MediTract’s centralized, scalable and configurable contract management solution, Contract Library, gives healthcare providers visibility into and control of their contracts and documents. One in four hospitals trusts MediTract’s Contract Library SaaS platform as its centralized repository for contracts and documents, such as physician and focus arrangements.
MediTract’s security intelligence team has turned protecting your data into a science. During the implementation phase, MediTract’s healthcare experts will work with you to identify your contract compliance goals, as well as the needs and requirements for your Contract Library. With Contract Collaborator, an optional enhancement to Contract Library, you can shorten your redlining process from months to days.
With Contract Library, you can manage your contracts and mitigate the compliance risks of the ever-changing regulatory environment.
MediTract has specifically designed Contract Library to serve only the healthcare community to help you comply with and navigate the complicated and ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment.

MediTract’s six-step, patented process begins with a consultation to understand your contract compliance goals, and then our experts configure the contract management software to meet those goals. The database has never been breached or hacked and hosts all hospital data in an SSAE 16 environment that is HIPAA compliant. The database’s architecture is flexible to allow configuration, such as custom fields by contract type and the ability to rename system fields to make sense for your users. Contract Collaborator allows you to select a document to redline and the individuals who need to review and approve the language. Next, our experts locate and prepare, scan and import, and abstract and populate your files into MediTract’s secure database.
You can rest assured that our process of preparing, scanning and abstracting your contracts and documents has been proven with more than 2,000 successful implementations and is trusted by a quarter of the nation’s hospitals. In addition to MediTract’s own SecurTract, the database uses the highest level of security provided by Norton powered by Symantec.

After implementation, you can update or make changes to users, permissions and other foundational attributes in real time. The software tracks comments, timestamps and redlines for a full report of the collaboration.
Finally, our experts train your users and stakeholders on how to use your Contract Library. Additionally, through independent, third-party vulnerability and penetration testing by Contextual Security, the database was confirmed to have the highest level of security.

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