The evaluation of corporate wellness objectives and program outcomes focuses on the effects of the various interventions introduced to your employee population. Multiple measures should be used to assess the accomplishment of the corporate wellness program objectives. In order to assess whether health improvements have occurred, a follow-up health risk assessment should be administered after an appropriate time interval. Reviewing employee absenteeism data can also serve as an evaluation measurement of corporate wellness programs effectiveness. You also need to be aware that other factors besides the employees’ health can impact absenteeism rates and skew the data. Tracking utilization of disability and workers’ compensation benefits and costs is also a way to evaluate whether the corporate wellness program is successful. If these specific disabilities are targeted by the interventions implemented in your program, then over time changes should most likely occur in your workers’ compensation experience in these targeted areas. Corporate Wellness Programs: The Complete Guide is designed to assist wellness coordinators in planning a corporate wellness program. In addition, it covers the health risk factors that affect an employee’s health that can be modified through various corporate wellness programs and interventions.
Various stages of lifestyle or behavior modification are discussed and suggestions made on steps to provide support and motivation to the employee. This guide will orient wellness coordinators to wellness companies and wellness resources that are available nationally and in their local community. Written by Melanie Deardorff on March 25, 2014How much time have you spent thinking about Pinterest in the last 60 days? When I began this project, I spent hours searching Pinterest for health and wellness pros – bloggers, health coaches, personal trainers and yoga instructors – to see who was using Pinterest and to discover what they were pinning. In addition to the health coaches and wellness pros featured in the ebook, I know that many others love Pinterest, too. Are you more excited about Pinterest’s potential for your business after hearing from these enthusiastic fans?

Filed Under: Pinterest About Melanie DeardorffWife, mom, digital strategist, social media enthusiast and certified health coach. 17 Pinterest boards for your health and wellness businessReady to spruce up your Pinterest page with some new boards? As previously discussed an Health Risk Assessment can be used to collect baseline data on the employees’ health habits and personal characteristics prior to implementation of the corporate wellness program.
A comparison of the baseline data and data collected during the follow-up Health Risk Assessments should indicate whether the interventions have made an impact on the employee population. In order to use this data, you will need to identify what types of absenteeism are attributable to health and lifestyle factors. For example, the implementation of a healthy back and exercise program should result in a reduction in the incidence of back problems. It covers the benefits of implementing corporate wellness programs and provides you with a step-by-step approach to planning, designing, implementing and evaluating a program. It provides a comprehensive discussion of these corporate wellness programs and interventions as well as providing information about specific activities and programs that can be implemented at the worksite. It also covers the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of your corporate wellness program and the types of evaluations that can be conducted.
A bibliography of wellness related literature and educational material can also be found on the website for use within your own corporate wellness programs. I bet I can trump you, because Pinterest was heavily on my mind for the better part of January and February (and much of March, I must admit).
That’s when I began to see just how many wellness pros believe Pinterest is important for their business. Pinterest gives wellness pros the opportunity to share their commitment to helping people live happy, healthy and whole lives.
In the ebook, Lou Ann shares a tip not everyone may know: You can drag a Pinterest board to any position on the page.
Marissa Vicario, CHHC, AADP and Marissa’s Well-being and Health founder, says it was somewhat easy getting started.

In one of the Facebook groups I manage, Social Media for Health Coaches which has more than 1,000 members, one of our frequent topics is Pinterest. In order to have a successful program, the effects should be tied to specific program objectives.
For example, are you only going to track absenteeism for illnesses and injuries rather than for vacations, leaves of absence, jury duty, etc.? That’s because of my ebook project, Pinning their passion and purpose – Pinterest advice from 17 health coaches and wellness pros. I only knew two of the people I reached out to but having never met a stranger, I emailed people with a note about my project.
Whew, that took awhile but it was so fun getting to know these people and hear their enthusiasm about Pinterest! In the ebook, Marisa says she just didn’t let Pinterest overwhelm her and let the process flow naturally. What’s missing from the Pinterest conversation there, are the men who work in our industry who use Pinterest.
I started two new boards – one for funny quotes and cartoons about blogging and one for my podcasts picks.
Community manager for two private FB groups, Social Media for Health Coaches and Health and Wellness Bloggers. Though I reached out to several as I was writing the ebook, I didn’t hear back from any of them. Past president of the International Association of Business Communicators - Kansas City chapter. I have deep experience in financial services marketing + a true affinity for helping health and wellness-related businesses and causes.

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