As you could see, the song features two sisters, Anna, a completely unpredictable young woman, and her sister Elsa, a newly crowned queen with an uncontrollable ability to freezeĀ  things. The featured song shows a particular conflict…Anna has complete faith in her sister, while Elsa is driven by extreme fear which leads her to almost destroy her own sister unintentionally.
For The First Time In Forever reprise reminds me of the inner conflict we tend to have every now and then. Remember, as long as you listen to your soul’s voice through your intuition, you will always make the right choice.
Hope this blogpost today helps any of you who may be feeling uncertain about what path to take and what choices to make.
Please Donate…Any Amount Helps!Your donation will help me keep sharing my experiences with hopes of spreading love & light to all. Citrine Crystal Properties include ridding of negative energy from the environment it is placed within and also helps sort out relationship problems. Citrine Crystals can also be used on animals which are weary of new environments, as they make them settle down faster. With regards to health Citrine aids the digestive system, reduces symptoms of depression, lessens phobias and also helps detoxify the body.

Citrine crystals are also helpful to psychics, as they increase intuition, helps the flow of automatic writing, and also clears negativity caused by negative spirits.
Fuchsite Crystals can be used on children to help them appreciate the beauty of nature and teaches them about conservation of such beauty. Psychic-related properties of Fuchsite crystals include helping with astral projection and better communication with Angels and Spirit Guides. Opal Crystal Properties include prosperity of luck, protection, hope, relaxation, purification, overall balance and physical healing.
Opal Crystals help bring a sense of relaxation, making this an ideal stone to help with tension and anxiety.
What does it have to do with Disney’s Frozen’s For The First Time In Forever reprise?
Slow down your thoughts and breathe in, breathe out, slowly, till you take a hold of yourself. Learn to recognise what you feel, whether the feelings you get are related to happiness or to fear, and by this you will know how to choose the most positive options for yourself at any given time and any given circumstances. Your soul knows what is for your own highest good, while living in the present and accepting that all is as it should be and that all that comes to you is at the right time, allows you to be at peace, no matter what your current surroundings are.

Additionally, Citrine Crystals help the wearer to feel loved and is also considered to be a prosperity crystal, thus ideal when working with the Law of Attraction. Green Opal Crystals are also helpful to aging symptoms such as lack of stamina and vitality. It is good for any type of sickness, but particularly promotes good function of the arteries, throat and larynx. If you have built enough trust in your own intuition already, then you know that when something feels wrong, it probably is, and when it feels right, it also most probably is too.
So although logic helps with decisions, do listen to what your soul has to say by hearing its voice through your intuition.
And keep in mind that whatever decisions you need to take, you have to take them for yourself.

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