As fitness professionals, you know that just working out with your clients once a week isn’t going to change their lives.
Becoming an ACE-certified Health Coach will help you expand your knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and teach you how to truly maximize the strong relationships you already have with your clients. Two out of three Americans are classified as overweight or obese, many of whom have struggled with weight their entire lives. In addition to helping you grow professionally, this certification will make you more attractive to both corporations looking to improve the health of their employees and to health clubs looking for qualified managers to lead their companies. You already know the essentials of exercise science, program design and what it takes to build a relationship with your client. Mark your calendars for the 2013 ACE Symposium, which will be held on both the West Coast and East Coast next year.
You share your knowledge and important tips with your clients during their sessions, but what if you could provide them with information that will help them every day? Sign-up to receive Certified News, ACE's free monthly certified professionals e-newsletter. Sign up to receive relevant, science-based health and fitness information and other resources.
Lifestyle coaching training health & wellness coach, Health action offers a health coaching certification, life skill coaching, lifestyle coaching, personal coaching, personal health coach, personal health coaching.
Wellness coach connection – manage stress build , Wellness coach will help you with your health goals. Taco time northwest, Taco time is a northwest company celebrating over 45 years of doing business and 73 locations across western washington. The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Brian Hedgpeth, unless otherwise noted.
Study materials for the ACE Health Coach Certification come in two options – both of which offer you an exam voucher and a variety of study materials to help you prepare.
In addition to everything included in our Standard Program, the Premium option features our ACE Health Coach Master the Manual text and ACE Academy Select, our interactive study experience.
Our Standard Program for the ACE Health Coach exam includes our ACE Health Coach Manual, an exam voucher, access to experts in our ACE Resource Center, our 12-week guided email series, one online practice test and our exam review course.
If you already hold a current NCCA-accredited health and fitness certification from another organization or if you have a background in anatomy, kinesiology and physiology, you can elect to take the exam without purchasing any of the study materials. When you choose our Premium Program, you have the option to divide the total cost into four monthly payments of $137.25.
A collection of 10 presentations led by an ACE-certified professional covering weight management psychology, the physiology of obesity, techniques for lifestyle coaching, development of exercise programs, and the relationship between physical activity and nutrition for weight control, as the material appears in the ACE Health Coach Manual. Stay on track while you study for the ACE Health Coach Exam with guidance from our fitness experts and convenient weekly communication that lead you through the ACE Health Coach Manual. Individualized self-paced study track that allows users to check reading, video and quiz assignments off as they go. An accompanying study resource to the ACE Health Coach Manual, our Master the Manual text offers chapter-by-chapter outlines, assignments and quizzes to test your comprehension and reinforce key concepts.

Intended for fitness, wellness, corporate and allied health professionals, the ACE Health Coach Manual is the core study material for the ACE Health Coach Exam. An essential blueprint for the exam, the online exam review will help you understand how the actual test will be laid out, how many questions will be asked about each performance domain by topic, and how your score will be determined. A highly-popular study tool, our practice tests simulate the actual ACE Health Coach Certification Exam. Included in our Premium program, ACE Academy Select uses presentations to give candidates an in-depth look at topics covered on the exam so they can better understand the content.
Included in our Standard program, ACE Academy is a valuable resource for aspiring Health Coaches who need help staying on track throughout the study process.
Available for purchase at checkout, our new eBook creates a digital home for aspiring ACE Certified Health Coaches eager to take their studies on the go. Included at no charge in the Premium Study Program for a limited time only, our new eBook creates a digital home for aspiring ACE Certified Health Coaches eager to take their studies on the go. Known as a great on-the-go study tool, you can use this spiral-bound deck of flashcards as a valuable and creative way to study for the exam. Good for 6 months from the purchase date of your study program, our electronic exam vouchers allow you to easily register for an exam administered at a site near you without any additional cost. A core study material for both the ACE Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certification exams, ACE's Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals covers foundational knowledge of exercise science needed to develop and deliver safe and effective exercise programs.
If you can’t find the answer to a question you run across during your studies, don’t worry. It inspires us to forge partnerships within and outside of our industry, create continuing education for fitness professionals, and improve our outreach to people who need to improve their health. And you know building a relationship with them isn’t the only key to long-term success. It will teach you the principles of behavioral modification, and how you can help people overcome emotional barriers that keep them from achieving their goals every day. It will help you develop a relationship where you and your client are on the same wavelength, where you know when they’re struggling or when they want to give up. 30, 2012, we’d like to offer you a special pre-sale opportunity of 20% off either of our ACE Health Coach bundles. Check out some of the details and how you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and pre- and post-conference workshop announcements. The Premium program, which includes our presentation-led study platform, ACE Academy Select, ultimately offers the best value for professionals from fitness, health care, workplace wellness or a related field.
The online platform divides all of your learning material into convenient lessons that incorporate presentations led by an ACE professional, custom progress tracking, lesson quizzes, two practice tests and our exam review course. We recommend this option for candidates who have significant education or experience in the fields of health and fitness, or those who do not need visual aids or a guided study path. A useful tool for students who do not pass the ACE Health Coach exam on their first try, it can be redeemed for a second sitting of a Computer-Based Testing (CBT) exam. Valued at $30, Master the Manual helps you get the most out of your ACE Health Coach Manual.

The text incorporates expanded information about coaching people through nutrition and fitness behavior change, exercise programming based on the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® model, and up-to-date statistics from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine. The online tests include 60 multiple-choice questions and detailed reports with immediate, crucial feedback on your performance, including references to specific areas within the manual to focus on. The study resource also includes custom progress tracking, access to the ACE Resource Center, our Exam Review and two online practice tests.
The resource includes a 12‑week guided e‑mail series, access to the ACE Resource Center, our Exam Review and an online practice test. Incorporating the most modern technology in digital publications, the eBook allows you to access our core study material from virtually any tablet, smartphone or desktop. Valued at $35, the set makes it easy to have a study buddy or loved one quiz you for added learning. To redeem, you will simply follow the instructions in your My ACE Account that you create upon checkout.
The text, which many professionals use as an on-the-job resource throughout their careers, covers human anatomy, exercise physiology, the fundamentals of applied kinesiology, nutrition basics and the physiology of training.
It will help you give them the proper fitness and nutrition advice and, eventually, it will be the tool you need to help them make long-lasting changes.
Connecting with potential and current clients online can take you to a whole other level when it comes to your business. Welcome health coach certifications!, Congratulations on choosing a career in health and wellness coaching! It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Brian Hedgpeth.
As an added bonus, when you choose our Premium option, you get free shipping on your order.
We created ACE Academy Select for candidates who want an online university experience and those who perform best in a structured learning environment. If included in your program, the voucher will automatically appear in your MyACE Account in the event you receive a failed exam score.
Content includes contributions by fitness and industry leaders such as award-winning personal trainer Jonathan Ross, behavioral psychologist Dr.
Bookmark and highlight key content, take notes, and access hyperlinks embedded in the text when you're connected to the Internet. It is not meant to serve as a comprehensive resource of exercise science information, but instead serves as a text of core content universal to all fitness professionals. Brian Hedgpeth encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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