Central Board of Secondary Education on Tuesday notified supplementary material on additional sub-topics included in the Class XII physics theory syllabus for March 2015 examination.
The Board Exam preparation is a source of unlimited Sample Board Question papers in the prescribed blue print format for Standards X and XII Math and Science. The Sample Board Question papers are generated in a printer friendly format, which the student can print and practice. Gives the student an idea of the type of questions expected, and the level of difficulty in the Board Exam. Continuous working on the Sample papers makes the student more systematic and confident in answering the question paper during the Board Exams.
Our sample papers come with a brief description or tabular about the question paper design. While attempting to work on all the papers in our Board Exam Preparation, the student reach an understanding of subjects or chapters that need focus and meticulous study.
Stay Connected with us on all of our social media avenues in order to get the latest happenings and updates! CoursesMaulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad Telangana runs course(s) in Degree, Diploma stream(s).
This year has witnessed fruitful expansion of the academics activities due to the continuous efforts made during the last two years. Maulana Azad National Urdu University is a Central University located in the city of Hyderabad in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The University has recently been awarded "A" Grade by National Assessment & Accreditation Council(NAAC). The University has Nine Regional Centers, Five Sub-Regional Centers and 140 Study Centers in various states in India. In addition to the above mentioned institutions the University has four Colleges of Teacher Education working at Hyderabad, Bhopal, Darbhanga and Srinagar. The Directorate of Distance Education of the University presently has in its rolls 56,000 students spread over 108 study centers and 10 program centers in 17 states. Maulana Azad National Urdu University was established as a Central University in the year 1998 by an Act of the Parliament, with an All India jurisdiction. Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad offers courses through campus and distance modes.
Separate departments for Translation, Women's Education and Centre of Women's Studies have also been established to offer post-graduate level courses.
The University houses a building constructed in the Campus as the Boys Hostel and a separate building is under construction as a hostel for girls. Maulana Azad National Urdu University facilitates scholarships to the students based on merit and economic status of the students. The NIA had, in its remand application on Thursday, told the court that Dev is one of the conspirators in the bomb blast at gate No 5 of the Delhi High Court complex. He (Dev) is one of the conspirators and he needs to be interrogated thoroughly to trace out his and of his other associates complicity in this terrorist crime, the NIA said. However, an NIA lawyer said that the agency could not get Devs remand on Thursday as he (Dev) said that he has no family and has no money to hire a lawyer. Taking note of Devs submission, Judge Sharma issued notice to one of the lawyers, Ravi Qazi, directing him to contest the case on behalf of Dev, said a court staffer. The NIA has imposed on Dev sections 302 (punishment for murder), 307 (attempt to murder), 323 and 325 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt and grievous hurt) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) and 3 and 4 of the Explosives Act, states the remand application. The three youths belong to Kishtwar and were arrested after the NIA traced an email sent to media houses a few hours after the Sep 7 Delhi blast to a cyber cafe in the town. Dev had allegedly handed over a portable compact disk to Ahmed and Hussain Sep 4, three days before the blast, with instructions to send the email to media houses after news of the terror attack is flashed on TV screens. Baba Ramdev, a Hindu spiritual and yoga guru, has taken up this issue with a long-term political objective. The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government seems to be more scared of him than of Anna Hazare because Baba Ramdev has a large network of followers. He combined yoga with a bit of science and an interesting mix of Buddhist dialectics and Hindu tantra.
Though formally educated only up to the eighth standard, in an ordinary government school, he learnt Sanskrit and English to communicate his yoga techniques. In fact, Baba Ramdevs yoga empire expanded at a rate much faster than Sathya Sai Babas spiritual empire, and he now commands the loyalty of millions of people who are ready and willing to be converted into a cadre for a movement against corruption and also for mobilisation of votes when the party he is to set up contests elections. The Anna Hazare team emerged from the middle-class brahmanic morality of non-corruption without any mass base.
However, the key question is whom does the anti-black money movement rattle — the Congress or the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?
If Baba Ramdev turns into a political leader, one does not expect him to win the Parliament elections straightaway.
At one place it could harm the Congress and at another it could harm the BJP as Baba Ramdevs middle-class followers are likely to be the BJPs traditional voters.
As far as the RSS is concerned, Baba Ramdev is a better all-India package than Narendra Modi, because Ramdev is a very credible OBC Hindu. The fact that a four-member Cabinet team, headed by none other than finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, waited for him, received him and talked to him at the airport on June 1 shows the amount of fear he generated.
We do not know in which direction the nation would go under the leadership of such yoga leaders. If Gandhi and Ambedkar were spiritual politicians who shaped the destiny of the nation in two different modes, Ramdev is a tantric politician who might take it in an opposite direction altogether.
Azad National Urdu University, HyderabadDon t ban Aarakshan, it s just upper casteThe debate around Aarakshan, Prakash Jha s movie on reservation, has several major implications for our civil society and state.
The film has been seen by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and certified U-A without any cuts. However, a serious issue to debate is whether the right to freedom of expression of a director-producer could be taken away by dalit-OBC groups or individuals opposed to a film?
We must understand the pro- and anti-reservation contentions from the point of view of caste and historical oppression that the majority population suffered for centuries.
Bollywood as a film industry still represents the upper castes and, to a small extent, the Muslim minority. In democracy, if one does not examine the political position of the oppressed seriously, if a mechanical right to freedom of expression is deployed in the discourse, as John Locke himself foresaw, the oppressed masses have no choice but to resort to the right to revolution. Because of caste and cultural degradation and denial of right to education and employment for centuries, the SC-ST-OBCs have lost many opportunities to develop themselves.
In a situation of rabid casteism and educational commercialisation, Prabhakar Anand s (the character played by Bachchan) paternalism might appear positive.

The film, as it is being shown in Andhra Pradesh, does not warrant a ban in any state at all. These statistics and the assessment of various commissions and committees go to show that there is a need for affirmative action for Muslims, especially in the spheres of education and employment, where they are worse off than some of the historically backward castes within the fold of Hinduism.
According to the 2001 census, the Muslim literacy rate is 60 per cent against 75.5 per cent of Hindus.
We can understand the Jains having the highest literacy rate because the community constitutes mostly the Baniyas who live by trade. If one goes by the evolutionary history of Islam, there is clear evidence that it was a religion that brought a revolution in the sphere of reading and writing in the Arab world. An all-India reservation debate alone can open up their closed mind in relation to education, or, at least, create a churning among the Muslim intelligentsia. Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal has called for sweeping reforms in higher education, especially on the academic and administrative fronts. Addressing the convocation function at the Maulana Azad National Urdu Universit here on Saturday, Mr Sibal said, I believe in smart and useful education.
The Fifth Biennial Convention of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (ASPS) will be held at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANNU) from January 4 to 8. Participants from Afghanistan, Georgia, France, Germany, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Armenia, the US, Uzbekistan and India will mark the beginning of an academic collaboration.
This convention will be the beginning of a systematic and infrastructural collaboration for education, student and faculty exchange. Our logic for the perfect performance in the final examination is simple: perfect every chapter of the syllabus and automatically your result will be perfect. Although the material was notified as part of the CBSE syllabus, in June 2014 many students were unaware as it was not there in the prescribed NCERT textbooks. We make this available to the Educational Boards of CBSE, Andhra Pradesh and the Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board. They state the number of questions, the type of question – long or short, the weightage in marks given to the different chapters or lessons, and the difficulty level of the questions. New Departments of Studies like History and Persian were established under School of Social Sciences and Languages respectively. It was named after Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, India's first Minister of Education, a freedom fighter in India's struggle for independence, and a scholar of Islam and Urdu literature.
The Directorate aims to educate the uneducated youth, dropouts, women, housewives and uneducated adults belonging to the middle and lower rungs of the society.
Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) is a central university that has been accredited with an 'A' grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). MANUU is known for its distance education offered at various levels of postgraduate, graduate, diploma and certificate courses.
There is a Department of Education that offers Diploma in Education (D Ed) and Bachelor in Education (B Ed) courses. Hostel facilities are provided on a need based priority to the students, subject to the availability. However, the NIA, who named him as a terrorist, is wrong because the things will come to light only after the charge sheet is filed in the case. The email had claimed that the blast was carried out by the terror group Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI). In addition, Baba Ramdev has the backing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in his campaign, which is likely to widen its base.
Having been born in a lower middle-class Yadav family of Haryana, he built a yoga empire by teaching it to health-conscious people of the middle and upper middle class. His body movements and the skills he employs to explain yoga made him very popular rather quickly. Apart from his yoga followers who cut across caste, parties and religion lines, a vast number of other backward castes (OBCs) in the country see him as prime ministerial material. But his party will be a potential force, like what Kanshi Rams Bahujan Samaj Party used to be for a long time in Uttar Pradesh.
If he can twist the arms of the state like this today, he can twist the destiny of the nation tomorrow.
The objections raised by several organisations, individuals and also the ban imposed by three state governments — Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab — because of their suspicion that the film is against the interests of pro-reservation forces, made it controversial. But the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes demanded to see it before it was released. Few years ago even the best of the Muslim actors had to adopt Hindu names (like Dilip Kumar) to survive in the industry and the market.
For SC-ST-OBCs, the right to defend reservation (in the absence of uniform English-medium school education for all) is equivalent to defending their right to life. But Ambedkar himself opposed such paternalism of Gandhi and attacked it in his classic book, What the Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables.
Though the Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission and the Minority Commission in their reports recommended 10 per cent reservations for Muslims based on their social and educational backwardness, so far the Indian state has not taken any steps in that direction. Though certain sections would say that this proposal is being made keeping the Uttar Pradesh elections in mind, it is still an issue that needs to be dealt with.
According to a white paper prepared by the All-India Milli Council (AIMC) and presented to former prime minister, Mr I.K.
The Muslim poor are not so worried about their education because there are no job opportunities for them. In what could find favour with students, Mr Sibal said that he disapproves of the 100 per cent cut-off fixed by a Delhi college for non-Commerce students applying for Commerce, an issue which drew widespread flak last year.
This, he said, would allow students at one university to access courses they would like to study at another university.
The convention is being jointly organised by the association and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. Since many schools and students didn't have the access to the content the board has decided to upload it online. It is an exhaustive database of Board format questions and all the question papers of the previous Board exams.
All papers generated are stored for easy reference giving the student unlimited scope to practice and verify the answers. Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad Telangana is also known as MANUU Hyderabad. The University has established two Colleges of Teacher Education one each in Bhopal and Darbhanga. The University was established by an Act of the Parliament in January 1998, with an All India Jurisdiction.

While it is headquarters and administrative office is in Hyderabad, it has regional offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Patna. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the University is funded by University Grants Commission and functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. As a part of campus education, MANNU has established several departments offering multitude of programmes for study.
Recently the University has launched some innovative programmes like PG Diploma in Tourism and PG Diploma in Museology.
After the viewing the commission felt that there are many dialogues that were objectionable from the dalit point of view. Aarakshan presents a paternalistic upper caste view of balancing the problems of reservation and commercialisation of education. Now, because of strong identity politics among Muslims, there are several visible Muslim heroes and heroines with their own names. When the industry itself is constituted of upper castes, and rich ones at that, a lot of scope for suspicion about their intentions in making a film on reservations exists.
The problem being treated paternalistically, as has been done in Aarakshan, is not a solution.
Several commissions — the Gopal Singh Commission, the Ranganath Mishra Commission and the Sachar Committee — have examined the socio-economic conditions of Muslims and come to the conclusion that the condition of Indian Muslims is as bad as that of people from other weaker sections.
Other studies have shown that Muslims are poorly represented in judiciary and military and are almost absent in intelligence agencies such as the RAW and the NSG because they are mistrusted. Muslims as a community study the Quran, then how and why did such a religious community remain backward in literacy rate and education? The phenomenal rise of SC, ST and OBC literacy rate in the recent past is because of the hope of getting jobs through the instrument of reservation.
Though the Muslim population is more urbanised than the SC, ST and OBC population, their educational awareness is confined to reading of the Quran, whereas the SC, ST and OBCs are more worried about their children not getting English education. In many non-Muslim middle-class and upper-middle class colonies they do not even get a house on rent nor can they buy one. The debate must also look at the 50 per cent cap that the Supreme Court of India imposed on the national reservation formula but did not explain the reason and logic behind it. It needs to rise from the current approach of limiting itself to teaching specific streams, such as Arts and Commerce, and limiting students to courses available only in their institutions. I often wonder when everything in nature is cross-disciplinary, (why) there is still a debate on this issue in academics, Mr Sibal remarked. Maulana Azad National Urdu University awarded honorary doctorates to former chief justice Aziz Mushabber Ahmadi, former UGC chairman Prof.
The event will host over 100 scholars of the Persian language from Persian-speaking countries across the globe.
The mandate of the University is to promote Urdu language, provide higher and vocational education through Urdu medium and focus on woman's education.
The University was set up by an act of Parliament with the objective of bringing about a qualitative improvement in the Urdu language and to educate students in vocational and technical studies through this language. However, the CBFC felt that the SC-ST commission s opinion was not binding on them, and they did not agree to cut some of the dialogues suggested by the commission and other organisations. Amitabh Bachchan s role of a paternalistic Hindu teacher could well be viewed with suspicion by any Ambedkarite.
I happened to take part in a panel discussion on the issue on an English news channel where Soli Sorabjee, a well-known Supreme Court lawyer, argued that Mr Jha s freedom of expression cannot be taken away in this manner.
Suppose they deliberately make an anti-reservation film or a film that treats the productive castes as polluted people based on the Brahminic sociological premise? One reason could be that most of the Muslims in India are converts from lower and untouchable castes.
The failure, therefore, is of both their religious leadership and the political leadership.
Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) is situated in Hyderabad of Telangana state (Province) in India.
The University imparts distance education as well as campus education to its students through Urdu. A Bollywood film with an Ambedkarite ideology on aarakshan can be possible only when aarakshan is implemented in Bollywood itself. Science students who have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English will find it next to impossible to gain admission in Commerce courses, he said. Amir Arjomand, the founder of the ASPS, while addressing a press conference in the city.Persian convention startsThe Fifth Biennial Convention of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (ASPS) will be held at the Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANNU) from January 4 to 8. For subjects in which it is difficult to get Urdu books and course materials the University takes help of its translation department. And if they create hurdles in the film s release, is that curtailing the positive freedom of expression?
Humanities students are anyhow not considered for admission to UG courses in Commerce and Science streams.
Varsity sources said that 18,134 candidates belonging to regular and distance modes were awarded degrees and diplomas at the convocation. For the students who want to earn while they lean, a scheme namely 'Earn While You Learn' has been introduced.
Abdul Rasheed Shaik, Assistant Registrar assists the Deputy Registrar in discharge of the responsibilities of Academic Section.
Hollywood overcame its white hegemony and now blacks have come to occupy a very important place (like Will Smith) in that global industry. When the oppressors right to freedom of expression impinges upon the very right to life of the oppressed, the oppressed need to invoke their natural right, as John Locke rightly proposed, to fight against the oppressors right to freedom of expression. Fax # of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad Telangana is +91-40-23006603, 23006605.
If castocracy begins to operate, using the liberal space the Constitution provides, against the historical victims, they have to stand up and say, No, we will not allow this.
Whereas dalits, tribals and OBCs constitute about 70 per cent of the population in our country, yet there is not a single visible person in the film industry from these communities.

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