why England Slept,” just might trump the view.
Holman and Julie Schroeder, a longtime IOP staff assistant, bought the rights to a Boston Globe photograph of Kennedy ’40 in his dorm room and analyzed its details to recreate the furnishings and layout of the two-person suite. They also want to be a part of history — a nostalgic longing Holman and the IOP hoped to harness in the suite’s redesign.
They turned to the Internet to track down historical period pieces, like a rare Folies Bergere print that JFK had owned, a rotary telephone, and the Underwood, which Schroeder found on eBay for $50. Photos of a young JFK line the walls, along with a framed portrait of his mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, that he kept on his dresser. The institute has managed the suite since May 29, 1970, when the space was dedicated for the use of IOP guests in a ceremony on the late president’s birthday.
Still, a parade of impressive patrons was drawn to the president’s quarters over the years.

Actor Alec Baldwin recently spent a night there, though, as Schroeder notes, he forgot to sign the guest book. Gingham pillows, Harvard throw blankets, and a felted Harvard flag adorn JFK's former room. This year, Winthrop House hopes to again claim victory by winning the Straus Cup, Harvard's House intramural sports championship. Winthrop House residents crowded into the House Junior Common Room on a recent Sunday night to attend the inaugural Winthrop Winter Showcase.
This article is the first installment of an HPR series exploring President Kennedy’s legacy as we reflect on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Recalling his time at Harvard in a 1960 recording, Kennedy remembered his future Senate rival Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.’s election to the Senate during Kennedy’s freshman year, in 1936. Similarly, Kennedy would prospectively encourage college students today to enter in public service. Through institutions such as the Peace Corps, President Kennedy altered both American and international conceptions of service.
In another testament to Kennedy’s influence, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s recent Radcliffe visit illuminated Kennedy’s personal charm among the nation’s young people. President Kennedy’s handsomeness and charisma may have contributed to his 1960 electoral victory, but it is his idealism and policy that contributed to his superior legacy and popularity. America remembers November 22, 1963 for the loss of a leader who understood American values and generated enthusiasm for American exceptionalism. A pragmatic politician but an inspirational ideologue, President Kennedy’s encouragement of public service should not be taken lightly.
I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. Kennedy Library Foundation are launching JFK50.org, a website that will host interviews with public figures about Kennedy, slideshows, and other archival materials. 3E also Develops and conduct tailored executive education programs for both public- and private-sector organizations (including recent programs in Georgia, Florida, Mexico, Singapore, and Dubai).
Sharing this vision, 3E Charter Sponsor IBM stepped up in 2004 to a six-figure multi-year funding commitment to help realize it. Commercial e-learning platforms were dismissed as insufficiently flexible and too expensive. Since initial deployment in December in an executive education program, the Compass has been used to support programs in the US and Dubai, and will approach supporting 1,000 users by the end of 2005. Holman was charged with capturing “the flavor of the way it was when he lived here,” at the request of Institute of Politics Executive Director Catherine McLaughlin. The two modest rooms, on the first floor of Gore Hall overlooking a courtyard and the Charles River, can be a hidden oasis for newcomers to the Square.
Some original touches, however, were updated: Instead of a small piano, the suite’s common area now boasts a flat-screen TV. Rudin Furniture, Polo Ralph Lauren (linens), Pollack Associates (fabric), Oriental Rug Importers Inc., Glenn Elwell and Mark Lansing (interior painting), and Evan Mihaich Flooring.
Even famous skeptic Christopher Hitchens, who documented his stay for the British “Spectator” in 1985, was eventually won over by the then-bare JFK Suite. Rather, his own inspirational turn to public service demonstrated the extent to which he supported his own philosophy. Explaining her fondness for Kennedy in her youth, when her father was mayor of Baltimore, Pelosi’s story suggests that Kennedy’s voice carried far, and his call to action even farther. On the brink of turning a Cold War into a ho­­­­­­t one in October 1962, Kennedy maintained that America would not yield to Soviet pressures. One of America’s greatest leaders was assassinated on November 22, 1963, but his ideas live on.

I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. The address’s most famous line exhorted a generation to pursue careers and lives guided by public service. In the two weeks leading up to the anniversary, more than 100 mayors around the country spoke to students in their communities about the meaning of Kennedy’s inaugural address and how young people can serve their communities. Jerry Mechling, the Project has reached thousands of senior public-sector executives around the world. Current research and teaching are focused on the a€?cross-boundarya€? challenge: how can public leaders work across traditional boundaries separating programs, departments, jurisdictions, branches of government, and sectors of the economy - to properly respond to the enormous opportunities and challenges being opened up by information technologies. IBM and 3E looked at a widely-publicized J2EE framework for e-learning, but concluded it was insufficiently mature and that a Java-based development approach imposed too much overhead for its needs. Says Jerry, a€?.LRN provided a huge head start toward what we wanted, plus support for things we didn't originally anticipate. Thanks to a recent redesign of the space in honor of the 50th anniversary of his inauguration as president, guests can now enjoy the suite as he might have. The space is now managed by the Institute of Politics and through them interior designer Dale Holeman was brought in to bring the room back to its period look. Through his lasting impact, Kennedy continues to influence America’s leaders and inspires students and citizens alike.
He thought America’s code of morality must stand as a model for other nations, and America must be a people that demonstrate greatness worldwide. Even Kennedy’s allegedly questionable character would not detract from the president’s legacy.
A firm believer that America would triumph over communism, Kennedy knew the American “freedom experiment” would ultimately prove successful, and he brought the country together in a time of crisis.
His conscientious regard for people’s welfare combined with his acceptance of economic liberty made Kennedy a bipartisan idol, unmatched in popularity.
Kennedy, a heavy defense-spending and tax-cutting capitalist at his core, argued not for Washington’s interference in people’s welfare.
In some respects, Kennedy could be described as the best Republican president in recent times.
20, 1960 (“cold but brilliant,” according to one news report), his inaugural address ranked as one of the shortest on record — and to many, one of the most memorable.
IBM and 3E also looked at a variety of popular low-end open-source toolkits, and even at custom development. For those who ascribe to him purportedly indecent actions, President Kennedy’s legacy remains distinct. Rather, Kennedy positively argued for inspiring people to provide for themselves and to further challenge them to provide for their country. Forum, who oversaw the redesign at the request of Institute of Politics (IOP) Executive Director Catherine McLaughlin.
Kennedy was certainly progressive in matters of civil rights, women’s rights, and other social issues. Sealing the deal was the presence of a 10,000-user .LRN deployment two T stops away at MIT's Sloan School of Management. Regardless of what one suspects of the former, the latter remains unquestionably popular and ethical.
Amid tough political challenges of increasing polarization, Kennedy appears to be among the greatest role models for both the left and the right.

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