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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Jim Fassel, coaching the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL, could be a good fit for the Broncos. It's interesting that he will be competing with Fox and Studesville, who worked for him with the Giants.Elway inherited Tim Tebow, who appears to be the Broncos quarterback going into the 2011 season. At Elway's first wedding, Fassel's son was a ring bearer and his daughter was a flower girl. After Dan Reeves was fired, Fassel was hired as the Broncos' offensive coordinator in 1993 and Elway put up numbers better than any of his first 10 seasons."Jim is a possibility. I know him really well from him being my college coach and for two years here and he definitely got some experience with the Giants," Elway said on his radio show last week.
So, we haven't finalized anything on him."Elway has not yet called Fassel to set up an interview.
He came close to being a head coach with the Redskins before they hired Joe Gibbs and then when they hired Jim Zorn. He lost out to Herm Edwards in Kansas City in 2006.His only NFL job since leaving the Giants was as his best friend Brian Billick's offensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Fassel is now the coach and general manager of the UFL's Las Vegas Locomotives and he won that league's first two championships.Fassel has always wanted another shot to be an NFL head coach.
Tebow needs a quarterback tutor and Elway knows from personal experience that is Fassel's strength. He made it to a Super Bowl with Kerry Collins."I'm very happy for John," Fassel said from Las Vegas Saturday. He's been around football his entire life."Elway spoke for one hour recently with former Giants GM Ernie Accorsi, leaning on him as a consultant. Accorsi drafted Elway for the Colts in 1983 but Elway didn't want to play there and owner Robert Irsay traded him to Denver without Accorsi's knowledge. Elway then broke Accorsi's heart three times in AFC title games when Accorsi was the Browns GM.The Broncos are still shell-shocked from the damage Josh McDaniels did.
And he's going to give you every opportunity to be good."Now Elway is back to fix the Broncos. Harbaugh turned down an opportunity to interview with Mike Holmgren in Cleveland The 49ers got him with a five-year $25 million deal and he doesn't even have to move.
Harbaugh, who was yelled at a lot by Mike Ditka when he was the Bears quarterback after Chicago selected him in the first round in 1987, has an outstanding resume: 14 years as a player in the NFL, two years as an assistant with the Raiders and seven years as a college head coach. Harbaugh inherits Alex Smith and Troy Smith and the seventh pick in the draft.LITTLE BIT OF LUCKMaybe the 49ers will be so bad they will get the first pick in the 2012 draft and Harbaugh can re-unite with his Stanford QB Andrew Luck, who elected to pass up the NFL this year.

He has two years of eligibility remaining, but will get his degree in architectural engineering in the spring of 2012 and will surely be in next year's draft. Everybody wonders how Luck can pass up at least $50 million guaranteed this year before a rookie wage scale is likely part of the new collective bargaining agreement.
Teams won't be signing their 2011 draft picks until there is a new CBA.GIANT KISS-OFFI know Tom Coughlin wants everybody to kiss his behind a€“ hey, he said it himself a€“ for the Giants' 10-6 season.
But they won two games this season against playoff teams a€“ the Bears and the 7-9 Seahawks -- and lost four against playoff teams a€“ the Packers, Colts and Eagles twice. He didn't put his hands team on the field for the Eagles' onsides kick that helped destroy the season and his reasoning was weak.
If he wants his butt kissed for going 10-6 and missing the playoffs after another late-season meltdown, he is working in the wrong town.FISH FRYTony Sparano turned the Dolphins' awkward courtship of Harbaugh into a two-year extension through 2013 and more say on personnel matters.
Why did Sparano stick around after owner Steve Ross, GM Jeff Ireland and Ross' buddy Carl Peterson traveling to California to meet with Harbaugh on Thursday after briefly courting Bill Cowher?
He still has two years left on his Browns contract at $3.9 million per year, so there's no need to feel all that bad for him.

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