Since Holden’s inception, our premium sports apparel has garnered awards and set industry-wide trends. Holden was founded in 2002 by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel. Since our inception Holden has operated from the inside out with environmental consciousness.
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L1 Stooge Jacket in Duck Camo       There’s nothing like a good coaches jacket.  Unlike most coaches jackets that are super short, wide, and not so good to ride in, this thing rules!  It’s a touch longer, fits nice and slim, and has Velcro cuffs to stop snow from slipping up your arm.

The two set out to change the look of technical outerwear by developing apparel equally suitable for wearing on the street and the mountain.
The polyester repreve process eliminates the crude oil consumption and need for chemicals negatively impacting our environment. Our company ethos reflects a dedication to timeless design, excellent fabrication, and respect for the environment. Their goal—integrating beautiful design, tailored fits, and high-quality technical features for a fusion of fashion and function. We make improvements absolutely everywhere we can, from implementing recycled zippers and insulation to automatically offering a PFOA free DWR.

Holden delivers an unparalleled attention to detail, mixed with a passion for sustainability, pursuing this with their factories and suppliers by asking the hard questions about production processes and continually pushing vendors to furnish better eco-friendly options.

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