She will support you as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.
Kate's classes are the perfect place to get the tools and support you need to carry through with the resolutions you made at the turn of the year, and to get the support to keep going.
Kate will enable you take simple yet profound steps to prioritize and de-stress your life, using incredible tools and processes such as energetic bodywork, Tapping in Joy and Mindfulness Practices.
Have you known that there was more to life than being over stressed and overwhelmed and disconnected? Have you started on a new supportive path only to find yourself back in your same old patterns? Have you been putting off taking care of yourself because you have been taking care of everyone else?
If you said "yes" to any of those questions, you may be ready for a Health & Wellness coach! Looking for a special-occasion treat that doesn't shatter your healthy eating habits into little pieces? Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, a party or just for fun, Kate will use her awesome culinary skills to create the baked goods you really can't find anywhere else in the Roaring Fork Valley. A wellness coach is a health and fitness professional that specializes in creating healthy lifestyles. The Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching process is a best practice lifestyle coaching method. As huge believer in the principle knowledge plus consistent action equals success, I have created ?these personalized programs that are perfect for the person looking for long term, life-changing results.

Together we will introduce changes into your lifestyle at a pace that is comfortable for you. During this complimentary 20 minute session, we will discuss what your current goals are, your readiness for change and create an action plan to help you achieve them.
This is a session dedicated to focus solely on your current health challenges and creating a solution oriented action plan. Together we will uncover the hidden causes of weight loss resistance, low energy, mental fogginess and any other health challenges you may be facing. Diets don’t work because they are not personalized and you are not alone if “healthy eating is confusing to you! VIP private coaching is only for those that want lasting change and make it happen in the shortest amount of time. The availability is very limited and I only accept people committed to change and to their own success.
Check out the recipes in Kate's Kitchen and you will find great ideas for goodies you can ask Kate to cook up. Fit Solutions coaches assist each client in establishing personalized health, fitness and wellness goals. Its six phases maximize accountability and support continuous improvement for work-life balance, stress management, better health, and peace of mind. We will dig deep and uncover the source of the issue and develop a solution you can implement immediately so you can begin to reclaim your health and recharge your life! The Metabolic Design Assessment is a revolutionary system for optimizing whole body health.

When you learn a new language, it is much easier to learn it if you are living in that culture and using the language every day vs.
No more counting, guessing, restricting, struggling with will power to resist temptation, guilt and NO MORE CONFUSION! With this program I guarantee my results and am 110% committed to your success and I expect the same from you. We work together with our client to identify the obstacles and distractions that might hinder success.
Diet and nutritional supplements are used to address the individual at a fundamental metabolic level.
Our coaches provide the tools, as well as the motivation and support needed to help change behaviors. The key is to discover what kinds of foods your individual metabolism needs to thrive and which are potentially destroying your health slowly.
This leads to increased energy, weight loss and a higher functioning immune system to prevent disease.

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