SLHS Facebook FeedSunlake High School 5 days ago Help us recognize the staff members on campus who have made a positive impact on you while at Sunlake. If you find an advertisement in the rotation that is viewed as inappropriate for the web site, please click on web site feedback below, and report the exact URL of the ad. Tuesday was the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association's third annual Student-Athlete Leadership Conference, where students from 134 schools learned about topics ranging from being a captain to nutrition to making smart decisions. See MoreSee LessSunlake High School 5 days ago All those trying out for cheerleader for the next school year must have required paperwork turned in to coach P. For the first time, this year's conference featured Allstate's driving simulator, where students could experience virtual driving conditions while attempting to text. The simulation showed the dangers of texting while driving, and many students put their name on a pledge against the practice.
See MoreSee LessSunlake High School 5 days ago All girls interested in trying out for soccer next year need to stop by and see Coach Finan for the summer conditioning packet.

Addison Abramson, a lacrosse and badminton player from Franklin, left with a ticket, albeit a fake one, for swerving off the road.
That's better than Evan Laryea, a senior wrestler and lacrosse player at Millford Mill, who, like others who tried the simulator, committed vehicular manslaughter while distracted. See MoreSee LessSunlake High School 1 week ago Please see the school website for information on yearbook distribution. It was terrible," said Megan Addison, a junior who plays soccer and lacrosse runs track at Franklin.
Nearby, other students on tricycles struggled to weave through cones with a cell phone in one hand. To open the conference, guest speaker Greg Dale, a sports psychologist at Duke, spoke about handling adversity, criticism and pressure. He put the students through a small game to simulate pressure, for example, to demonstrate proper ways of dealing with anxiety or nerves.

The nutrition portion of the program gave students tips to help athletes perform at their peaks. These tips included what to eat and when, proper recovery from a workout and the nutrients that athletes may specifically need. Each student received a book with typed notes and spaces to write observations, notes from activities or personal goals.
The book is one avenue through which the MPSSAA hopes the leaders at the conference will spread lessons learned to their peers. Attendance was voluntary, and many sacrificed a day in their summer to improve themselves as athletes and leaders.

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